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‘Alala: We’re Getting Closer

Posted at 10:06 am May 12, 2010 by Dianne Van Dien

'Alala Kinohi

“I know, I know, I know, I know –oh-oh–oh,” says the crow through the door.

“What do you know?” I ask.

“Why-oh-why-wah-hah-hah” is the reply.

Obviously, this is not ordinary crow speech, but this is no ordinary crow. This is Kinohi, an ‘alala (Hawaiian crow) hatched in captivity 20 years ago. Growing up, he lacked other crows to socialize with, and so he developed an unusual vocabulary. But while we may find his human-like babble amusing, there is nothing funny about the fact that he will not breed.


‘Alala Season: Encouraging Start

Posted at 3:37 pm May 10, 2010 by Richard Switzer

‘Alala #160 hatches on May 3, 2010.

At 11 p.m. on Sunday, May 2, the first `alala (Hawaiian crow) chick of the 2010 season hatched at the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center. The emergence of `Alala #159 represents the earliest captive hatch date in the history of the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program, which has been raising `alala since 1993 (see post Naming ‘Alala Chicks). Although this chick’s start in life has not been totally uneventful (it required some assistance in hatching and subsequent medication), it has since perked up and now appears to be making good progress.


1st Hatch of Hawaiian Bird Breeding Season

Posted at 10:22 am April 12, 2010 by Michelle Smith

Puaiohi #311 hatches

Greetings from the San Diego Zoo’s Maui Bird Conservation Center (MBCC)! We are starting to welcome chicks here at the MBCC for the 2010 breeding season. Over the summer, the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program (HEBCP) hopes to raise four different species of endangered native Hawaiian birds: the `alala (Hawaiian crow), Maui parrotbill, puaiohi (small Kauai thrush), and the palila. I am happy to announce that at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 6, we celebrated our first hatch of the season! The puaiohi chick is the 310th puaiohi to be hatched by the HEBCP and tipped the scales at approx 3.8 grams (0.13 ounces).


Nene Awareness Day

Posted at 10:02 am October 16, 2009 by Amy Poopatanapong

nene_flappingFor the third consecutive year, the staff and interns at the Maui Bird Conservation Center (MBCC), a captive propagation facility of the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program, found themselves floating among a sea of excited school children and curious visitors. On September 26, we opened our doors to the public to celebrate Nene Awareness Day, a day recognized by Hawaii to honor its state bird, the nene.


Training an Alala for an Important Job

Posted at 2:16 pm August 6, 2009 by Dianne Van Dien
'Alala Kinohi

Alala Kinohi

Kinohi, a male ‘alala (Hawaiian crow), has finally found a place to call home-away-from-home here at the Wild Animal Park. After flying in from Hawaii in May (see previous post, ‘Alala Takes Extraordinary Flight), he spent his first 30 days in quarantine at the San Diego Zoo’s Harter Veterinary Medical Center (HVMC). He was then moved to the off-exhibit Bird Breeding Center at the Wild Animal Park, where we thought he would stay.


‘Akepa: End of an Era (But What a Life!)

Posted at 11:32 am July 9, 2009 by Richard Switzer

June 29, 2009, was a sad day for the staff of the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program: the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center (KBCC) experienced the death of the last remaining Hawaii ‘akepa Loxops coccineus in our care. (There are still ‘akepa in the wild.)


Naming ‘Alala Chicks

Posted at 3:31 pm June 29, 2009 by Richard Switzer

On Sunday, June 7, a group of students from Volcano School of Arts and Sciences, K’au High, and Pahala Elementary School were welcomed on a VIP visit to the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center (KBCC) on Hawaii. Four of the children were winners of a contest to name the four `alala youngsters successfully reared during the 2008 breeding season.


Puaiohi: 300th Chick

Posted at 8:35 am June 3, 2009 by Richard Switzer

On Tuesday, May 26, 2009, the Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program reached a new landmark in its species recovery program for the puaiohi Myadestes palmeri: this fluffy-downed chick (pictured) represents the 300th chick to hatch since managed-care propagation efforts began in 1996.


‘Alala Takes Extraordinary Flight

Posted at 12:03 pm May 7, 2009 by Sharon Belcher
Kinohi is gently stroked by keeper Karla Michelson to help prepare him for future handling.

Kinohi is gently stroked by keeper Karla Michelson to help prepare him for future handling.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009, was a pivotal day for the management of the ‘alala flock…and for the management of one particular bird: studbook #33, better known as Kinohi.

Early on Tuesday morning, staff at the Maui Bird Conservation Center packed up Kinohi into his specially modified bird carrier for the start of a momentous journey that would take him on a flight nearly 3,000 miles across the Pacific. The mission is an ambitious attempt to ensure that Kinohi’s valuable genes are passed on to future generations of ‘alala, hopefully helping to guarantee the survival of the species.


Hawaii Bird Program: Open House

Posted at 8:48 am April 21, 2009 by Sara Bebus


Staff member Blake Jones shares why Hawaii birds are facing extinction.

The Keauhou Bird Conservation Center (KBCC) welcomed visitors on December 6, 2008, to its annual open house. Over 80 people came to see some of the most endangered birds in the world and learn about our role in their recovery efforts.

The visitors learned from the staff about the main problems that are affecting the wild populations of endemic Hawaiian birds. These are introduced predators (mongoose, rats), introduced diseases (pox, malaria), and habitat degradation/loss (much from feral sheep, goats, and pigs). (more…)