Bai Yun and the Boys

Posted at 3:32 pm October 27, 2010 by Juli Borowski

“It’s quiet…too quiet…” we kept saying, for the first couple of weeks, anyway. Since Su Lin and Zhen Zhen left for China in late September, it has been very quiet at the San Diego Zoo’s Giant Panda Research Station. The girls’ departure was bittersweet for all of us. Saying goodbye to these bears that we’ve cared for since their birth was not easy. Of course, we know that their move to China is an essential part of the survival of the giant panda species. To aid in the survival of the species is why we all chose to work with pandas in the first place. Nonetheless, saying goodbye to the girls was difficult. At first, we keepers didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves. We got a lot of extra cleaning done, finished some projects that we kept meaning to get to, and basically drove each other crazy. In hindsight, we should have enjoyed the down time. We should have known better.

Down time never lasts long in the zoo world. Things are always changing. Panda keepers at the San Diego Zoo take care of more than just pandas. In fact, in recent weeks we’ve gained a few more animals to take care of. Our Siberian musk deer and white tufted deer herds changed exhibits and grew in numbers, and we resumed the care of three Indian crested porcupines. Of course, let’s not forget the three bears that still reside at the station; Bai Yun, Gao Gao, and Yun Zi are always giving us something to do!

Bai Yun is, as always, the queen of the Panda Station, a fact that she constantly needs to instill in her young cub. As Yun Zi begins to consume more bamboo and other solid foods, food competition with his mother becomes more apparent. It’s fun to watch Yun Zi sneak between his mother’s legs or under her belly to steal a piece of her bamboo. Most of the time, she allows him to pull a leafy piece of bamboo onto the cave or to his hammock so that they can both eat in peace. As he grows, though, he’s becoming more interested in the culm pieces of bamboo instead of the leafy pieces, which Bai Yun is less tolerant of sharing. She’s been pushing him away and will sometimes take the food directly from his mouth. This leads us to the next change that will be happening shortly: weaning!

Although we’re a few months off yet from weaning Yun Zi from his mother, preparations have been happening for a while. Yun Zi is now 65 pounds (29.8 kilograms)! It seems like it was just yesterday that he had the appearance of a hairless lab rat. At a whopping 65 pounds, his keepers can no longer safely lift him to remove him from the exhibit. Because his idea of “helping” us is stealing our rakes, ripping holes in our trash bags, and biting our shoes, we’ve been busy teaching him to shift into the bedroom area while we service his exhibit.

Teaching him to shift led to teaching him to follow us through the transport tunnels to other areas of the research center. In preparation for his vaccinations, we spent several training sessions asking Yun Zi to follow us to the squeeze crate. He shifted beautifully up to the squeeze crate after just a few tries, but getting him back down to the exhibit was a feat! Bringing him out of his exhibit exposed Yun Zi to all sorts of new sights, sounds, and experiences. Watching him explore the tunnel while he completely ignored his mother and his keepers reminded us just how independent little Yun Zi is becoming (believe me; it was much easier when he just followed Bai everywhere!). Training him early on to follow us around, though, will be beneficial when it’s time to wean.

Gao Gao has been welcomed back to the main viewing area since Su Lin and Zhen Zhen’s departure, and he seems to be loving the exhibit! And why wouldn’t he? He gets to sleep on top of the artificial den, laze around in the pond when it’s hot, and people-watch while he munches endlessly on his bamboo. Since he’s been moved downstairs, though, he hasn’t been able to spend all of his time lounging around. Both Gao Gao and Bai Yun are being trained to participate in the panda hearing study (see post One More Thing before They Go).  Bai Yun, of course, has needed very few reminders of how the hearing study sessions work. She’s been picking up the behaviors like a pro. Our Gao, on the other hand, has needed a bit more attention. He hasn’t had too much trouble remembering to touch his nose to the target when he hears a tone, but getting him to sit still for the maximum of 10 seconds before a tone might be played—wow! You’d think that’s the most difficult thing he’s ever had to do in his life. Patience is not one of Gao’s stronger traits.

All is well in Pandaland. We’ve heard that the girls are doing well in their new home, too. Some of our staff is well acquainted with their new keeper, and we’re glad to know they’re in good hands. I’m sure they’d also be glad to know that their family members are keeping their old keepers plenty busy back in San Diego.

Juli Borwoski is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo. Read her previous post, Den Cleaning.

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  1. GRAMMMIE says:

    #170-71 PREVIOUS BLOG DANIELLE, NY A usual your posts are informative, and accurate. Those are some wonderful pictures. Not all of them have captions, but after the first few, using the translator, we don’t get photos. Sometimes a caption covers several photos. What I do to get them together is make a list of captions with the number they appear at…..then go back to non transulated photos and enjoy the best of both worlds. (Younger readers may want their parents to give them clearance before trying this trick on this set.)

    That one cub has distinctive “pyramid” shape of black hair around it’s nose….that is one not hard to identify later on. Thank you for the links.

  2. GRAMMMIE says:

    #173 PREVIOUS BLOG CHARI MERCIER You mean to tell me we don’t have a cash pool in action?????? It could be sweetened up a bit with predictions on male and female, if this nice huge cub is hiding a twin, male, female, birth weight, time……so many things we could bet about, don’t you think?????

    I was not kidding when I said that Yun Zi was my first, after watching his birth on a cable news program. Who won that pool?????

    Is it you who does the metric to pounds transulations for us???? It sounds like it is…..and we in the pounds system thank you so much.

  3. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    julie, just be thankful he hasn’t tackled you; or surrounded your thigh with his mouth. both happened to me at bfx while videoing or playing with the 1-year old cohort.

    “sadly”, 6 of them, including hua mei’s and my baby hao hao, have been dispatched to guangzhou for the asian games and beyond and, i suspect, to provide some relief for the facilities at bfx which are pretty full up. and i’m sure some or all of the shanghai cubs will be returning at some point. bfx is a busy place.

    enjoy what respite you have. things are sure to get lively soon enough. and thanks for the interesting report.

  4. GRAMMMIE says:

    EARLIER I SAW BAI YUN WITH HER HEAD IN THE HAMMOCK with her “widdle boy” then she went someplace else. I just found Bai putting her head in his bed again……..I think she wants to play. (Sorry for the 1 hr. break but my daughter called.) We were watching Bai from another view point, sitting on the right arm of the “Stone Throne” and half of her in the hammock with her right side towards the people area. Aw, she was waking him up to nurse. He did so well that he seemed to try to get back in his hammock, full of warm milk, but plopped on the back of the throne. Not to worry, he is not sleeping there, five minutes ago she dragged him to the ground off the front of the Throne and said “When I say we are going to play, WE ARE GOING TO PLAY”.

  5. Danielle, NY says:

    Thanks Juli for this interesting blog. I guess part of Yun Zi’s training by the keepers should include teaching him that his mama is Queen of the panda station, just in case he did not figure it out by himself yet… I was just watching them and it seems as if Bai Yun was attacking Yun Zi when he was in his hammock. Poor little guy, if he is not even safe in there!!! I was hoping she would not kick or drag him out… But eventually she left and he came down by himself.

    DoxieMom has posted some videos on Flickr of the mother-son interaction

    Perhaps soon Yun Zi will ask for his own room to be able to sleep in peace and not having to fight to get some bamboo!!

    For those of you who may not take the time to try to translate articles from Chinese into English and don’t quite know what I am complaining about, I found an article written in Chinese about the pandas at the San Diego Zoo. Checking the Google translation may gives you an idea how difficult it is to try to understand the translation when you don’t know what they are writing about… blog(dot)sina(dot)com(dot)cn/s/blog_66ec2c140100ngui.html

  6. GRAMMMIE says:

    Bai and Zi are, in fact, playing—no sounds so we do not know if he is “Playing Under Protest”. GOOD NIGHT.

  7. Weegee says:

    Thank you Juli Borwoski, this’s one of the cutest story ever; as I was reading, I saw the pictures of Yunnie grab pieces of boo from Bai’s tummy and then Bai pushed him away (and perhaps she said to him, ‘don’t bother me now, son’)….. 🙂
    And I have a question; Haven’t Yunnie got his vaccine yet? I remember Lin Ping got her first vaccine the day after her 1st birthday.

    Dear LP fans, I have more update on LP but there’re loads of works to be done, will get back on the board later, please wait.

    Moderator’s note: Yun Zi received vaccinations as a cub, but there are more to come as he gets older.

  8. lindaluvspandas says:

    Juli – thanks for the great post! I love hearing all about our pandas! It is funny how everyone refers to bai Yun as the queen, deservingly of course. I just adore her! I watched a great play session tonight with mom and cub and get a little bit sad thinking these days could be gone soon. They grow so quickly! I am sure our independent little Yunnie will soon be a pro at what you ask him to do. It is like a child, exploring the world and their surroundings. How precious.

    It is also hard to imagine that Gao is impatient. He seems so genuinly laid back. He is an adorable bear. I truly him he gets together with the queen again after our little boy is weaned.

    Watching him and mom play together it is hard to believe this will be happening soon. I think he will be lonely by himself. I know all the cubs do it, and the staff is experienced and use to it but us panda cam viewers see things from a different perspective I suppose.

    The staff knows best! Thank you so much again for all you do for our great bears and all the animals. Hope to see pics or hear more on Zhennie and Su soon.

  9. inparadise says:

    Thanks for the update Julie! I am sure that Yunior will be just like his dad as he matures………they are both too cute for words.

  10. sunnyland says:

    Thank you very much for updating panda family informations. The weaning process is bitter for the cups and panda fans, however, the departure of them to China is bittersweet.

  11. Jessy says:

    Juli, have you tried to bribe Gao Gao with boo to make him sit still? He seems to be able to sit in the same spot for hours while eating his boo.

    @ Danielle, NY from previous blog, thanks for forwarding Bing Dian’s story. I got a good laugh from the story and its perfect choice of background music. FYI, the song title is “Dui Mian De Nü Hai Kan Guo Lai” (“Girl Over There, Look Over Here”), popularized by Richie Ren. It’s a perfect song to describe his story (and any other pandas/men who find it hard to get girls’ attention).

    Here’s the English translation of some parts of the song: “Girl over there, please look over here//I’m putting a very good show here//Please don’t pretend, don’t ignore//Please don’t be afraid of my appearance I’m actually very adorable//The sorrow of a lonely boy, say it out, who will understand?//I’m begging you to cast your charming eyes over here, Tease me to make my heart joyful//I look left, look right, look up, look down// …. Why is there still no one to love? No one will ask,*sigh*It’s so helpless//Girl over there, please look over here//A lonely boy’s heart opens, need you to give me a little love, love, love// ….

    Try to reread his story while keeping this lyrics in mind. Glad dear Gao Gao don’t need to sing out this song. And hopefully Tai Shan won’t sing it too.

  12. Jessy says:

    An afterthought: in case every one misunderstood me, I’m not laughing at his bad luck. But unfortunately, I can’t help myself to laugh imagining Bing Dian climb the tree, putting a show for the girls while singing the song in the same attitude like Richie Ren’s show acts. The song itself is funny.

    Good luck next time, Bing Dian. Don’t let your bro Bing Xing beat you again next time. Now you just need patience to wait until estrus time to get the girls’ attention.

  13. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Hi Juli,

    Thanks for the new post! Have you already started the training with Yun Zi to present his arm, open mouth for exam, and lay down? Any indications yet if he’ll be taking after his sisters in enjoying his training sessions instead of his dad, who seems to have a short attention span? 🙂 Do you think you’ll start Yun Zi in the hearing study to get a even younger bear’s perspective? Can you tell if Gao’s hearing in his torn ear was compromised when he was injured? I didn’t know that keepers responsibilities could cross over to not only be “Carnivore Keeper” but also “Hoofed Keeper”. (Sorry.. I forget what the hoofed animals are called). I assumed you all kept to a certain species.

    I had to smile at the sentence about Gao not being able to sit still… Are we talking about the same bear who will pass out on his pile of boo for hours with his legs sticking up in the air?? 🙂

  14. Weegee says:

    Update on Ah Ping, Ah Hui and Ah Chuang

    Yesterday was LP’s monthly birthday, if you watched the daily hi-light; you might wonder what it had to do with the mobile phone. As a matter of the fact that it has been flooding in many areas of the country so CMZ wanted LP to do her part in the fund raising program by inviting people to donate money via text sending. Every baht (Thai currency) will go to help people who are suffering from the flood.

    About the weaning, the keeper started to separate LP and LH during the night from 11pm to 1 am. Last night was their second night, when LP heard the squeaking noise from the door she woke up and went through the door before LH did. Anyhow the keeper didn’t have any problem with that and finally LP still had to stay apart from her Mama for 2 hrs.

    Today’s afternoon LP greatly adjusted herself to her lonesome moment without Mama. She woke up, chewed the bamboos, walked around, and climbed the wood structure. Even though she seemed a bit slow, it’s a good sign that she will go through her first tough time of life.

    Our CC is the happiest one. He has new enrichment every afternoon and creates his own way to play with the object; here’s a video by Rapprochement123 that will delight your day.

  15. Annie Panda says:

    Thanks Juli for the post! I am so glad all the pandas are doing well, especially Su and ZZ in China! I can’t believe Yun Zi is 65 pounds!! It feels like he was just a tiny little baby a few days ago! I really want to visit the zoo soon, but when I would come, maybe Yunnie would be seperated from Bai already!!

    Peace, Love and Pandas! CIAO!

    Annie Panda

  16. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    XL: HELLO! YUNNIE, guess what?

    YZ: What?? What??

    XL: I am going to be a big brother real soon!

    YZ: WOWIE!

    XL: Mama has been sleeping a lot and the keepers have been hanging around. They think we dont notice but I saw they were always taking Mama away for tests.

    YZ: I read the Zoo blog. At least Mama read it to me and she said Auntie Lun Lun may have a baby this weekend. Goody!!

    XL: I am a Big Brother! I am a Big Brother! I will protect the cubby, no one can hurt her. (Xi Lan is singing this and dancing around.)

    YZ: You think it is a girl?

    XL: I hope so. I like being the only boy around.

    YZ: I want a baby brother. Mama has had 2 boys and 3 girls so one more boy will balance us out.

    XL: Lani is also hoping it is a sista. Maybe she can be part of the Panda Grrrls band?

    YZ: How is being on your own? I think the time is coming for me to be on my own.

    XL: It is cool as you have your own pad and can decorate it any way you want with no Mommie Monster to stop you. I keep some posters of nice Panda girlies in my pad.

    YZ: Nice Panda girlies?

    XL: Cuties. I subscribe to ‘Cute Panda Babes’ quarterly. You get to see who is around your age group so that when we move back to China, we can zoom in on our future wifeys.

    YZ: Oh, teach me how to subscribe…

    XL: I think you better wait till you are on your own. Aunty Bai may give me a black eye if I help you now. I know she thinks I am a rascal.

    YZ: She said you have an eye for the girlies.

    XL: Yeah cos I am the Son of Yang. Daddy Yang has an eye too.

    YZ: Papa Gao said he took aim and shot his arrow at one hot Baiby and she is more than a woman for him.

    XL: Hey, you got an account on Panda Book?

    YZ: What’s that?

    XL: Its like Facebook but for Pandas only. Helps you keep track of all our rellies and friends. Great way to meet babes too.

    YZ: Hee Hee, sounds fun. But I will wait cos I think Mama will get mad. Soon soon.

    XL: Cool. When you are ready, let the X man know and I will hook you up. No problem. cuz. I know a couple of sweet kids in Beijing. A little older than us but cute as a button.

    YZ: Thanks, X man. Keep me updated about your new baby borther or sister.

    XL: Bye Bye.

    YZ: BYE!

  17. Ruth from Austria says:

    Juli, thank you so much for the very informative yet sometimes rather hilarious report. I could just picture Yun Zi venturing into new spheres of life. I guess that he is giving Bai Yun quite a hard time growing into becoming a real panda bear. However, when thinking of “baby” Yunior to be weaned soon I do become very emotional. I am sure all pandaholics are thinking the same like I do. Is Yunni really to “leave” mummy soon and fend on his own? I know he is since Bai Yun and all you keepers at SDZ know best but for me he is still the panda baby which not so long ago crawled out of the den. Time does pass far too fast. Bai Yun is likely to be pleased to be soon independent again and not to have to fight for her share of boo with her youngster. And may be Sir Gao Gao will become interested in her again….? But I reckon this is entirely up to Bai Yun. I am pretty sure she will know when it is time to “retire” from having babies.

    Good to know that you guys have been in touch with the girls. Do they understand Chinese already?

    All is well in Vienna. The latest news is that Yang Yang is more and more extending her outings. Last night she left the den for six hours in order to eat and do her business while the little panda boy was happily snoozing in his den. He is not yet able to crawl but this is going to happen soon.

  18. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    did you folks know that there is a mt. baiyun in china less than 5 miles from guangzhou? and its english name is mt. white cloud. is that cool or what.

  19. Deborah (No. Calif) says:

    Great blog post! And thanks, Moderator, for pointing us here. I was wondering when we were going to get a new post… 🙂

  20. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Weege: Thanks for the link for CC… I love that bear 🙂 I’m always amazed that he is so athletic for being such a big bear. My favorite part was when he was playing with a tire, then for a second thought he would grab a bit of boo, still hanging on his tire… I like the way your cams can be on both exhibits at one time. CC was racing about on his super-sized swings and LP and LH were just laying back eating boo.

    I did see LP with a cell phone… I didn’t remember it was her birthdate.. just thought she had a new toy to play with. What is her weight now?

  21. Danielle, NY says:

    #11 Jessy – Thank you so much for the information and translation of some of the lyrics of the song playing with the story of Bing Dian.

    If you want to watch or re-watch the pictures of Bing Dian knowing now what the song playing in the background is all about, see post #165 on the previous blog.

  22. Britney Bamboo says:

    Yesterday I got a panda card, and two panda “statues” (I will post pictures on Flickr). And I bought a panda book (online) that has EVERYTHING about pandas in it, (hormone levels, biology)! I also bought some panda stickers. I will be studying it alot, even more so that Lun Lun is pregant!

  23. Danielle, NY says:

    #13 Dianna from Ohio – I was also scratching my head at the comment that Gao Gao is not being able to sit still, but I guess there is a difference between sitting still where the keeper asks you to do it and sitting fairly still eating bamboo for hours and falling asleep on the spot, on top of the boo!!! There is definitively only one and quite unique Gao Gao!!

  24. Michelle from Buffalo, NY says:

    LOL I’ve been watching the keepers clean the exhibit with Yunior still out there with them, dare I say he was exerting his independence? 🙂

  25. GRAMMMIE says:

    #18 MARY FROM BROOKLYNN How did you find that out??? And is there a Peaceful Mountain for Tai Shan???? That is something hearing about Bai Yun having her own mountain. If the rest of the kids are as fertile as Hau Mei she will need a mountain for her stories of family reunions.

  26. Danielle, NY says:

    The Zoo in Madrid has a new post on its blog www(dot)zoomadrid(dot)com/blog/ and a video that you can also see on YouTube “Hua Zui Ba, una buena madre”

  27. Fonsia says:

    Does anyone know when our girls will be coming out of quarantine? They’ve been gone a month. They should be getting their new enclosures any day now!

    And please, please, we need a blog from the SDZ folks who flew with them to China!

    I’m still hoping Zhennie will get roommates her own age–maybe even Fu Long!

    Ruth #17, there’s a new video of Fu Long on the Pandas Live On site, having quite a long grooming session.

  28. Kathy in CT says:

    Juli- Thanks for the lovely “family” update! I always feel like I am opening a letter from the relatives when I read the latest blog. Just the thing to attach myself to after a long day at work!

  29. Amanda says:

    #14 Weegee: thanks for keeping us updated on the weaning process. I think she’s adjusting well from what I’ve been able see from the nightly cam. I just want to hug her!

  30. Lee in Vancouver says:

    Thanks Juli for the Bai and Boys update. All is content in Panda Canyon.

    I just was watching Lun Lun on the Atlanta cam and I know that she isn’t eating much which is very normal at this stage. But the staff must have called her over to the mesh gate and she responded right away, lay down on her side and they proceeded to feed her something that looked like leafeater biscuits. She would take one and slowly chew it all and then they would give her another. I wish someone would have done that for me when I was pregnant. What a spoilt life these pandas lead. I imagine the keeper was whispering to her that she has to keep up her strength for the days, weeks and months to come with the little one that she is carrying. It was just so sweet to catch this on the cam.

  31. Danielle, NY says:

    #3 Mary from Brooklyn – The six pandas (4 males and 2 females) going to the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou are Hao Hao (female and daughter of Hua Mei), Yun Yun (male), Jin Ke (male), Yin Ke (male), Bo Si (female) and her twin brother Shen Wei (male).



  32. kat wilson says:

    Thank you, Juli, like Kathy in CT (before this comment), the keeper’s updates are so welcome, like hearing from family or close friends….

    Just watching Little Cloud with ma, wrestling around a bit ago…and there goes Bai initiating it again! Just the dangdest, cutest thing….I can just sit and watch forever.

    Comfort food for the soul.

  33. Deborah (No. Calif) says:

    I’ve been watching the play session going on for a while now, and as usual, it looks more like a fight session! Mamma Bai is toughening up that kid! 🙂

  34. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    grammmie – mt. taishan is one of the holiest and most visited of the chinese mountains. taishan actually means “peaceful mountain”.

  35. monica says:


    just wondering if the show with Andrew Zimmern at the san diego zoo panda birthday celebration has already been shown on the tv, or when can I watch it??

    Moderator’s note: Here’s a link to the video of the show.

  36. Britney Bamboo says:

    I just posted new pictures of Bai Yun & Yun Zi on my Flickr 😀

  37. Deb E. says:

    Yunior just wants you to know that he resents being compared to hairless lab rat (even if the comparison IS true). He’s also upset that you don’t think he’s a good helper to his nannykeepers. I think he needs a little TLC since his snout is out of joint! 🙂

  38. Margaret says:

    Thanks, Juli, for a great post. Glad to hear everyone has recovered from the girl’s departure and that they are thriving with such wonderful care. Has anyone heard if the girls are out of quarantine yet? Is there any possibiliy that Zhen Zhen will be introduced to other sub adults her age? Su Lin is obviously of breeding age, and will be introduced for hoped for natural mating during breeding season. I hope that Zhen at least gets to see other pandas so she is ready for “social” interaction when Mr. Right is presented to her.

  39. Chet (home in Malaysia) says:

    #18 Mary – I stayed at Baiyun International Hotel in Guangzhou when I visited Shi Shi (Hua Mei’s father) at Guangzhou Zoo in 2007. I also visited Panyu Safari World as I was told there was a panda there by the name of Dong Dong. While there, I was able to confirm that this Dong Dong is indeed Bai Yun’s mother!

  40. GRAMMMIE says:

    I JUST VISIITED RITA PETITA’S FLICKR PAGE TO FIND His Little Majesty’s newest waves and gazes for your pleasure. Darn it he is beginning to look like the young prince he is…..he will be a fine king someday—even if he wants to be a king righ now……. Here is a link to her Flickr.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do……………………

  41. lu says:

    Thank you for the update on the boys and the queen. GaoGao has a really nice face. He looks so gentle,

    and peaceful. And then there is his son, Still cute and would love to hold him, but a rascal. Loves to bother

    mom, but she gets her digs in to. It is fun to watch sometimes it looks like Yun Zi gets hurt, but he gets

    up and heads for mom again. What a boy.


  42. GRAMMMIE says:

    #32 KAT WILSON AND #34 DEBORAH (NO. CALIF) Did you see the same mischievious look on Bai’s face right before she decided to have a romp with the Cloud Child??? I saw last night when she went to rouse him 3 times before finally dragging him down the “Stone Throne” and refused to allow him back up. I felt like she said “Hey I nursed you now you have to do what I want to do.” “Tired-HA-HA-You were sleeping, I hade to work to get you up to nurse, WE ARE GOING TO PLAY.”

    #34 MARY FROM BROOKLYN Wow does that mean Tai Shan needs to clearn up his act or visit “his” mountain often???? I found it endearing that two names guided by the Chinese (in Bai’s case picked her name) of 2 places close to their hearts and or minds as names for American born and first successful American Mother.

    #35 MONICA Thank you for the question, and MODERATOR Thank you for the answer. Great little video.

  43. GRAMMMIE says:

    OKAY GANG I HAVE ONE FOR YOU. FOLLOWING A YELLOW…..I mean sort of green brick road from a link on #31 DANIELLE, NY and just kind of wandered until I saw this page and the names on it. Look at anything you want to….the first row of photos under RELATED ALBUMS are of Ti Shan. (Sorry East Coast and other Tai lovers he is still Tarzan there, unless his 4 Celebrity American Ladies changed that.) But not to worry, the next line of photos down is close to our hearts here on the West Coast I give you KING YUN CHESS??????? And do not forget we already sent a Mei Sheng they might think is a MASON jar since they call him Mason. How to get CHESS from ZI is beyond me. It is easyier to understand Mason and Tarzan. Actually in some writings I have seen him referred to the Cloud Child…..that makes me feel warm and fuzzy, but a Future King should not be fuzzy, should he????? I almost forgot to save and give you the link.
    microsofttranslator (dot) com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en& THIS MAY TAKE UP TO 5 MINUTES TO COME UP SINCE IT IS ALREADY TRANSULATED TO ENGLISH Please be paient. I pulled up a new window on my computer to check out the link, and almost did not share it since it had part of the top come up then nothing for a few minutes. If you are not wide band width you may have to wait longer, since those work slower. Goodnight-see you tomorrow.

  44. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Today our corporation allowed all the divisions to dress up (tastefully!) for Halloween… Guess what I came as? That’s obvious I guess since I’m on the Panda Blog versus the Polar Bear or Ellie blog.. 😉

    I have my Panda Hat on that my new friend L.B. gave me at the Black/White Overnight. Everyone LOVES it L.B.!!! Plus I bought a YunZi luggage tag at SDZ and I’m using that as my work badge… clever huh???

    Danielle: Really sweet video of the Madrid pandas.

  45. AuntiJackie says:

    Thanks Juli for a great post.

    Yunnie is 65 lbs?? Yikes!! Glad to know his training is going well.

    A trip down memory lane… here is a DoxieMom photo from one year ago

  46. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Was Bai sleeping on the ground beside the stone throne 9:03ish EST? I’ve seen her sit on the ground to eat her boo of course and play with Yunior but never sleeping…

  47. Toni says:

    Because his idea of “helping” us is stealing our rakes, ripping holes in our trash bags, and biting our shoes, we’ve been busy teaching him to shift into the bedroom area while we service his exhibit.

    This is one of the best visuals. Of course reading this makes me chuckle as I can just imagine the cutie doing this. 🙂

  48. Lainie says:

    Oh my… How did I miss the girls departure !! I’ve been checking the blogs weekly. Was there a blog about their departure, besides the one titled “One more thing before they go?” =( Sadness !!

    Moderator’s note: They left the San Diego Zoo on September 24. You can read about their departure in the post Make Us Proud, Su and Zhen.

  49. celfy says:

    27 Fonsia, I was directed to a website today which is the offical research centre website, it seems the girls are doing well and will soon be having a welcome home and out of quarintine ceromony. I’ve tinyed the link with the translation

    tiny (dot) cc/fvyaw

    Great Blog, it will be really interesting to see if panda hearing changes with age.

  50. Anne in NYC says:

    Juli, thanks so much for the wonderful post. It is truly like a letter from home.

    Thanks, too for the video of Ah Chuang from Weegee. He’s really amazingly agile for such a big guy – and such fun. (I’m surprised that the tire stayed anchored to the logs.) Guess we know where Ah Ping gets her spunk from!

  51. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    danielle #31 – thanks so much for the links. the departing cubs got quite a ceremony.

    loved the videos of cc and andrew, and of course doxie.

    grammmie – should have mentioned that taishan was one of the mountains that was visited by the first emperor before 210 bce. from what i remember, he did not get as far south as mt. baiyun.

    bai and yun seem to be resting comfortably at a respectful distance from each other.

  52. GRAMMMIE says:

    DEAR RITA PETITA I GO THAT THING IN THE MAIL AT THE POST OFFICE ON THURSDAY SO IT SHOULD ARRIVE TODAY-TOMORROW AT THE LATEST. I think you will like it. is it true that it is hard to take a bad picture of a Panda???? I have been eating my boo so I am a bit sleepy,,,,guess it is nap time.

  53. Helen in Washington DC says:

    Great post, Juli. Thanks. Moderator, do you know why the postcard photo shot (not real name, I know!) is NOT working right now? Great photo ops of Mom and Yun Zi missed. Thanks.

    Moderator’s note: I’ve alerted the Web Team. Thank you for letting us know it’s not working.

  54. Danielle, NY says:

    Good news and pictures of Su Lin and Zhen Zhen on www(dot)chinapanda(dot)org(dot)cn/news/show_art.php?id=860&hl=cn

    Su Lin’s present weight is 82.4 kg (181.5 lb) and Zhen Zhen’s present weight is 73.8 kg (162.5 lb). Both look nice and relax while eating, but after checking with the pictures posted by Chet, I realize the pictures in the article are very similar to pictures taken at the beginning of October, so I am not sure if the pictures are recent.

    Perhaps our moderator, or a member of the panda team, can tell us if the girls have put on weight since leaving SDZ.

  55. Rose N says:

    Fonsia #27 – In answer to your question regarding “our girls” coming out of quarantine. See previous blog,“ Panda Family Reunion” post #151 by Chet. Chet mentions that the release from quarantine has been postponed until late November. Perhaps the delay mentioned in her blog has something to do with the Asian Games that are being held in Guangzhou China.

    Regarding placing Zhen Zhen with other pandas her age, I was told that only pandas that grew up together in China are put together. Since Zhen Zhen is already three years old and a “foreigner”, she probably won’t be placed with other pandas her age. Zhen Zhen and Su Lin will have their own enclosures, a yard with trees and panda neighbors on each side.

    I have seen photos of Su Lin and Zhen Zhen on Flickr soon after they arrived in Bifengxia, they look healthy and happy. I can’t wait until they move in their new enclosures next month so they can settle in and be comfortable.

  56. PandaAdmirer says:

    It was fun reading about “The Three Bears” at the Panda Station. I can imagine Gentleman Gao getting antsy as he tries to wait out the 10 seconds for the tone (or lack of tone). He’s just so cute.

    It is hard for people who watch the pandas when one of the youngsters has to move to China, so it must be especially hard for the people who work with them. Hope the transition is getting a little easier and the ache in the heart is softening.

    Happy Halloween to everyone!

  57. PandaLover says:

    Lun Lun’s cubbie in 4D ultrasound images. Congrats to ZA for getting the cubbie in 4D image.

    Stay safe, little cubbie…come see us soon!

    zooatlanta (dot) org/home/article_content/487220

  58. Weegee says:

    #29 Amanda, I wanna hug LP as well and the only way to do so is to join the panda keeper volunteer program at CMZ which I can’t. It takes 5 days and I just can’t leave my 4-leg son at home that long ‘cos he’s got skin cancer and doesn’t have much time left…:(

    I just realize watching Goa Goa munching his boo can be so much amusing, he’s such a darling… 🙂

    Moderator – Thank you for the link to The Andrew Zimmern show, The guy is so weird and fun to watch, he could eat just about anything but he couldn’t stand the taste of the cheap pizza here in Thailand…Ha Ha Ha (I hate those cheap pizzas too they put lots of mayo on top instead of cheese.)

  59. Carolyn says:

    If you want to see something truly amazing check out the 4-d images of Lun Lun’s cubbie from the ultrasound on Zoo Atlanta facebook page. He already has that cute little big belly.

  60. Helen in Washington DC says:

    Moderator, thank you for letting the Web Team know – problem is now fixed! Kudos to the person running the camera this morning for great shots of Bai & Yun. Thanks again.

    Moderator’s note: You’re very welcome!

  61. Karen says:

    Thanks Juli for the great blog about Yun Zi, Gao Gao and the Queen Bai Yun. I cannot believe Yun Zi is already 65 lbs. He is so cute.

  62. Bobbie Wood says:

    Thank You Juli for the update about ‘Bai and The Boys’. We finally got back down to the SDZ yesterday after 2 1/2 months of ‘wishing we were there’. There were loads of school age youngsters touring with their classmates excitedly viewing the animals…and even bugs! The enthusiasm was contagious! Many carried note-pads and pens, and of course, cameras. Thank You SDZ for making the field-trips so great for all visitors!

    We arrived at Panda Canyon around noontime and Hurray, Bai and The Boys were awake!!

    I had a ball filming and here is a link for you all to ‘see what I saw’.

  63. Fonsia says:

    Celfy #49, thanks! That’s great news, although the translation is difficult to follow. It does seem that they’ll be out of quarantine soon.

    Rose #55, actually Fu Long didn’t grow up in China but was put with bears his own age and is doing extremely well. He’s the same age as Zhennie. But I think you’re essentially correct.

    Fu Long was only two years old when he went to China, and Zhennie is three. One of the narrators at SDZ told me in August that she would be put in with other three-year olds, but I think that may have been speculation. I fear that because she’s been on her own for so long now, they won’t do it. Mei Lan was three when she left, and she’s on her own.

    So I doubt that our Zoomer will ever get to play with another bear again, but she’ll have a good life anyway.

  64. DoxieMom says:

    Yun Zi took a tumble off the rock structure this morning…

    …but he bounced back as the following video shows 🙂

    Thank you Juli for taking the time to fill us in on the happenings at Panda Canyon!

  65. Reenie from Atlanta says:

    The 5-10 day window of birth for Zoo Atlanta’s LunLun has been revised……her progesterone level is near baseline now, so they expect a new panda baby in the next couple days!

  66. Dianna from Ohio says:

    ZA finally posted a Lun Lun update… Sounds very exciting!!

    Moderator: Is there a previous post I could read on the behaviors the females display that alerts the keepers that birth might be imminent? Other than the progesterone levels returning to baseline? Thank you!!

    Moderator’s note: Try Getting Closer and Pandas: Bear Birthdays for events leading up to Yun Zi’s birth; Panda Q & A for Zhen Zhen’s.

  67. PandaLover says:

    ZA posted a new update….Lun Lun’s hormone levels are declining and nearing baseline!

    Good luck Lun Lun! I wish you nothing but a comfortable process and that all will be well with the cubbie and our beautiful mama bear!

  68. Myrna in Hawaii says:

    Thank you Juli for the update of those gorgeous pandas. I enjoyed watching Gao Gao enjoying his hearty breakfast of boo. He suddenly just dropped to take a nap, that was cute. They are all cute. I guess he had enough to eat. Thanks to all the panda fans for all the clips on flickr.

  69. Tiny says:

    Ouch! Yun Zi went flying off the rock. I always think of the pandas as just large Teddy Bears, without remembering they are real animals and VERY strong. Looked like Momma Bai Yun hardly moved, yet sent pee wee flying. Thanx as always for sharing with us Doxie 🙂

    And with all this excitement of Atlanta getting a new cubbie, I was reminiscing about watching Little Cloud from his first days on up and went to look for the video of his first major steps. So while I spent a LOT of time just enjoying the browse, I found another precious Doxie “moment in time”, “Yun Zi Reflects”. Remember how he loved to play with his reflection on the shiny surfaces? Hee Hee…hope you all enjoy 🙂

  70. Kathy in CT says:

    Oh, more ouch, Yunnie Rock Tumbler! My hand was heading into the computer screen to catch you on that move! Hope all your pre-weaning lessons work out for you, my dear little man! The Tribe of Adoring Aunties is put into panic action with this nonsense!

  71. pandafan#2 says:

    I love hearing about Gao and his endless bamboo chewing. How soon do you think Yunior will be weaning?

    Oh…to all the panda fans out there, Lun Lun at Zoo Atlanta is going to go into labor any day now! All fingers (and toes) crossed!

  72. inparadise says:

    #71 Pandafan#2: And Panda Paws too!

  73. lu says:

    #62 Bobbie, thank you for film taken on the 28th. Really enjoyed it and see all of the panda’s awake.


  74. pandafan-north says:

    #64 DoxieMom – thanks for the links to the “tumble” video – ow! ow! oweee!!! But, like a trooper, he climbs back up although with hesitant step this time and keeping some distance between himself and the momma! Too funny!

    #66 Dianna from Ohio – indeed, things are getting exciting at ZA! A cubbie any day now!! Too bad the cam won’t be up like it was last time when the X-man was born. That was a thrilling thing to watch!

    Prayers and wishes for a safe and successful delivery for our Atlanta Panda Queen LunLun.

    #72 inparadise – speaking of Panda Paws, there is a Disney Christmas movie coming out in November called “Santa Paws.” It sounds like a good one. Also, I believe our dearly missed Pam G. did a series of stories or poems called Santa Paws. I have not seen those yet.

  75. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi! I was on the AZ website’s panda page to read the new update about Lun Lun for today, October 28. They are saying that Lun could go into labor sometime this weekend! If my guess is right, Lun could have her baby panda cub during the weekend! Halloween baby panda?? Could happen! The main topic of this update is about ultrasound machine technology that the ZA vets were able to use yesterday on Lun. This ultrasound machine is able to give them 3D and 4D images of the baby panda inside Lun’s womb very clearly and with alot of detail to them along with being able to get better and more accurate data on the cub. they were able to measure the unborn cub at 7.9 cm=3 inches! WOW!!! This cub has grown another cm since the last ultrasound was done early this past week! There are 3 ultrasound pics with this update, and you can really see the detailed physical condition of Lun’s cub, and this little guy is looking very healthy from what I was able to see after looking at the pics. The keepers are looking at a record breaking birth with this cub, and like I said before in my last comment, this cub has got to be the biggest cub that Lun will have yet. I am with all of you about keeping our fingers and toes crossed, pray alot of prayers, and hoping for a very successful birth of this beautiful little cub! The AZ keepers are on hourly watch on Lun Lun right now, and they are using Twitter and Facebook to write up short messages about Lun’s progress. I am going to get on my twitter page and see what AZ has written up, so I’m gone–for awhile! Will be back if I see anything very interesting on AZ’s Lun Lun updates!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  76. lindaluvspandas says:

    I was just watching the video of the fall, ouch…. poor little guy. In watching al the videos posted it appears that the little prince seems to be getting his mothers adorable ears! Bai Yun is the prettiest bear around. I am in awe of her. I can just watch her for hours. Thank you all for the videos and pictures. they are great.
    Moderator, I had a few questions, if you can answer them. I know eating boo is the diet, so I was wondering if the bears get dental exams on a regular basis? I know they need their teeth to bite those culm pieces. Also, was anyone manning the cam when baby fell? I know he was ok, but that scared me to watch.
    I saw the nannykeepers yesterday clening the are with Yunior on top of the throne. Of course they went over and gave him a little treat. I do not think he was going to go in. I have no idea how they can get any work done, I would be fawning all over him!

    Moderator’s note: A dental exam is part of the pandas’ yearly check-ups. The pandas are also trained to open their mouths for the keepers when asked, and any dental problems can be seen at that time and treated, if needed.

  77. Jola, Austria says:

    News on Zoo Vienna’s panda cub: I’ve posted some new photos and a video showing the 9 week old panda baby in the den. The “Kaiserglöckerl” mentioned in the article on the panda cub is a sonorous bell that has been rung by hand to announce the closing time of the zoo for about 250 years and also to herald the arrival of the Emperor and the archdukes in former times.


  78. GRAMMMIE says:

    #71 CHARI MERCIER If the Atlanta cub is born on Halloween instead of black and white it will be born black and orange…..can you imagine that????? What a special cubbie—if born on Halloween. Will it be spooky or need lots of sweets????? The Cub or Cubette can look forward to a life of being loved not only by it’s family but by the community of Panda Lovers…..who hope someday to be outnumbered by the “Pandas, not the other way around.

  79. Rhonda says:

    Chari (#75)- you’re right the 3D pics are amazing….shows alot of details- I’m kinda on the verge of saying Mei and Xi are going to have a baby brother. Least thats what I’m goin with!

  80. Diane Lincoln, Ca. says:

    Thank you Juli for all the information on keeping care of the bears. Also, for all the bloggers who keep us in the loop with the videos and other websites.

    Checking AZ for Lun Lun’s event. Does anyone have information regarding the website as to keeping it on 24/7 on the pending birth? It seems last time they keep it on?

    Enjoying mom and Yunzi interacting each day. Take care.

  81. Dianna from Ohio says:

    PandaFan North – I noticed that about Yunnie too… You could almost hear him thinking that maybe it would be safer to stay away from Queen B for a while! 🙂 I figured he was okay after his fall when Bai went back to sleep… I’m sure if her baby had been hurt she would have been off the stone throne in a flash…

    Thanks DoxieMom for sharing that with us. I happened to peek in on the cam and caught the second half where he was laying back being all cute and eating his boo…. I just thought he woke up… now I know the WHOLE story!! 🙂

    Waiting for the birth is stressful!!! I don’t know how the keepers do it! 🙂

  82. Danielle, NY says:

    I have found several articles covering the move of the six pandas, Hao Hao (female and daughter of Hua Mei), Yun Yun (male), Jin Ke (male), Yin Ke (male), Bo Si (female) and her twin brother Shen Wei (male), from Bifengxia to the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, they will be staying at the Xiangjiang Safari Park where they will spend about a year.




    The six one-year-old pandas are joining six giant pandas already living at the Xiangjiang Safari Park. www(dot)lifeofguangzhou(dot)com/node_10/node_37/node_85/2010/10/27/128814354181370.shtml

    I was not amble to find the names of those six pandas; I suspect that Dong Dong, Bai Yun’s mother, is among them. Picture of Dong Dong taken on April 20, 2010:

    And Bai Yun’s granddaughter Ting Ting (born on August 25, 2005). Picture of Ting Ting taken on April 20, 2010:

  83. jack wood from uk /britain says:

    its good to hear that su and zhen are well . i still miss them

  84. Moderator says:


    We’ve posted a new blog, Panda Pregnancy Tests.

  85. Dianna from Ohio says:

    #82 Danielle: You truly are our research expert on GP’s!! Thanks for posting those pictures of Bai’s mom and her granddaughter… I’m not seeing alot of Dong Dong in Bai… perhaps she takes more after Pan Pan?

    #58 Weegee: I’m sorry that your 4 legged son isn’t doing well. My thoughts are with you. Hopefully when you watch silly Ah Ping, LH and especially CC, it helps just a little bit……

  86. Bobbie Wood says:

    Thank You Moderator # 84 for the alert and the link!!! Veerrry Interesting! Amazing what technology and skills can bring!! I know we panda fans are pretty darn excited for news from Atlanta!

  87. Chari Mercier says:

    To all pandafans: I have been on the AZ website’s panda page, AZ’s Facebook, and AZ’s Twitter, and so far, nothing new about Lun Lun as yet. I’ve been checking these 3 sites pretty regularly since yesterday, and will continue to keep checking on them until Lun has her cub. Still thinking that she could give birth sometime this weekend, but you know how animal and human babies are! They have their own timetable as to when they want to come out into this world! Grammie, you were very funny with your comment about Lun’s baby panda being a Halloween baby with black and orange colors! That got me laughing! CUTE from you, girlfriend! What about Lun’s baby panda being born on Nov. 2nd–Election Day? That would be patriotic, wouldn’t it? Oh well, I’m just ready to see Lun have a very successful birth of this big baby panda, and that this cub will be very healthy! Prayers for Lun!!
    Gonna go and keep checking on those 3 sites for any updates about Lun Lun. Will be back later whenever I get anything really news worthy to tell you all about!
    Chari Mercier 🙂
    St. Pete, FL
    PS: Moderator, can you do some research about the latest date that a mother panda has given birth to a panda cub either in captivity or wild? I am very curious about that since Lun Lun is having her cub very late this year. Let me know what you were able to find out, ok? Thanks! Chari 🙂
    PS2: I agree with alot of you! Atlanta Zoo’s panda keepers need to find some way to keep that pandacam going as soon as Lun has her cub, preferably 24/7! Will be nice to see little cubbie at anytime during the day and nite without restrictions on days and times! Fingers crossed!! CM 🙂

    Moderator’s note: That question was answered by some of our very own readers. Just check through some past comments in the most recent posts.

  88. Weegee says:

    Dear Dianna (Ohio),

    Thank you so much and yes watching silly Ah Ping and her family really help me a lot….:)…..especially Ah Chuang, yesterday I watched his Olympic Training clip more than 10 times and every times, it put big smile on my face.

    Winter breeze has arrived here already, and our pandas realize that too, they always stopped at the middle of the tunnel to feel the outdoor air. Yesterday Ah Hui felt a little too comfort, she almost felled asleep in the tunnel.

    I don’t have LP’s update weight yet. It must be somewhere over 60kg (132.27lb) for sure, I guess!

  89. GRAMMMIE says:


    #87 CHARI MERCIER I AM ALWAYS GLAD IF I CAN GIVE A GIGGLE….and now everybody can think of colors for almost any holiday or festval. They wdill all be having a wonderful time in their mind’s eye.

    #88 WEEGEE If they are going to make females as big as Princess Lin Ping then somewhere there is a male-maybe not so big, but tall enough to get the job done like our little Gao and beautiful big Bai Yun. Their’s is a marriage made………..somewhere really good.

  90. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    BY: What are you doing?

    YZ: Mama, I am getting together a WELCOME basket for Aunty Lun Lun’s new baby.

    BY: And what are you putting in it?

    YZ: I have a nice towel blanket to help the new butterstick keep warm. A tip sheet on how to understand all the different names the aunties will call you. A iBoo for him or her to listen to the Panda Grrrls, and a Approw phone so we can talk to him or her. I also drew some pictures for the cubby so he or she can recognise Uncle Yang, Aunty Lub, Sis Lani and Kor Kor X…..

    BY: You have been a busy boy.

    YZ: I was thinking real hard to see what will help the new cubby. It can be quite scary especially the first few months.

    BY: Can you remember your first few months?

    YZ: Yes. AND I love your smell and it made me feel loved. I remember your tongue as you cleaned me….so nice and rough, ticklish….

    BY: Yes, those were the days….

    YZ: So have another one…hee hee…I will help you…

    BY: Really? You’ll end up squashing the baby…

    YZ: I will help you by bringing boo to you, by helping you design the birthing den…I was thinking maybe we could put in some cushions, maybe a windchime, some wall hangings….

    BY: I see you have been giving it some thought…

    YZ:I really want to be a modern Papa in future and I want to be a hands on one. Papa says he is old school and leaves you to do the mothering….I thought if I helped you, I can learn how to help my wifey next time….

    BY: What does Xi Lan think?

    YZ: He thinks I am a softy. I am a romantic, I guess. Xi Lan wants to play the field. Mama, what field? Can I play too?

    BY: (BY pins YZ down) NO! Son, promise me you will never play the field. You will be a one Panda Lady Man, understand, son!

    YZ: Yes, Mama. I pwomise. I will not pway the field. I guess it is a bad thing to do.

    BY: It may be OK for Xi Lan. I want what’s best for you, and that you will learn to be a respectful gentleman, OK???

    YZ: Yes, ma’am. Your Royal Highness….Your Empress… (Smiles his cutest butter won’t melt in his mouth smile)

    BY: (Hugging him) Thats my boy. Your Papa is a good man and you must follow in his paw steps.

    YZ: YES! Can I have furry feetsies like Papa? They are way cool.

    BY: Your Papa is way cool.

    YZ: YES!

  91. Lisa in Maine says:

    Just checking for any updates on Lun Lun, nothing yet. I am so excited for them. It is amazing how well all the American zoos with pandas are doing with their breeding programs. It is wonderful to see that the Chinese are doing so well also especially with the earth quake a few years ago.

    #58 Prayers for you at this difficult time with your four-legged sons. I know it is hard for all of you. Andrew Zimmern is a Maine boy and one that I am very proud of. I think he got his start eating some of the strange things you get a chance to try up here.

  92. Bamboo Britney says:

    Beautiful camera work! I love to see “my” baby up in the trees. 😀 He knows how to balance 😮

  93. Carol says:

    I know that ZZ and Su Lin are in good hands but I just miss them …..

  94. Chari Mercier says:

    Hey, you guys! I checked AZ’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and there are no new updates about Lun Lun as yet. She is really making us wait and keeping us in stitches, isn’t she?? It looks like my guess of her cub being born this weekend is going and gone! I am hoping like crazy that Lun will have her cub this week, tho! Will keep on checking everything that AZ has for any news about Lun!

    Just saw Mr. Gao on pandacam closeup eating his boo! Lovely stud and great dad!

    Now we are going into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, and the craziness will begin for all of us! Plus, our Thanksgiving and Christmas gift will be Lun Lun giving birth to her 3 inch baby panda cub! That will be the best present for all of us pandafans!

    Gonna go so that I can eat my din-din and keep checking up on AZ’s panda sites for any news.

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  95. Linda / NorCal says:

    Hi from Bora Bora. No internet all day until now. I was wondering what was doing with Lun, and I saw Lisa’s post (91) above, and that told me everything. Lots of good thoughts coming from me! I’ll try to check back tomorrow if I can! Stay well everyone.

  96. Laurie in Baltimore says:

    ZA posted a new blog this morning–still waiting…

    #78 Grammmie–no black and orange cubbie! 😀

  97. Delia says:


    Thank you so vary much for keeping us all informed on how everyone is doing 🙂 even the too sweet girls. ♥

  98. Amanda says:

    #88 Weegee: Sorry to hear about your 4-legged son. I know that’s got to be so difficult.

    The Thai Pandas definitely puts a smile on our faces don’t they. I was watching the cam when momma LH didn’t want to move from the tunnel. Her keepers were trying to get her to move. LP was enjoying the cool breezes as well as she stood up several times then did her little tumbles in the tunnel. Too cute!

    How I wish I could be a panda volunteer at CMZ. Weegee if I lived anywhere near I would definitely do it!

  99. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi! Just looked in on the SDZ pandacam, and there are new cam numbers on the screen. So, I scrolled down to the cam number list, and you all have completely changed the numbers of where the pandas are at! Did all 3 of the pandas change yards again? That’s my thinking, anyway. I’ll check back on the cams to see them a little later on. I did check the AZ website’s panda page, and Lun has really slooowed down on her eating! It’s almost like pulling teeth for the keepers to make sure that she does eat something, whether it’s boo, sugarcane, biscuits, fruit. They are still waiting for Lun to give birth! They have also started a panda cub gallery with photos and a video of the 3D ultrasound. Unfortunately, the video is not working yet, so I’m going to get in touch with AZ to see what’s up, and find out about whether they will extend the pandacam hours and days just a little bit. Hope I can get some good info for you all from AZ!

    Well, gonna go for now. Will be back later on.

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL