Panda Family Reunion?

Posted at 3:20 pm October 19, 2010 by Suzanne Hall

As a part of his training regime, staff has been asking young Yun Zi to traverse through some of the tunnels in the San Diego Zoo’s panda facility. At this time, the objective is to get him into an area where he can be viewed by veterinarians (no more hands-on exams for this bundle of energy!) and administered his regularly scheduled vaccinations. As a part of this training process, Yun Zi is sometimes in an area of the tunnel where he can peer into the exhibit currently housing his father, Gao Gao.

The other day, visitors to the Zoo’s Giant Panda Research Station and Panda Cam viewers saw Yun Zi and his father looking at each other through this tunnel/exhibit space near the back of the facility. The two bears were separated by multiple chain-linked fences and an open space of approximately eight feet. There was no opportunity for physical contact between them, and their visual contact was brief.

We do not intend to open the howdy door between Gao Gao and Bai Yun/Yun Zi for the safety and security of all involved. In the past, our practice has been to ensure that the security of Bai Yun’s space—while she is managing dependent young—is not intruded upon by any other bear in order to avoid any undue stress to Mom or cub.

While it may have been enriching for both Yun Zi and Gao to see each other, and we know that Gao Gao’s temperament falls on the gentle side of the spectrum for adult male pandas, we cannot predict what Bai Yun’s reaction might be if we give Gao Gao visual access to her space. Remember: adult bears are solitary outside of the breeding season. Bai Yun has even shown us that if given access to the male when she is not breeding-ready, aggressive behavior from her is a likely result. This is a natural, defensive response. We wouldn’t want to risk such aggression in the presence of her cub.

The possibility exists that Gao Gao might also display aggression with the cub. Though those of us who know him might not expect this of our patriarch, it cannot be ruled out. Perhaps someday, when Yun Zi is weaned and more capable and confident, we might be able to try a howdy door encounter for these two. In the near future, however, any interactions between them will be purely coincidental and at a safe distance.

Suzanne Hall is a senior research technician for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

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180 Responses to “Panda Family Reunion?”

  1. Marilyn in California says:

    Gao Gao was probably thinking “who is that tiny panda?” 🙂

  2. Annie Panda says:

    I saw photos on Flickr from Rita and Yunnie and Gao were able to see each other through a fence, it was very cute!

  3. Pamda says:

    Gao was probably thinking – hey I’m not so tiny after all!

  4. Karen says:

    Gao Gao probably thought – Is that my son, then I want visitation rights. Just kidding of course. I was just being silly. Hope all enjoy my sense of humor at the San Diego Zoo Panda Research station. I really wonder just what was on Gao Gao’s mind.

  5. KJ says:

    This is such an interesting story. I’d love to know what was going through Papa Gao’s mind when seeing Yun Zi for the first time. The caption below the photos said Gao was vocalizing loudly at Yunnie. Was it intense curiosity of seeing another bear?

  6. Joanna in California says:

    I saw the photos of Gao Gao and Yun Zi on flicker as well. They looked so cute looking at each other 🙂 It must’ve been such a treat to those who witnessed it. I’m hoping I can visit during the holidays again so I can finally see Gao Gao in person! 🙂

  7. Mary Kay says:

    How sweet! Is there a photo that the SDZ folks took? Probably like me, never have a camera when I need it! Maybe Gao Gao was thankful the little guy kept going and wasn’t going to share his space now that he is the star of his own exhibit!!

    Moderator’s note: You’re right! It was just a quick transfer, so no San Diego Zoo photo available.

  8. Jeslyn in San diego says:

    I was at the zoo on Monday with out of town guests. Arranged for them to take a one hour golf cart tour which was great since walking was an issue. Never knew they had this to offer.
    They also got VIP service to view the pandas. Wonderful tour guide named Laura.
    Yun Zi was as high as he could go in the tree on the left of exhibit.
    Gao Gao and Bai Yun were munching away on the ground.

    They also need to get that escalator fixed that takes you up the hill!! 2nd time for me that its been out of service.

    Moderator’s note: We have several tour options for guests, and we’re glad to hear you enjoyed your special tour. As for the moving sidewalk, we are waiting for parts to complete the repair, but there is a shuttle service available for those unable to walk up the hill.

  9. Rebeca from Encino says:

    #2 ANNIE…. Where can I see those pictures?

  10. Britney Bamboo says:

    I have a blog for panda fanatics, link here:

    Lastnight, I caught a ( what looked to be a tickie-fight) match between Bai Yun and Yun Zi. So cute 😀

  11. Britney Bamboo says:

    Was Gao Gao or Yun Zi making noises when they saw eachother? 😮

  12. GRAMMMIE says:

    !. MARILYN 3. PAMDA Two thoughts from Mr. Gao Gao “I best go on a diet if Pandas are little now…haven’t seen one for 2. ANNIE PANDA 4. KAREN years” or “I need glasses that panda over there looks so small”. Love Gao Gao who is glad

    Grammmie loves his fluffy feetsies. But there is lots of me left for other Girlies.

  13. GRAMMMIE says:

    Had this kind of encounter happened in the wild are there any ideas of who would do what, and why??? We are getting used to the fairy-tail quality of life underground for the Gao family. It is a lot more fun to think for Yun Zi that “we saw Daddy, said a few things, but nobody ran away or got hurt”.

  14. lu says:

    One wonders what Yun Zi was thinking, seeing another panda that wasn’t his mom.

    Would she have been protective of her cub?

    Thanks for all the up dates, as my internet is down for a few days See you in November.


  15. GRAMMMIE says:

    DEAR MARY IN BROOKLYN We have tried to make sure you are pampered and well taken care of……do you need a fresh baby Panda to cuddle with while you heal???? Just let us know and drop the dirty one in the mail to us so we can clean it up for the next exchange….love grammmie

  16. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Thanks for the clarification Suzanne. So I’m thinking that Bai was already off exhibit when all this took place? Question about not wanting Yunnie to see aggression between Bai and Gao… Why is that? Is it the behavior you would not want him to see, or that if Bai gets stressed and starts to react, that Yunnie might unfortunately get in the middle of a squirmish (even though there are fences) and possibly get hurt?

    Another question… Is Yun Zi being introduced to the squeeze cage? Is that how his examinations are performed now? Thank you for taking time to keeping all of us updated on what’s happening! 🙂

  17. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ve seen online that in China, sometimes a cub is shown to its father, albeit through fencing or a cage so that contact is not possible, and Tai Shan was allowed to see his father through a grate as well. I’ve wondered–from what I’ve read about pandas in the wild, adult males sometimes do tolerate the presence of sub-adult pandas; could this be that due to the fact that pandas do not travel far, they suspect that these sub-adults are their own offspring? Just a thought, if anyone knows the answer. Thanks again, it’s nice to see that Yun Zi’s first sight of his father was a good experience.

  18. RebekahRainyTown says:

    Thanks for your information – which I see is often the result of panda fans comments and questions. We appreciate the knowledge and I think we can all appreciate the humor once in a while as well, from fans and commentators. Its impossible not to fall in love with these beautiful animals.

  19. Linda / NorCal says:

    I think Gao was wondering if Yun Zi was going to eat his food. Or “do your feet like like this (holding up his foot)? Thank you for your update, Suzanne. It was great to see the photos. I’m sure we pandaholics could come up with a million captions for the pictures.

  20. Danielle, NY says:

    You You has given birth to female twin cubs in Bi Feng Xia on Tuesday October 19 at 2:07AM and 2:37AM, the eldest birth weight was 115.6 grams (0.25 lb) and the second cub weight at birth was 130.8 grams (0.29 lb). I find it interesting that the second cub is heavier than the first one…

    For the moment the first born is with her mother and the second cub is in the incubator and cared for by the keepers. The cubs will be exchanged every few days.

    You can read more about it and see the picture of the second born on www(dot)pandas(dot)fr/, it is the first article (in French). If you want to read the article in English, click on “translate” top right of the page.

    The original article in Chinese is on www(dot)chinapanda(dot)

  21. Toni says:

    I hope Doximom captured this meeting as I missed it. : (

    Thanks for sharing this.

  22. Linda says:

    Any animal with such a lovely set of pearly choppers must be respected! And, sometimes males will kill young members of their own kind. The law of nature, I suppose– it is what it is. That is why the enclosures have those nice and very tall fences around them! Beautiful animals to view at a safe distance:)

  23. Karen in Edmonton AB Canada says:

    Wow..What an interesting blog.. They are all so cute to look at and do not look like they would harm anything or anyone but safety must always be first. We don’t want anything happening to “Our Little Boy”.

  24. Vicki from IA says:

    Thank you for this story, very interesting indeed. I will have to go search flicker for the photo.

  25. Danielle, NY says:

    I should have specified in my earlier post that You You is related to many pandas that we know. Through her mother, Ying Ying, she is related to Yang Yang in Vienna, the mother of Fu Long and the new cub. But they have different father, Yang Yang’s father is Da Di (Bai Yun’s brother), as You You’s father is Lin Nan, who is also, among others, the father of Mei Xiang (Tai Shan’s mother) and the father of Lun Lun (Mei Lan and Xi Lan’s mother).
    There is another funny coincidence, I was looking for pictures of Su Lin and Zhen Zhen on the Chinese blogs last night and came across a short article with many pictures of a quite acrobatic panda!! At first I just looked at the pictures, it seems that that panda was trying out all sorts of positions on a tree and then there was a series of pictures of the panda eating peacefully while sitting on the grass. I thought at first it would be a good competition for Zhen Zhen, and then I thought that if it was a male, it would be moves that would seduce Zhen Zhen!! Since I did not recognize the building, I decided to use Google to translate the article and found out it was Meng Meng (female) at the Beijing Zoo. I remember reading earlier this year that she is quite a rascal as she once took the water hose and gave her keeper a shower!! She was also up to no good when she was in the inside rooms with the keepers when she was younger. She was born on September 13, 2006; her mother is Ying Ying (also the mother of You You and Yang Yang as mentioned above). I am not sure who her father is as Ying Ying mated with 2 males, Ling Ling and Lu Lu on June 22, 2006 according to pandas(dot)fr website.
    So, no chance that she could be Zhen Zhen playmate…

  26. Dianna from Ohio says:

    aahhh.. RitaPetita has posted a new picture of Bai.. a closeup… She is so pretty.. and definitely has the best ears of any other Pandas…

  27. Danielle, NY says:

    I also found an update, with pictures, about the twin male cubs in Madrid.


    In Madrid as well, many kids are going to the Zoo…

    The update from Vienna is about mommy Yang Yang who is leaving the birth den several times a day and even stepped on the scale, 90 kg (198 lb), which is, according to them, the right weight for a mother two months after giving birth.


  28. Linda / NorCal says:

    Watching Gao a moment ago, I just want to hug him. He will forever be my Shrek Bear. So stinkin’ cute. I think he could sit in my lap, he’s so small. I wish I could have seen him back in March at our “convention.”

    I feel so fortunate to be able to watch the pandas, read the blogs by the keepers, and and all the posts by such loving, knowledgeable posters.

    If you all haven’t checked out the other cams, please do. I watched an enchanting play session with the young elephants in the rain and mud the other day. It was funny. Also very amusing, were the polar bears (yesterday?) playing in the pool. So if you can tear yourself away from these wonderful pandas, check out the other cams. Well worth the effort!

  29. GRAMMMIE says:

    #24 VICKI FROM IA The link you need to get to the photos is and Goa starts with the second photo and goes on to the second page.

    Give yourself a treat and go on a trip through Panda Land by Rita Petita’s Flickr pages. She has devoted herself so much to them for many years that she happened to be there with camera when the big event takes place. There are many other events in the photos as the pages go on….even some photos of ZZ doing her tree aerobics from tall trees hanging by her toes. She got many great captures the week before the girls made their historic trip to China.

    There is no way we can thank Rita Petita for her time and devotion that has gotten the great shots over the years, but I hope she knows how we feel….she is the greateest.

  30. Suzanne says:

    Grammie #13,

    We do have some evidence that subadult male pandas might shadow a mature male in the older male’s home range (Kathryn, #17, we have no way to know why the adult males tolerate this, but it’s probable that young males simply do not pose much of a threat). However, at his current age, Yun Zi is likely far too young to take on that kind of interest in Gao Gao.

    Dianna #16,
    It’s not that we wouldn’t want the cub to SEE the aggression, but rather that we wouldn’t want him to get caught up in it and risk injury. Further, the stress of being put on the defensive could have adverse effects for Bai Yun and, by extension, her cub.

  31. Deborah (No. Calif) says:

    For those who need the link to Rita Petita’s photos of Gao Gao and Yun Zi exchanging glances, here it is:

  32. lj says:

    has anyone heard how our girls are doing in China?

  33. GRAMMMIE says:

    DANELLE GOOD NEWS, on the news site I use to get fast news is Feed Burner at this link feeds (dot) feedburner (dot) com/PandasLiveOn .
    There are a pair of twins in Japan by natural breeding and finally got their names today. You may have this information before I did, but if I can help you gather more information it might be less work for you and a way for me to help .

  34. PandaAdmirer says:

    In a Star Warsesque moment, Gao Gao uttered, “Yun Zi, I am your father,” after the youngster innocently asked, “Who are you, handsome panda?” 🙂

  35. GRAMMMIE says:

    #25 DANIELLE, NY Thank you for the links at the end of your comments—I can see why you thought it might be ZZ. I did not catch any dismounts but the rest I saw I would give 10″s across the board. She must have somebody who has a camera, visits often—-just like Rita Petita did with our Panda Family. Could you even imagine these two ZZ and Meng Meng being paired as roommates. They would have “Tree Aerobics Offs” much like there are “Dance Offs”, “Cook Offs” etc. I would buy a ticket. MengMeng really likes her photographer, and looks like she is posing, holding positions so they can be loveky to look at.

  36. Danielle, NY says:

    Don’t miss the article and all the pictures of Mei Lan that Jeroen posted on his website.


    There must be at least hundred pictures of Mei Lan!!! She is so beautiful with her fluffy cheeks, brilliant eyes and white eyebrows…

  37. GRAMMMIE says:

    #30 SUZANNE Thank you for the answers to my questions. Perhaps Gao, without his mother, became more interested in the Spring Dance and Tail up…… a bigger male got tired of the younger cub intruding. Poor gao got beat up and lost most of his left ear……but he did pass on his webbed toes on his left foot to all of his babies and has been darned interested in Spring Dances with tail up.

  38. GRAMMMIE says:

    #34 PANDAADMIRER I think yours brought the best giggles from me. Thank you so much.

  39. Danielle, NY says:

    #33 GRAMMMIE – Thanks, but I posted about their naming ceremony on the day it happened, on October 8th.

    #195 Danielle, NY says:

    October 8th, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    I also got some news from Adventure World in Japan, Rauhin’s twin cubs born on August 11 were named today!! The best article to read is written in Japanese and I used the Google translation. It is better than the English version of the article which has only one picture, one of the names is miss-spelled and the sex of the cubs not given!!


    In short, the male Kaihin (beach) now weighs 2515 grams (5.5 lb), his weight at birth was 158 grams; the female Youhin (Yang Beach) now weighs 2445 grams (5.4 lb), her weight at birth was 123 grams.

  40. Britney Bamboo says:

    I checked out the picture of Yun Zi looking at Gao Gao, I could she Bai Yun peeking at Gao in a flirty way, when she was doing her figure-booster walk! I am getting another bamboo today!

  41. PandaAdmirer says:

    I meant to ask in my previous post…does anyone, either panda staff or one of the panda fans, know the latest birthdate in a calendar year for a panda born in captivity (zoo or breeding center)? I have been wondering about Lun Lun…given the late date in the year as far as most panda births go, I was curious where an October or November birth might fall in relation to the latest date of a panda birth. Do we know of any November or December panda births in captivity? Many thanks to anyone who might know!

  42. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    what a delight to see GG taking his afternoon snack in the yard instead of his bedroom. What a handsome guy he is. bai is so lucky to make babies with him.

    Grammmie – i’ll keep the soiled baby panda that i have. hao hao is irreplaceable.

  43. Margaret says:

    Thanks for sharing this rare moment. Glad to know that they did react visually to each other. We know from past postings that they know each other by scent, so now they can add visual cues as well as sound.

  44. Chet in Malaysia says:

    #41 PandaAdmirer

    Qing Qing was born in Wolong in February 2007, which would put her with the 2007 group, but she was actually part of the 2006 group. By the time she was born, she had been in her mother’s womb for more than 300 days. She was called the miracle baby.

    So that would be the latest birthdate known for a “calendar” year.

    For the current breeding season, Bifengxia just announced the birth of twins to You You on 19 October. And I thought the season had ended with the birth of Hua Mei’s cub on 17 September.

  45. Britney Bamboo says:

    I got another bamboo plant today! 😀

    Is Su Lin and Zhen Zhen in their exhibit yet?

  46. Danielle, NY says:

    #41 PandaAdmirer – As far as I know there are two cases of unusual birth dates in recent years. Ji Ni gave birth to a female cub, Qing Qing on February 23, 2007 in Wolong; it was not only unusual as a birth date, but it was also a record for the longest gestation, 324 days. Another unusual birth date was when Mei Mei gave birth to twins, Ai Hin (female) and Mei Hin (male) on December 23, 2006 at the Adventure World in Japan. Mei Mei was also unusual in the sense that she cared of her twins by herself. She gave birth to 11 cubs, 5 sets of twins and one single cub, 9 survived, Mei Mei passed away on October 15, 2008.

  47. Britney Bamboo says:

    I think it is great that Yun Zi and Gao Gao can see eachother, and Bai Yun can walk by and flirt with Gao Gao 😮
    Maybe he can wear his colone! 😀

    Just a question: When will you pair Gao Gao with Bai Yun, I remember hearing that they will mate next year, but not sure. 😀

    Moderator’s note: We have to wait until Yun Zi is weaned (usually at around 18 months of age) and then see if Bai Yun is ready for another breeding season.

  48. Britney Bamboo says:

    I just posted another panda post on my blog:

  49. pandafan-north says:

    #41 PandaAdmirer – I believe there are twin cubs in Japan who were born in December – I can’t remember what year. Sadly, their mother Mei Mei passed away about a year or so ago.

  50. Annie Panda says:

    Thank you Suzanne for the post, I’m glad Gao Gao got to see his little boy. It’s strange to think that Yunior doesn’t even know his own father, or at least doesn’t know Gao is his dad. I once saw a video on youtube of a little baby panda girl seeing her father for the first time and it was so sweet. They weren’t in the same enclosure together, but it was still so adorable. I think it might have been LP, I’m not sure…

    Anyway, Grammmie posted a comment with a link of a really funny panda video on youtube a while ago. If anyone hasn’t seen it, just go on and type in “Never say no to panda”. It’s a very funny commercial for a cheese in Egypt and the Middle East and the brand is called “Panda”. 🙂

    Well, hope everyone had a great day!! (I hope Su and ZZ are doing well!!!!)

    Peace, Love and Pandas CIAO!

    Annie Panda 😛

  51. GRAMMMIE says:

    #39 DANIELLE, NY And I probably read it but I have been napping so much the last few days if you asked me my name I might waver on it. Lovely CFS does that to your memory—you never know when it will work and when it will leave you in the middle of the street with cars coming.

    #42 MARY FROM BROOKLYN Of course you would keep Hao Hao—what could I have been thinking. I must have been sleeping so much that I am starting with the wild dreams again…..I bet there I get both Hao Hao and Yun Zi to play with in a dream…well wouldn’t you if you could????

  52. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    ‘Groovy, baby!’ giggled Yun Zi as he looked into the full length mirror and struck a pose a la Austin Powers.

    ‘And what is so groovy about my baby?’ asked Bai as she enveloped her cubbie in her arms.

    ‘Hee hee. Mama, I want to be like Papa with the furry feetsies which attract babes!’ chuckled young Gao.

    ‘So you want to attract babes?’

    ‘Ya! Cute Panda girlies, who have cute smiles, nice ears and are huggable.’

    ‘Did Papa teach you this?’

    ‘Well, the other day at the fence, he told me to choose carefully.’

    ‘AND what else did he tell you?’

    ‘He told me to wait till I am older and…..’


    ‘He said that there are many girlies out there, but my forever princess must be like you!’

    ‘AND why is that?

    ‘Because you love him even though he is smaller and……and that you have cute ears and…you enjoy the Spring Salsa….Mama, what is that? Papa said he will teach me the dance when I am older.’

    ‘Your Papa is a good man and that is why I knew he will be a good husband and he can deliver the goods.’

    ‘HEY, that’s what he said. He said he can deliver the goods. Can I deliver the goods too?

    ‘Dearest baby, I hope in time you come, you will deliver goods.’

    ‘So how do I choose a forever princess? Must she have perfect ears like you?’

    ‘No, dear. You must not look at the outside. Look at the heart – is she loving, kind and honourable? Will she be able to teach your cubbies well?’

    ‘WOW, that is tough!’

    ‘Life is not easy but when you find her, it will be worth it. I found Papa even though I had 1 misstep along the way. All things worked out. Learn from your mistakes and dont be afraid to admit you are wrong. That makes you strong.’

    ‘OK, Mama! I luv you. And I luv Papa. I am the Son of Gao. The Son of the High Cloud, Gao Yun Zi, hee hee, is me! YAY!’

  53. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    Dear Panda Team,

    I read on the Atlanta Zoo blog that they have begun a birth watch for Lun Lun. I know she had AI sometime back. In terms of a time-line, are they expecting her to deliver any time soon?

    And though she is cooperating with ultrasounds, why is difficult to tell if there is a foetus or not?

    Thanks for all the love and work put into caring for the Gao clan. When is the B&W Overnight in 2011?

    Moderator’s note: The 2011 Black & White Overnight dates: August 20/21 for adults only, August 27/28 for families. We hope you can attend one of these, Lucilla!

  54. Pamda says:

    #48 Britney Bamboo – Thank you for the link to your Panda blog and also your earlier information about what you feed the bamboo plants. Your cat Bear is beautiful. He sure has his eye on that tall bamboo. Better hope he isn’t like a baby panda and try to climb up the plant!!

  55. Marie says:

    # 50 Annie Panda: Yes that was LP!

  56. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    grammmie – so sorry to hear that you have cfs. that is supposed to be nasty stuff. if you need inspiration, the usa women’s soccer team won the world cup with one of their key players battling cfs. the coach rested her when possible, but she fought her way through and then took a well-deserved retirement.

    lucilla –well done contributions as ever. thx. gee, you could inspire me to attend the bw overnite.

    Moderator’s note: We’d love to have you join us, Mary!

  57. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Grammmie: There is a really cute picture of Gao on Rita Petita’s Flickr page. I’ve not seen any other Pandas that have that brown fur on his feetsies like he does… very unique.

    Mary from Brooklyn: If you go to the B&W you will have so much fun!!

  58. Danielle, NY says:

    #57 Dianna from Ohio – Actually, there was another panda with long brown hair on his feetsies much like Gao Gao. His name was Chuan Chuan, he died on May 12, 2010 at the Shanghai Zoo, and he was 30 years old. He was capture in 1981 in Baoxing, it is estimated that he was born in 1980. He spent most of his live in Shanghai. Here is a picture of him taken in February 2010.

  59. Danielle, NY says:

    #52 Anastasia Horning from previous blog – Thanks very much for those good news about Su Lin and Zhen Zhen. I am glad to read that Su Lin has adapted so easily, and the moment I heard that Zhen Zhen had access to trees; I knew she would be doing just fine. As to keeping her keeper on her toes, no surprise there for those of us who have been so fortunate to see her growing up!!

  60. PandaAdmirer says:

    Thank you so much to Chet, Danielle, and pandafan-north for helping me with my panda birthdate question. I’d heard of pandas being born as late as October and as early as March (I think) but wasn’t sure about the late fall and winter months. Did the panda birth watch continue throughout the 324 days for Qing Qing at Wolong or did the birth wind up being a surprise, I wonder? Pandas are so amazing!

    Thank you again for your swift responses!

  61. Britney Bamboo says:

    Pamda, thanks,

    P.S bear is a girl, she just has a tough name though 😀

  62. Britney Bamboo says:

    I uploaded a Bai Yun picture from the webcam! Link:

  63. pandafan-north says:

    #56 Mary from Brooklyn – you will have a great time at the B&W Overnight! Guaranteed!!

    You might also want to check out the Panda-fandom Worldwide group on Facebook. We are holding our 2nd annual pandafans’ convention at the end of March – March 25-27 in San Diego. You can check the photos from last year on there as well. Next year’s event is called Panda-vaganza! and it promises to be another wonderful gathering. We will publish details as they get more firmed up. Last year Laurie from Baltimore joined us all the way from Maryland. It would be great if you could join us then too, Mary!

    Moderators, it’s been so great to see Gao on the cams. I don’t know what it is but even if he’s just munching his boo, he’s so interesting to watch. Thank you.

  64. Frances in NYC says:

    Danielle and Dianna–the brown fuzzy feet must be a Baoxing trait, since that’s the area Gao Gao is from also, I think?

  65. Dianna from Ohio says:

    #58 Danielle: Thanks Danielle! What a great picture. I think he is fuzzier than Gao. I wonder if Gao is related to him somehow? 🙂

  66. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    grammmie – if hao hao and yunior got together — well i’d pay to see that one. after he is weaned, of course. my gut instinct is that she would run all over him. her real name should be naughty naughty!

    danielle — thanks so much for the link to chaun chaun. my, my, he did have hairy feet.

    the girls’ coming out party is 8 days away.

  67. Danielle, NY says:

    #64 Frances in NYC and #65 Dianna from Ohio – Frances is right, Gao Gao was captured in Baoxing as well, so they could be related.

  68. Danielle, NY says:

    #60 PandaAdmirer – I don’t think anybody was expecting Ji Ni to be pregnant, she showed normal signs of pregnancy only before giving birth. Ji Ni was fairly old, 13 years old, for a first time mom. She had been inseminated every year since 1999 without giving birth, before finally giving birth to her daughter Qing Qing in February 2007. Qing Qing has been treated like a miracle baby!!! This summer, at the age of 17, Ji Ni has given birth to her second daughter.

  69. Lucilla says:

    ‘Madame, please sit here and trust the great master Gao Yun Zi to style your magnificent tresses,’ said a slim sleek panda leading a lovely Panda lady into his salon.

    ‘May I get you a cup of tea and some boo biscuits?’ and he waved to one of his terrified assistants who scurried away immediately.

    ‘And what does Madame want today? A perm, a touch of colour perhaps? Hmmm, yes, highlights definitely, I think,’ muttered the maestro of hair.

    ‘Oh, anything you say is fine with me,’ gushed the Panda lady who was a fan of this master hair stylist.

    He placed his paws on her fur and surveyed its thickness and then indicated to his senior assistant to create highlights on certain parts of the fur.

    Yun Zi then trotted over and got his curling irons ready. After 3 hours, he brought a large mirror and showed Madame what he had done to her fur.

    ‘YOU are a genius. I love this look. Thank you, thank you!’

    ‘No need, your joy is all the thanks I need.’

    And as Madame sashayed out of the saloon, M. Gao’s sister ZZ dashed in.

    ‘Hey, bro, for my next Panda Grrrrls’ gig can you do me an Afro?? But my signature red bow stays OK!’

    ‘For my seeester, OK!’ And he set to work creating a work of art with fur extensions and special volumizers.

    ‘OH MY, I look soooo fun!! Thank you, baby brother!’ squealed ZZ as she planted a kiss on his snout.

    ‘Hee Hee, you are such a joy to create for, no problem…’ then in stepped Mama Bai.

    ‘Hiya. Mama, are you ready to try something new?’ asked Master Gao.

    ‘How about a modern take on the bob? I want something to show off my ears…’suggested Bai.

    ‘Let me see what I can do,’ and he whipped out his scissors. And just as he was about to cut…..ARRRRGGHH – a scream rent the air.

    ‘BABY, what are you doing?’ screamed Mama as she held Yun Zi at paw’s length.

    ‘Mama, you wanted a cut!’

    ‘Cut what?’

    ‘Oh, I must have been dreaming again. I dreamt that I was a famous hair artist and I was cutting fur for all the famous bears. I was just about to cut yours…hee hee.’

    ‘Hmmm, I dont think so. I like my fur the way it is and dont even think of trimming Papa’s!’

    ‘OK, Mama, whatever you say, Mama,’ smiled a sleepy headed not so small bear as he nodded off to dream land again.

  70. KJ says:

    Thanks to all who post the wonderful pics of our bears–love them! #62 Britney Bamboo–how do you grow such lovely bamboo? I’ve tried growing bamboo plants and they die every time! What am I doing wrong?

  71. Linda / NorCal says:

    Question………does anyone know if it appears that Lun may give birth, will AZ have the cam on 24 hours?

  72. Michelle from Buffalo, NY says:

    Confirmed fetus in Lun Lun at AZ! Fingers and toes crossed for a successful birth!

  73. Chet in Malaysia says:

    #60 PandaAdmirer

    Qing Qing’s mother, Ji Ni, was actually in Beijing Zoo and was sent to Wolong after the usual pregnancy period. There wasn’t a birth watch like what you Americans are familiar with, but they were certainly keeping an eye on her all that time until the little one decided to show up. She sure took her time.

  74. Laurie in Baltimore says:

    Press Release from Zoo Atlanta–Lun Lun is pregnant and if all goes well, the birth should occur within 10-14 days!! 😀


  75. Dee says:

    Good news, Lun Lun’s pregnancy has been confirmed via ultrasound. Congrats.

  76. Danielle, NY says:

    The latest news about the pandas in Vienna is good. The cub is developing nicely; his mother, Yang Yang, doesn’t hold him anymore to nurse while she is sitting, but just lays on her side while the cub tries to support itself on the hind legs to drink his mommy’s milk. The cub has a healthy appetite; he drinks nearly half an hour at a time. See picture taken yesterday. www(dot)zoovienna(dot)at/news/neuigkeiten-rund-um-das-pandajunge/

    Today’s update shows the cub looking straight at the camera, perhaps wanting to make sure that the keepers managed to remove the spider!!

    You can also read an update about the panda family from Vienna on


    To read the article in English, open the Google translation by clicking on the American flag in the right column. The pandahouse is open again to visitors but there is no live camera to see the cub, only videos… But Yang Yang is taking breaks from her cub to eat and daddy, Long Hui, is dividing his time between eating and sleeping… No mention of the parents spending time together yet. There is also a video in the article that is also on YouTube “Giant pandas Yang Yang & Long Hui at Zoo Vienna”

  77. Danielle, NY says:

    Great news!! Giant Panda Lun Lun Confirmed to be Pregnant


  78. Marie says:

    Zoo Atlanta announced that LUN LUN’S PREGNANT! WHOOOOO! 🙂 Praying that everything goes well and in around 2 weeks we have another fluffy-faced cubbie to love and coo over!

  79. Susan, PA says:

    Giant Panda Lun Lun Confirmed to be Pregnant


  80. Donna says:

    Just read that Lun Lun in Altanta is pregnant via artificial insemination. so another cub forthcoming in the future. This wil make her 3rd cub.

  81. Deb E. says:

    Congratulations to the Mommy Monster and her handsome hubby Yang Yang on the upcoming arrival of their newest little monster! I looks forward to watching Lun Lun’s very (ahem!) interestingly robust parenting style!

  82. Bobbie Wood says:

    I do really enjoy watching Gao Gao! Yesterday morning (10/21) was no exception! We had considered driving to the SDZ in the morning; however, the rain was still dripping. I checked in to see what I was missing in Panda Canyon and found Poppa Gao demonstrating his bamboo munching skills. Then, around 11:15 on the cam clock, I got to watch Gao Gao napping. He was lying on his side and HUGGING a clump of bamboo in his paws. 🙂 What a total treat he is!!!

    The news about Lun Lun is very exciting!!! The pitter-scoot of baby Panda Paws will make us all very happy 🙂

  83. Joan says:

    New baby in Atlanta – a road trip is in the works!! Woo Hoo!!

  84. Pam T. says:

    How wonderful Lun Lun expecting again wishing her and the Atlanta Zoo best of luck.

  85. Britney Bamboo says:

    I am so happy for Lun Lun!! 😀

  86. Deborah (No. Calif) says:

    Great shots of Yun Zi gnawing away on a big piece of boo! I love it — thanks for giving us such a wonderful view of our little (well, maybe not so little anymore) guy… 🙂

  87. GRAMMMIE says:

    Our best wishes for a successful delivery of baby number 3 at zoo Atlanta……will the name this time mean “Atlanta hope”? You guys must be really stoked to hear the news, we will all be right there with you in anticipation of a safe delivery, so I can enjoy the “Mommy Monster” for myself.

  88. kat wilson says:

    Watching Momma and baby playing a short while ago, one can definitely see that Bai loves her baby, tho it was watching from afar, they were at the far end of the yard. She just lets him pull and tug and nip at her and she likes it, because she will pull and grab and nip right back. Wish I could just sit and watch them all day, it sure puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eye….

    Also, thinking of my Zhennie……..

  89. kat wilson says:

    p.s. no matter what anyone says, and despite the fact that I hardly know anything about Giant Pandas, regarding “Panda Family Reunion” by Suzanne, I say, let there be more purely coincidental interactions between daddy and son, what great enrichment for them… every child has a right to know who their daddy is… =)

  90. Annie Panda says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Lun Lun is going to have a baby!! So exciting!! 😀

  91. GRAMMMIE says:

    #45 BRITNEY BAMBOO Unless you have an unusually large room, just a few more plants and you will have to move your bed outside. On the other hand perhaps you will crossbreed a new species….that Giant and Red Pandas love the tase of….that is not subject to “die off” when other get the urge.

    #50 Annie Panda I only had the link to pass on because somebody else passed it on to us—I was only repeating—I loved “Never Say No To a Panda” too, so I looked up the link again, for three really cute videos.

    # 54 PAMDA It has been my experience that cats will climb anything. We had a pair for several years that always tried out the artificial Christmas tree. Every year they had to be rescued a time or two before they would remember that it was not a good idea.

    #56 MARY FROM BROOKLYN Just to make sure I am busy I have FibroMyalgia to go with it, and a few weeks ago it was discovered I have had intermitten Hypothyroidism most of my life too. But I guess I have Flashes of Brilliance, I can remember lots about the Pandas. In fact they have been “Life savers to me over the past year”. They help me remembering names and such, even though they don’t know it. I guess it doesn’t hurt that they are born loveable and all of the blog commenters are so generous with their links etc.

  92. PandaAdmirer says:

    Thank you again for your speedy responses to my additional question about Qing Qing’s birth, Chet and Danielle! You are so quick to respond! I can’t imagine waiting and wondering for 324 days if it was one of “our” pandas here in the U.S.

    I am glad that Ji Ni had another cub this year. It sounds like she has done things according to her own timetable, given both the lengthiness of her first pregnancy and being older for a first-time mom. If I were to assign a human trait to Ji Ni, it would have to be patience.

    Thanks again for answering both of my questions. I’m excited now about Lun Lun and hoping for a November 1 birth!

  93. Linda / NorCal says:

    What a lovely baby panda first portrait in Atlanta. The birth (all toes and fingers crossed!) will be born while I’m 4,600 miles away with no internet. I will count on all of you for details of the joyous occasion. Daddy is Yang via AI, right?

    Is everyone as excited as I am?????

  94. Chari Mercier says:

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Lun Lun’s pregnant!!!! I’m pretty sure that some of you have found out already. I just got on the AZ panda page and got the news tonite! WOW!!! This will be Lun’s 3rd baby panda, and after she does give birth, she will be keeping a streak going for 6 years straight that either Mei Xiang, Bai Yun, or Lun Lun has had cubs! That’s been since 2005 when Mei Xiang had Tai Shan! YEA!!! Now, we’ll be baby panda watching again on the AZ panda page’s panda cam! But, there will be a change on the panda cam this time around. They have decided that due to some complicated technical things with the cam, they will only have the cam online at the usual hours of 10am-5pm Monday thru Friday. That will be a bummer after being used to seeing a live 24 hour stream of baby panda watching on the AZ cam as well as the SDZ cams and NZ cams. We’ll just have to get on the AZ pandacam as much as possible during those daytime hours to get our cubbie fix! Maybe they can extend the pandacam hours to Saturday for a few weeks to accomodate all of the cam traffic that we all know will be happening after Lun’s cub is born. Oh yeah, BTW, this new update DOES have a pic of the ultrasound that was taken, and you can clearly see the baby panda on it! You can even see the spinal chord!

    Well, I was writing my comments last nite and was about ready to send it in when my lights went out for about 30 minutes!! So, I am going to try to repeat what I wrote to you all!

    I have been missing seeing comments from a couple of pandafans: the Carneys from NY/NJ and Jen Cecchi from Australia. I am very concerned about the Carneys, and I know that we all want to know how Lynn has been doing over the last month or so since Dennis wrote his last comment. Still praying for them. Jen Cecchi, would like to hear from you more often! How are the 2 pandas doing at Adelaide Zoo lately? You all are into spring now, so the pandas are going to be feeling that warm Aussie air. Keep us updated about them, ok?

    I was wondering what was up with the front page of the SDZ website because it got changed around again. Last nite, I could not find any links to the 4 animal cams at all and had to do a search to get to the pandacam. Tonite, I finally found the cam link, but it is in the upper right corner of the page and in slightly small letters! Not a very good spot for us to look for the cam link, especially with senior citizens that don’t have great eyesight anymore. Anyway you can get the webmaster to set that cam link in a apot that is much easier to find and get to? We will all appreciate that a whole lot!

    Well, gonna go, take another look at the AZ panda update page, and get a good 2nd look at that ultrasound pic! I had to do a double take to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing the first time around! Lovin it!!!!!!! You go, Lun Lun!!!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  95. Chari Mercier says:

    Linda/NorCal, read my comment #90 because I have that answer for you about the AZ pandacam. Also, you can go on the AZ website’s panda page and read their note about the pandacam hours after Lun does have her baby panda. That should answer your question about the AZ pandacam.

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  96. P Wong says:

    Conversation with Gao Gao #85

    Tourist: Hello, Gao Gao.

    Gao Gao: Hello, Mr. Tourist.

    T: Is this another one of your smelly product lists?

    G: No, it’s a smelly census.

    T: Huh?

    G: Like smell here, Madame Bai and young male panda odor from yonder enclosure.

    T: How about a smelly family tree?

    G: What’s a family tree?

    T: Like who’s related to who.

    G: Huh? I confess I don’t know enough about this to take on the endeavor.

    T: Hmmm. I guess maybe not…

    G: My main goal is to know is who is who and where is who, right?

    T: Well, you do have a point there…

    G: Now smell this odor record of individuals.

    T: Mmmm. Smells like sugar cane.

    G: Yes, these ones ingested sugar cane chewies before the odor gathering ceremony.

    T: Odor gathering ceremony?

    G: Yes, immediately follows the odor emission festivities.

    T: Hmmm. Hey, what’s this? I’m feeling some ground vibrations.

    G: Oh, it’s my earthquaking scent. I had gunpowder tea balls sprinkled into my bamboo shoot pudding last night.

    (In Bai Yun’s area)

    Yun Zi: Mama, Mama. I think I met Sir Gao Gao on the other side of the fence.

    Bai Yun: Ah yes, the gallant Sir Gao Gao.

    Y: He’s the one I saw in my dream.

    B: Really? Oh, that’s right, your Qixi Festival dreams.

    Y: He had a strong smell.

    B: Yes, a heavenly robust smell, with strength like the radiant fireball orb in the sky.

    Y: Will I get to smell like that, too?

    B: You will if you eat your bamboo like a good boy.

    Y: Whee! Milk bar and bamboo! Great eats.

    B: No, the milk bar will stop.

    Y: Huh? The milk bar will stop? Stop?

    B: Yes, your new milk will drip from bamboo cuttings.

    Y: But I want to continue the old milk bar from you.

    B: Once I partake of the new harvest, the milk bar will transfer to the bamboo.

    Y: Will the bamboo have four outlets?

    B: More than that, my dear, much more than that.

  97. Chari Mercier says:

    Conversation between Su Lin and Zhen Zhen in China.

    Su Lin: Hey ZZ, I just got a fast fax from cousin Xi Lan today from Atlanta, Georgia!

    Zhen Zhen: Oh yeah? What did he say?

    SL: He said that his momma, Lun Lun, is pregnant with her 3rd baby! It was confirmed earlier today!

    ZZ: Really?? WOW!!! We’re going to have another baby cousin panda this year!

    SL: Yep, it sure looks like it! The human keepers there have got their paws crossed and are very excited!

    ZZ: I bet they are! Aunt Lun is a very good momma, is she?

    SL: Yes, she is! I know that she will be a very good momma to her 3rd baby. I wonder if Cousin Mei Lan in Chengdu has heard about this?

    ZZ: If Xi Lan sent us this news thru fax, I am sure that he let his big sis Mei Lan know about it thru fax by now.

    SL: Uncle Yang Yang can be a very proud daddy again!

    ZZ: Yep!

    SL: Gotta go, sis! Dinner coming in!

    ZZ: Yeah, I see my dinner, too! Talk at you later?

    SL: Yep, later! Hope to have news about Lun having her baby panda real soon!

    ZZ: Me too! See ya!

    SL: See ya!

    Both girls go to eat their boo and dream about another cousin baby panda on the way!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  98. Frances in NYC says:

    Moderator–will there be a blog soon from the folks who took the girls to China? Also thinking of Zhennie…

    Moderator’s note: Yes.

  99. Chari Mercier says:

    Mei Lan in Chengdu, China.

    Mei Lan: Hey everyone! I’m an aunt again! Just got a fast fax from my little brother, Xi Lan, today! He said that our momma, Lun Lun, is pregnant again with her 3rd baby panda, and it was confirmed earlier today! YEA!!! I am sooooooo happy!!

    Mei Lan’s panda friends: YEA!!! Congrats, Mei Lan!!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

    PS: Texas Rangers going to the World Series!! San Fran Giants are next!!

  100. GRAMMMIE says:

    #77 DANIELLE, NY Thank you for the link to the sonogram, it took me right to it with no problems at all. If anybody has not seen the sonogram and wants to, just copy and paste the link, substitute a “.” for the (dot) and for the single ( take it out and put a period also. Just a few letters were missing but I think we can all figure it out……

    Zoo Atlanta, May the Panda God Be Kind and Give You that Baby in Health and Joy.

    We will all be waiting for the great outcome you deserve—and expect every Panda Lover in Atlanta and surrounding areas to shout it in unison so we do not have to wait for it on our computers. We should be able to hear about it all the way to San Diego. Lets see with Atlanta, Vienna, Madrid x’s 2 it sounds like a nice little Panda Gang of the young ones like we had this year with Yunior, PLP, Fu Long and Xi-Lan the X-Man. It may be good there were no more twins–they would then the young ones might outnumber the our “teenagers”.

  101. Danielle, NY says:

    Yang Yang’s cub in Vienna is 2 month old today and is developing magnificently. His mother is very experienced and is taking very good care of him. The cub is observing his environment more and more. On the picture you can see that Yang Yang is leaving the den to eat and her cub is looking at her. www(dot)zoovienna(dot)at/news/neuigkeiten-rund-um-das-pandajunge/

  102. Danielle, NY says:

    Video of Lun Lun’s ultrasound

  103. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    6 days and counting down until Si and ZZ make their Chinese debut … and see their new home.

  104. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    hooray for lun lun, altho i’m saving my ‘yippee’ until she actually delivers.

    grammmie – condolences in the fibromyalgia. at least the medical profession is starting to recognize it as a real disease instead of viewing it as hypochrondria, which was the norm until fairly recently. no wonder you have cfs! do you take prednisone? that can cause insomnia as a side effect.

    looks like bai is seizing some ‘bai time’ to catch up on her beauty sleep.

  105. Dianne in Texas says:

    As previously reported above, Lun Lun’s latest ultrasound shows a tiny fetus, but you can see the little paws and head. You all should check it out. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for good birth in 2 weeks.

    Danielle, NY: I too am grateful for all the links you have passed on to everyone. I miss all our American-born bears so very much, especially Zhennie, Tai, and Lani. I scrutinize every picture I see. Thank you.

    Thank you, too, SDZ, for all you do for our Pandas and Polars and all the other animal species of the world.

    You’re still rockin’! 🙂

  106. Britney Bamboo says:

    Grammmie, When I get at least 6 more bamboo plants I will need to clean off my desk…dresser….and nightstand. I will then begin buying oreamental bamboos, once the store runs out….(oh boy that is going to take a long time for them to run out, they keep getting new bamboo plants in 😮 ) I will then buy online, oreamental bamboo plants, I saw a 3 gallon oreamental bamboo online for $30 what a deal I will then collect those too….then I will have to move my bed outside!

  107. Annie Panda :-) says:

    98 Moderator- Oh yay, I’m looking forward to hearing about Su and ZZ!!!

    Anyway, I got a panda stuffed animal (my fourteenth I think) and I named it Puffy because it’s like a panda puff ball and then tiny arms and legs. He also has the Giant’s baseball team logo on his shirt since I got it at the Giant’s baseball game.

    Peace, Love and Pandas CIAO!

    Annie Panda

  108. Peggy says:

    Congrats to Atlanta and to Lun Lun of course. Every new panda cub is a joyous occasion. It is a shame that National hasn’t been as lucky with their pair.

    Maybe Gao Gao was thinking “that’s my boy”. Nice that they got to see each other. Wonder what Yunior thought. Would he have known there was another panda over there without the view?

  109. Peggy says:

    Fantastic photos on RitaPetita’s flickr page. Beautiful photography. I can’t get my cat to sit still long enough to get a decent photo. She doesn’t seem to like having her photo taken! What fabulous photos of GaoGao and Bai. We have the most photogenic panda pair in the country. Okay I’m a bit biased there.

  110. Kathy in CT says:

    #102 Danielle Thanks for the link to Lun Lun’s ultrasound! Yippee to AZ!

  111. GRAMMMIE says:

    #101, 102 DANIELLE, NY Thank you so much for the two links. On 102 I was surprised and happy to see they were of Yun Zi’s checkups as you follow the next offering in the big space. It is fun to go back t hrough his little life from 2 months of age on.

  112. Chari Mercier says:

    Linda/NorCal: Go to my comment #94 to get my news about Atlanta Zoo’s pandacam hours. That comment got moved down from #90 when Moderator was putting all the other comments in. Hope that this answers your question about the AZ pandacam hours. You can also go onto the AZ website’s panda page to read their short statement about the pandacam. Hope this helps you out!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  113. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi! Was just on the pandacam a few minutes ago, and saw Bai on her back just enjoying her dinner boo! What a sight!! Yunni was in his hammock sound asleep! He is starting to outgrow that little hammock, too! Before long, he won’t be able to fit on it as he gets bigger! It’s amazing how fast panda cubs can grow during their first year!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  114. Chari Mercier says:

    P Wong #96: Welcome back! You are another one of our favorite pandafans that we haven’t heard from too much lately! Read your conversation! It is toooooo funny, especially the last 4 lines!! I just cracked up after reading it! Keep them coming–MORE OFTEN–ok? Looking for your next one!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  115. Jeslyn in San diego says:

    I saw the national news tonite and they were talking about the panda baby arriving in the next two weeks.

    What fun! Now east coast folks will have one that fits their time zone and travel plans.

  116. GRAMMMIE says:

    I STARTED WATCHING PRINCNESS LIN PING about an hour ago…..and just a bit ago CK and Uncle Jack started a train session, for new keepers, or new trainers, or whatever they expect from them.They all got to pet her and give her a treat. Right now I see two Pandfas in the same fenced area…..must be mom and Princess……. but I am not sure if it is a video or live now the training is over.

  117. lindaluvspandas says:

    I just watched a long play session with mom and Yunior. They are so cute. She tried to lay and rest on top of the throne against here tree and he was relentless. They played and played and finally I think he tried to get away up the tree. Mom showed him who the boss is though, she climbed up on his hammock and pulled his fluffly butt right back down from the trees. She sure gives him a run for his money! I just love watching them, it is therapeutic. They always make me smile.

    I cannot wait for an update on the girls, I sure hope they are adjusting well. I know they are loved there as much as here and spoiled as much also.

    Has Yunnie had any exams lately? I know they are trying to train him so they can do one. Is our little one a quick learner? He seems to have a boys will be boys attitude. I went back tonight and watched all his exam videos, I miss those. Watching him grow has been a wonderfule experience. He is still as adorable as ever, I just don’t see him as often as I would like.

  118. GRAMMMIE says:

    DEAR MARY IN BROOKLYN I HAVE A LINK FOR YOU THAT I FOUND BY JUST PICKING BLINDLY FROM many symbols. I thought you might be interested to know that there are 6 postions fill, but now I know Hao Hao is one of the 6 head shots across the top of the article. Being that she is Yun Zi’s Auntie it means the Gao family is closer to the study. Gao has always considered Hue Mei as his beloved stepdaughter and Hao is Auntie to all of the Gao kids.

    http://www (dot) microsofttranslator (dot) com/BV.aspx?ref=IE8Activity&

    To repair the link remove all spaces and (dot) and replace with a period. By now you know that….but there might be a new person or more that have not had the experience.

    I noticed Hao Hao right away because she was waving at me…..I hope she does the same for you. But we should recognize her-she is the one up a high tree. (When I clicked on the far right photo most of the photos repeated below them with more background just tree and sky above our little monkey.) Hao Hao being within a month of the same age as Yun Zi can you imagine the rest of the kids listening to her??? On the other hand maybe she has musical talent and will join the Panda Grrrls. If not she can lip synk in place of PLP when she cannot make it to a gig from Thailand. Lets see—she would be a junior Panda Grrrl???

    I just clicked on one of the little photos, the right side one and got a new page about adopting, the cuties are advertisment and stupid me thought 6 Pandas, 6 Pambasadoors and my tilted brain saw a whole wrong set-up from what I thought I was looking at. In case of such stupidity all of you get to throw a nice soft stuffed Panda at me—-I am a good target since I don’t move around a lot…….Love Grammmie

  119. GRAMMMIE says:

    #99 CHARI MERCIER You forgot to tell us if Mei Lan wants another brother or sister? Now none of us will be able to sleep until we know the answer to that one. And how about the other kid……what is he hoping for????? I think all of this needs some clarification, don’t you???

  120. kat wilson says:

    SDZoo…. hope you don’t mind me leaving a message here for RitaP…. for ALL you do, I’m so sorry I can’t help with your plight with dear Fiona. What a beautiful girl. I hope by now you have found her a new mommy and daddy or either or. Too, too often this is happening…. it’s so sad. I wish you good luck with her.

    The shots you get of the whole animal kingdom should get you a backstage access! What and where would any of us be without you?! I wish I took YOUR picture when I saw you months ago at SDZoo. I got the opportunity to meet you while you stood there ready to take some shots of Su Lin, and I feel so thankful… you have captured so many treasured moments of our beloveds.

    I hope Zhennie and Su Lin are being treated like the royalty they are. I miss them so. I am sure Miss RitaP does as well….since they were such a big part of her every day life at SDZ…

  121. GRAMMMIE says:

    It is nice to see some more story tellers are back at it—You Brings Us such Fun—We need you guys in case somebody needs their spirits lifted, or just a good old fashioned “HA HA”. Your talents and those of your peers young and old are appreciated very much by most of us. A big Thank You from us who adore you.

  122. GRAMMMIE says:

    HAVE YOU ENJOYED ALL OF THE PHOTOS THAT RITA PETITA HAS SUPPLIED ALL OF US??? She needs our help, and even though we know it needs to be local, there is only one of you who needs to say yes. Skip on over to her flickr page and see if that one needed person can be you. The greater San Diego area is a big one and the cost to you is zero. If you can’t, ask somebody who might…..a friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor…..anyone you can think of. She does some very nice things for us, if we try we can do this for her. For every “no” you get try to get them to agree to ask folks they know……….there are a lot of us here in the greater San Diego area. AND THANK YOU ALL.

  123. GRAMMMIE says:

    Rita Peita has gotten another good shot from her magic picture box. I do not know if it is the only one today or not, but to check it and for the help Rita needs, there is a great deal of red in that photo…….and it is below the new Mommie Monster Photo–standing on little Yun Zi?????

  124. Danielle, NY says:

    I was looking on YouTube to see if I could find new videos of the pandas in Atlanta and came across “Zoo Atlanta Pandas”

    The video was posted yesterday but taken in 2009 when Xi Lan was one year old and Mei Lan was still in Atlanta. You can also watch the video on the PandasLiveOn website. It is a beautiful video but, for the people new at panda watching and interested in the changes in cub’s life, the close-ups on the pandas’ faces is quite interesting. Starting at 1:00 you can see Xi Lan’s teeth, and you can compare them to his parents’ teeth. Xi Lan still had his cubbie’s teeth then. You can also compare Xi Lan’s cubbie’s teeth to Mei Lan’s teeth now, thanks to the many pictures taken by Jeroen in Chengdu

    I noticed that Jeroen has posted pictures of the Japanese pandas on his Flickr account,

    I am sure that articles about them will be posted soon on his website www(dot)giantpandazoo(dot)com/panda/

    The four Japanese pandas are all males and all sons of Mei Mei and Ei Mei (Chinese name: Xiong Ming). Xiong Bang 雄浜 (Japanese name: Yu Hin) is the oldest, born in 2001, the twins Long Bang 隆浜 (Japanese name: Ryu Hin) and Qiu Bang 秋浜 (Japanese name: Shu Hin) were born in 2003, and Xing Bang 幸浜 (Japanese name: Kou Hin) was born in 2005. But, to me, they look different, especially Xing Bang.

    The Japanese Pambassador Yumiko Kajiwara has been keeping a blog about her experience in Chengdu yumikaji15(dot)blogspot(dot)com/ Saturday’s post was about the Japanese pandas but unfortunately she wrote it in Japanese and Google doesn’t translate Japanese into English any better than it does translate Chinese into English!! But the pictures are beautiful… Many of her posts are written in English, however she often writes the names of the Japanese pandas using the Chinese characters, so I included those Chinese characters in the list above, I hope it will show well on the blog and will help you to read her blog.

    If you are not eating while reading this, go and click in the right column on “Day 7 @ Chengdu Panda Base as Pambassador” and check the pictures of feces towards the bottom of the post. I knew that pandas’ feces contain a lot of leftovers from bamboo, but I find it amazing that pandas are not digesting apples better than what is shown on that picture of Qiu Bang’s feces. I wonder if it is the case for all pandas. Could someone from the panda team comment on that? Thanks in advance.

    From the pictures in today’s post, it seems that Su Lin has competition in the remodeling-your-backyard department, Yumiko Kajiwara posted a picture of trees that 幸浜 (Xing Bang) had broken this morning… Yumiko Kajiwara also wrote that they are going to Long Xi- Hongkou National Natural Reserve where it is said that wild Pandas survive, and will camp in the woods for 4 days… How I envy them!!!

  125. Danielle, NY says:

    It seems that the Chinese characters are not showing well on the blog. You can see the Chinese names and Chinese characters of the Japanese pandas at the bottom of yumikaji15(dot)blogspot(dot)com/2010/10/day-10-and-11-chengdu-panda-base-as.html

    However, I think Yumiko Kajiwara made some mistakes, the second name should be Long Bang, and the last name should be Xing Bang.

  126. Chari Mercier says:

    Sun., PM, 10/24; watching Gao Gao on cam 3 eating his boo stalks and enjoying every bite! Looks like our moderator has taken the weekend off this weekend (and last weekend!). Good for her! She deserves some rest and time with family & friends! Will be back later on!
    Chari Mercier 🙂
    St. Pete, FL

  127. Britney Bamboo says:

    I started a panda club on facebook:

  128. Kathy in CT says:

    Ouch, Yunnie- you don’t look so great as a stepping stone for mommy in Rita’s recent snap. Life is full of 101’s- “Bai- Oh My!” is telling you something- in a ” thoughts can be very heavy” kind of way. Our prime time cutie was caught in an unfortunate position- by tripping on one’s ego…

  129. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    grammmie – thx for the link. i did not vote for hao hao. i want her all to myself! btw – she is yz’s niece, since her mom is yz’s oldest sister.

  130. Bobbie Wood says:

    To All: For those of you who have missed the latest play sessions between Bai Yun and Yun Zi that are beginning to resemble a World Wrestling Match, DoxiMom has a new video from October 22nd which is a must see! Here is the link:

    Thank you DoxiMom for all that you do!!!!

    To Rita: Fiona resembles a cat which made my home her home for several years. We called her Sweetie.

    I hope Fiona has a new home very soon. You are a very special human being!

  131. Deb from the Quads says:

    P Wong: You made me smile again.

  132. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    BY: Hey, Lun Lun Mei Mei, Kong Xi Kong Xi (Congrats) on your good news!

    LL: Thank you. Keeping all my pseudothumbs crossed that things will go smoothly.

    BY: 2 weeks to another ‘butterstick’.

    LL: I would love a girl, followed by a boy.

    BY: Either way, every cubby is a blessing and your Mei Lan may make you a Grandma in Spring.

    LL: And maybe Su Lin and Mei Sheng will make you Grandma again too.

    BY: I hope they will find good mates.

    LL: Yes, mates to cherish.

    BY: By the way, I am sending you some special tonics for you to build up your strength for the birth. As you are giving birth in the cooler season, you must guard against chills; warm up your den otherwise you may get ‘wind in the bones’ (arthiritis) in your old age.

    LL: Yes, Yes, I am making a bamboo blanket for my confinement period.

    BY: Good, remember to take only warm drinks, nothing cold.

    LL: Yes. I have been reading your book ‘Tips from a Hero Mother’.

    BY: I tried to put down all the things I was taught and what I felt was useful for my daughters. Since I cannot be with them when they deliver. Glad you found the book useful. Any other help needed, just call me.

    LL: Thank you, sister. I am truly grateful for your loving care and concern.

    BY: That’s what family is for. I am also sending you cream that will prevent chaffing when you breast feed.

    LL: Yes, It is really painful when they bite down once they develop teeth.

    BY: Yes, I am waiting for the day when Yun Zi is weaned.

    LL: But then you will be separated.

    BY: By then he needs to grow into his own being and stand on his 4 paws…he can’t depend on Mama forever. He is a loving boy and I will miss him.

    LL: Hopefully he will have a brother soon.

    BY: *BLUSH* We will wait and see how the Spring Dance will go.

    LL: Gao Gao is a real find.

    BY: Yes, he is. I am glad that he managed to find sanctuary when he was injured as a young bear.

    LL: I can feel the baby move.

    BY: That’s good and that is one of the joys of motherhood.

    LL: Yes, and the fact that pandas are still endangered and we can contribute to keeping the species alive.

    BY: Yes, one day, with the help of hoomans, we can live free.

    LL: That is my hope for my grandchildren.

    BY: Mine too.

  133. inparadise says:

    I saw Gao Gao in person yesterday for the very first time! He looks quite regal as he sat enjoying his bamboo! What a handsome panda……

  134. Beverly says:

    Just read on the ZA site, that Lun Lun is definitely pregnant. A fetus was seen on ultrasound. Be sure to click on the link for the full story as there is a picture of the ultrasound. They expect birth in the next 10-14 days. How exciting for ZA!

  135. Dianna from Ohio says:

    I was watching Lun Lun for a little bit on my lunch hour. She sure sleeps alot!! 🙂 At one point, she was laying one way, then she did this mini somersault to just reposition herself so she was laying the opposite way… hhhmmm…. then after a while, she sat up and I swear she fell asleep sitting up!! Then she roused herself and walked out of sight of the cam….probably went somewhere to take a nap..

  136. Marie says:

    I came across this cute LP video. She’s having a blast with an enrichment item. She made me laugh. 🙂 Then she’s being pampered by volunteers who are washing her down. She doesn’t seem the slighest bit perturbed by the strangers who are giving her a rubdown. Good girl! There’s also footage of mama being trained by the volunteers.

  137. DoxieMom says:

    2 new Yun Zi videos for those of you who missed Friday afternoon’s activity 🙂 Play sessions are always enjoyable and this one is no exception. And I personally was very fascinated watching Yun Zi handle and shred a large piece of bamboo culm. This was the first time I’d seen him this close up or for this length of time handle bamboo on pandacam.

    2010-10-22 A Fearless Yun Zi Battles Bai!

    2010-10-22 Yun Zi: Big Boy, Big Boo!

    Thank you Bobbie Wood #130 for posting the link for the play session 🙂

    Thank you Lucilla #132 for another great conversation 🙂

  138. Danielle, NY says:

    #133 inparadise – I would be in paradise too if I had seen the pandas in person over the week-end… But I am glad that Rita Petita keeps posting beautiful pictures; don’t miss the pictures of Gao Gao taken yesterday.

  139. Dianna from Ohio says:

    #136 Marie: You forgot to mention how extra cute CK looked in this video!! 🙂 Ah Ping was funny with her tire (she still fits in it!) and her rope toy. LH is such a good bear… very patient with the volunteers putting her through her behaviors… I wonder if they ever use CC for this kind of stuff? I noticed that Ah Ping was even getting her coat brushed… no wonder she always looks clean and groomed… The volunteers always have such big happy smiles on their faces when they get their grooming time with Ah Ping… 🙂 I’m always amazed just how big LP is… she still looks small beside her mom, but when she’s with a nannykeeper…wow she is a big girl! 🙂

    Weegee: When will we see you as a volunteer brushing Ah Ping and feeding LH pieces of apple? If you ever get the chance… don’t forget to wave “hi” to all your Panda Friends on the SDZ blog.

  140. GRAMMMIE says:

    #135 DIANNA FROM OHIO We thank you for finally figuring what jas been wrong with me—–I am a Pregnant Panda……..but I fall asleep with mouse in hand.

    #136 MARIE That was a cute video, and goes with the one we got before the weekend showing the trainer (ck) training the new trainers.

  141. Danielle, NY says:

    Jeroen has posted an article, with many pictures, about the four Japanese brothers: Xiong Bang (Japanese name: Yu Hin), the twins Long Bang (Japanese name: Ryu Hin) and Qiu Bang (Japanese name: Shu Hin), and Xing Bang (Japanese name: Kou Hin). www(dot)giantpandazoo(dot)com/panda/http:/

  142. Dianna from Ohio says:

    #140 Grammmie: Do you do mini somersaults to reposition yourself too? 🙂 Also Grammmie.. if you already haven’t checked out DoxieMom’s FlickR site.. she has a great one of Gao with the fuzzy feetsies.. That bear does not walk on his pads.. he has to walk on all that hair… it’s so long! 🙂

    The new pictures that Rita Petita posted of Gao are really cute… I think Yun Zi looks like him…

  143. GRAMMMIE says:

    #104 MARY FROM BROOKLYN I have 16 or 17 prescriipitions to date, not all to do with my three pronged attack…..cfs, fibro, and hypothiroidism which was discovered just 3 weeks ago (I think) but those are my major ones.It is intermitten thyroid, we only caught it by luck during a blood test.

    It would be much nicer during a blood test if a cute keeper held my paw and gave me treats every time. If we all take a link to our favorite Lab Tech, showing how PANDAS are trained from a young age to extend their arm and wait quietly for that treat there would be no screaming in the lab. Same for the moms that have to have a sonogram after drinking way too much water……

    If they started with a program in 2011 it would only be a few years before noise in blood lab and sonogram room would be much deminished.

    After posing that trick in the Rita Petita photos of “Yun Zi STRONGMAN and DAINTY BAI YUN” she treated us to three with Sweet Daddy Gao Gao—the 3 on first page at the top.

    I have had a breakdown——I mean breakthrough in Panda Identification……not only did I know Bai Yun from Yun Zi, but from the first half of the top picture, no ear comparison and fluffy feetsies not showing, I knew it was Sweet Daddy Gao Gao, I am very impressed with myself……it must be his eyes. It now looks like everybody but me is taking a nap/ We can see the “Stone Throne” and Bai has left room for Yunior……but we cannot see him.

    The next time a White Rose wins in a flower show I think it should have a clear name like…….Dainty Bai Yun it would be our Little White Cloud and every Panda Admirer would need to plant one unless their apartment is too small (I guess they will have to breed a Mini Dainty Bai Yun for those folks). The Rose owner would be delilghted, half his profits could go right to the Pandas for making him so famous, and the world would be a better place. So—-which amoung us are also Flower Lovers????? I have Allergies so I cannot get near them, but there is ususally a thousand or million folks reading the blogs each day…………………..

  144. Kathy in CT says:

    Rita- Gao Gao, Wow, Wow! What a precious shot of the main man taken on Sunday!

  145. GRAMMMIE says:

    #137 DOXIMOM You need a rule reminder. If Bai is going to steal his hard earned/peeled bamboo you must warn us, then she shoved him away when he clearly wanted to nurse, twice. Big Boy, Big Boo, BIG BOO HOO…..I know she thinks everything is hers and the rest is up to question—–but really—-to steal food from the mouth of your baby and then refuse to feed him…..we did not treat ours like that. Maybe the security control will be by to see Bai later???

    Otherwise a great show.

  146. GRAMMMIE says:

    I do not know what is being ingested by these panda women, but they must be more careful with their facts.

    BY: Hey, Lun Lun Mei Mei, Kong Xi Kong Xi (Congrats) on your good news!
    LL: Thank you. Keeping all my pseudothumbs crossed that things will go smoothly.
    BY: 2 weeks to another ‘butterstick’.
    LL: I would love a girl, followed by a boy.
    BY: Either way, every cubby is a blessing and your Mei Lan may make you a Grandma in Spring.
    LL: And maybe Su Lin and Mei Sheng will make you Grandma again too.
    BY: I hope they will find good mates.
    LL: Yes, mates to cherish.

    HUA MEI has given birth to 8 Cubs–including one this season. If she has not found a “Good Mate” by now then she is just a “Party Girl” getting lucky. So anyone needing some “Party Girl” tips, if this is true then she is the one to go to for advice on dressing, flirting, which shoulder should be bare, when short is too short, floral hair decorations. etc.

  147. GRAMMMIE says:


    Thank you for the stories—-some of us out here use them as bases for dreams about Pandas, and you guys add a great deal of interest of where and how that dream might go. I guess you storie tellers have dreams while you are awake, and so that we can join in with you. Thank you to all of the story tellers, even though I only located 3 of you on this page……..we love all the story tellers, they area class act.

  148. GRAMMMIE says:

    #142 DIANNA FROM OHIO I am afraid I have “wind in the bones” (referrence #132 BY) and cannot do things like that anymore…….but I used to love to summersalt….even when awake. I have been known to sleep in some positions for 5 or 6 hours—but that happens when I fall asleep, mouse in hand on the day bed, and I fall straight back, with thngs in way to make turning imposssible. Devil gets his “due” when I wake up and try to move. I better not be in a hurry. Pandas, on the other hand, just seem to have their joints melt when they lay down—I guess I need to learn that skill.

    QUESTION: Did Pandas adapt to their lifestyle because of what they eat, or do they eat the way they do to adapt to the lifestyle they had????

  149. GRAMMMIE says:

    #146 GRAMMMIE Okay, who let that nut Grammmie loose with her keyboard again…..HUA MEI for whatever reason, never was placed in the conversation. Perhaps Bai hopes to trim a few years off her age around her friends and relatives, and cannot have 8 grandkids at the same time. I have been waiting to hear that one of HUA”S babies has made her a great grammmie too.

    My Bad and send apologies, whomever gets to the SDZoo first please give my apologies to Bai Yun I did not mean to disparage Hua Mei’s reputation. Am I going to have Panda nightmares now????

  150. pam says:

    grammie, i also have fibromialgia and hyopothyriodism. i’ve also had grave’s along with alot of other things. ihave 16 drugs also . do well most days with the drugs . have had it for about 10 years, and have managed to work the whole time. enough about that i am so happy to hear about lun lun i live about an hour from atlanta. but i’ve never been there since i was young. somebody please tell me how you are getting to linping now i can’t get there the way i was getting there.

  151. Chet (home in Malaysia) says:

    Update on Su Lin and Zhen Zhen

    I just received an email from the head of PR in Bifengxia that they have postponed Su Lin’s and Zhen Zhen’s moving house to late November. After I wrote to ask why, he replied they have another big event happening. I wrote again to ask if it’s this event:

    Hope I posted the link right. I will post again when I get further updates.

  152. Rita Petita says:

    Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments on The Yun-Gao family photos.

    And Thank you (Especially Grammie) to those of you who helped to put out Fiona’s story.

    Last night I got home and found that her family has been actively searching for her so I called the number posted and Fiona will be reunited with her family tonight. I will request that I be contacted if they ever find themselves in a position where they can not keep or care for her. She is one wonderful cat. I am thanful that I got to meet her.

  153. Lee in Vancouver says:

    To Lucilla in Singapore. I see that they have extended the date for people to submit names for the pandas that will be coming to Singapore next year. Have you sent in names? Why wouldn’t they just use the names they were given at 100 days? I know that the official language in Singapore is English so is that what they are looking for?

  154. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Just watching Gao sleeping on the ground again and looking very cute. Does he ever play with his enrichment toys? I read the “Meet the Pandas” again and describes Gao as being rambunctious…. really? 🙂

    Maybe sometime one of the keepers will have a couple minutes to write a post about taking care of Gao for many years.. like the one Kathy did about Bai….please??? 🙂

    Moderator’s note: I’ll ask.

  155. Danielle, NY says:

    The Zoo in Madrid has posted a new blog about the twin cubs and a video showing the two male cubs, daddy Bing Xing eating his bamboo outside and mommy Hua Zui Ba nursing one of her cub. www(dot)zoomadrid(dot)com/blog/ You can also watch the video on YouTube

  156. inparadise says:

    Moderator: Just thinking about Halloween and wondering if there were kids (and adults) visiting the Panda Research Center dressed as Pandas: would Bai, Gao and Yunior notice them and perhaps react in some way?

    Moderator’s note: They might do a double-take! 😉

  157. DCPandafan says:

    Regarding the panda “family reunion,” I remember the DC panda family members reuned quite a few times at the howdy window, with no growls or any other sign of aggressive behavior among them. There are some videos on YouTube showing these calm meetings. Mei Xiang and Tian Tian have a long history of playing together, and once Tai Shan was weaned and moved to the other yard, Mei and Tian were again allowed to play together. (They chase each other around the yard up and down trees, nibble at each other and try to pull each other into rolling down the hill. So much fun to watch!) Unfortunately, they don’t accomplish much more than that in breeding season. So, maybe there’s a trade-off in your having two less-social pandas as opposed to our two very social ones: more panda cubs!

  158. Marie says:

    The fearless Yunior is attacking mama while she tries to sleep. She finally sat up and is probably wondering when weaning will commence. LOL!

    # 152 Rita: That is great! 🙂

    I 2nd Dianna’s please for a Gao post.

  159. Kathy in CT says:

    Is it my eye for michief- or does Bai look like she has a little grin on her face as she takes on Mr. Wiggles in these wrestling bouts? She is certainly quick with the paw/body/head- and it appears she knows exactly what the moves (or lack of moves )will be from the opponent- the not so cleverly disguised Tuff Stuff Mini Stud Muffin? For some reason, I cannot picture Bai ever being alone- she dishes it out as much as she takes it. After all these months, every day is still a new beginning- what a mom!

  160. Pat in Nevada says:

    Awwwww. I think Gao Gao was looking at Yun Zi and was thinking…….”a chip off the old block”……♥

    I miss the girls so much 🙁 I hope they are both doing well.

    I hope all the pandas are doing well….:)

  161. Lucilla says:

    No 153 – Lee in Vancouver

    This is what I think. When Pandas are on loan to a country, they try to get the locals to name them in a way that is appropriate to that host country so that the people in that country will embrace the pandas. As they are going to be with us for 10 years at least, it is easier if their names sounded like a ‘local’ name. I saw a tv news clip and some of the names suggested are cute, some are bizarre.

    It does drum up publicity too and you pay a small sum to take part and the money goes to panda conservation.

    In Singapore, English is our official language but we are a multi-cultural country with the majority Chinese, then Malays and Indians. We are used to a nice mix of names from all the main language groups.

    I do think it must be confusing for the Pandas though to have new names but I hear that food incentives seem to be good motivations.

    Hope your country gets a pair too!

  162. GRAMMMIE says:

    #155 DANIELLE IN NY Thank You so much.

  163. GRAMMMIE says:

    THERE IS A SPECIAL MESSAGE THAT NEEDS TO BE GIVEN TO ZZ LONG BEFORE SHE GETS TO MATING AGE, when she finally beccmes a mother. Please make sure she knows when she is done playing with her baby that she is not to throw him into the moat with her other toys. Laugh now, but you know how rough she is with her play things. So if you get to visit our girls please consider passing along this information. It would not hurt for her to hear it a few times so she knows it is not a joke, like most things are for her.

  164. Lee in Vancouver says:

    Lucilla #161. Thanks for your prompt answer. Yes it does make sense to get the country involved but then you look at the San Diego Zoo and they used the Chinese names for their pandas and didn’t have any problems.

    I’ve read that the Metro Toronto Zoo and the Calgary Zoo would like some pandas but I think that is still a ways off. It is getting crowded at BFX though, so maybe… We will just have to see.

  165. Danielle, NY says:

    I came across this article with many pictures of a panda with eye patches reminding me of Xi Lan.


    As usual, the Google translation was more puzzling than helpful, but I finally understood that the handsome panda high up in a tree is no other that Bing Xing’s twin brother Bing Dian. Bing Xing is the daddy of the twin cubs born in Madrid. Apparently, Bing Dian who is 10 years old has had no interest in female pandas until this year. His enclosure is next to the enclosures of Li Li, an 8 year old female, mother of 6 cubs, and of Shu Qing, an 11 year old female, also mother of 6 cubs. Well, now that he is interested in females, he goes high up in the trees to catch a glimpse of his female neighbors… And as for the resemblance to Xi Lan, Bing Dian and Bing Xing’s mother, Bing Bing, is no other than Lun Lun’s mother. Well, I hope they will let him mate soon with one beautiful female panda.

  166. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Grammmie: I did laugh at the visual… 🙂

    Weegee: Any updates with Lin Ping…

  167. Laurie in Baltimore says:

    Latest update from ZA–Lun Lun is sleeping her days away but still cooperating with ultrasounds as of this morning. The fetus has a strong heartbeat and is 6.99 cm long! 😀

  168. Debbie says:

    Just a thought here, I hope YunZi and XiLan never get together because there isn’t enough “bail” money in the world to get them out!!! Holy cow those two are such rambunctious Pandas.

    Moderator, how soon before we here about SuLin and Zhennie?????

    Good news at Zoo Atlanta, Lun’s pregnancy is going strong with a growing cub and a strong heartbeat, yeah!!!

  169. GRAMMMIE says:


    You forget that Xi Lan and Yun Zi are cousins, and get together all the time. We just hope it is a while before Xi Lan tells him all about the girlies….that aught to stand him on his ear, and get his hair combed.

    If they get into trouble a female judge just could not stand up to 2 of them…..they will get off….or be running the place.

  170. Danielle, NY says:

    I just came across this video of Xi Lan. While Lun Lun is sleeping the days away, Xi Lan does his best to entertain himself and the visitors…

    “Xi Lan – The Silly Dilly’s Late Afternoon Follies!”

  171. Danielle, NY says:

    It is a funny coincidence that earlier today I posted the information about an article with many pictures that I had found about Bing Dian, Bing Xing’s twin brother who is the father of the cubs born in Madrid. Today I found an article, again with many pictures of their half sister, Yuan Yuan, and also Lun Lun’s half sister, their mother is Bing Bing.

    Yuan Yuan gave birth to twin male cubs on August 15th in Chengdu. As usual, the translation is not great, but the pictures are beautiful. The father of the twin male cubs is Lin Lin, his mother is Bai Xue, famous for having run way from Wolong for four and a half years, for having a very distinctive black hair mark on her noise, and she is also Lin Ping’s paternal grandmother. Lin Lin’s father is the famous Pan Pan, who is, among others, Bai Yun’s daddy. It seems that the cubs did not inherited Grandma’s black mark on their noses. Yuan Yuan seems to be a very affectionate mother. blog(dot)sina(dot)com(dot)cn/s/blog_49246d360100mdky.html

  172. Moderator says:


    We are experiencing a glitch in our system, so our newest panda blog post is not showing on the Panda Cam page’s Panda Blogs list. But you can read it here!

  173. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi! Looks like a few of you have already seen today’s news from Atlanta Zoo about Lun Lun and her unborn baby panda! Oh yeah!! I have seen the ultrasound picture for myself, and I did a comparison on both ultrasound pics which I have put into my My Pictures folder. In the first ultrasound pic, the AZ keepers said that the baby panda was 2.24 cm long which is almost 1 inch on October 21. Fast forward to today’s pic (10/27), and this cub has GROWN almost 5 cm in ONE WEEK!! 😀 That’s a little bit longer than a butterstick, you all! The cub is 6.99 cm which is converted to 2.75 inches long! That is going to be a BIG cub by any panda cub standards, and I will venture a guess that Lun Lun will have her baby panda by this weekend! Any more takers on a guess? I think this will be Lun’s biggest cub compared to her first 2 cubs that she has had already. I’m not going to guess the gender right now. I’ll wait a few weeks before I can do that! Anyway, I had to do a double take on today’s ultrasound pic to really get a good look at the size of Lun’s cub in her womb! Lun’s doing a great job taking care of herself and her baby!

    Was just on the SDZ pandacam and saw Mr. Gao doing his power walking around his yard waiting on his boo to come in. He looks good even while he’s walking around!

    Well, gonna go and get this dinner done. Will be back later on!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  174. GRAMMMIE says:

    #170 DANIELLE What a “Silly Dilly” Xi Lan that was….would not have ever missed that one.

  175. Marie says:

    # 164 Lee: The Granby Zoo here in Quebec is also in talks for pandas.

  176. Diane Lincoln, Ca. says:

    Oct. 20th I had the privilege of visiting the zoo and seeing the pandas in action. Gao Gao was the first time I seen him. He was in the back with Zen Zen in March when I was last there. Zen zen was never available when I visited the zoo. Would like to take the worldwild Tour in May.

    It was so exciting to go through the panda canyon and see the pandas at different times of the day. The moderator was excellent and answered all my questions.

    Thanks to all for keeping me up todate on all the pandas in the world. Am looking forward to Lun Lun’s new baby.

  177. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    danielle, ny #171– thanks so much for the link to the chengdu twins. wonder if one of them was in the nursery we visited.

    love the new blog, even if we can’t see it

  178. Lilarose in Bandon, OR says:

    I would love to go to the San Diego Zoo. I can fly into San Diego, but then what? I would totally not be able to rent a car and drive in that area. In fact, people in San Diego would not want me to be driving in their area. I am used to two-lane roads, I actually live on Hwy 101 (an Oregon state highway right outside my door) and it is a fright at times even though it has one lane each direction. At the San Diego airport is there any kind of transportation to the Zoo area? I read about many of you posters going to the SD Zoo and wonder if anyone else has an aversion to driving in the “big cities.” I have been a passenger in cars driven by drivers familiar with the huge freeways like around San Francisco and Houston, and I nearly faint at the thought of being the driver myself! Small town girl, I am. I don’t know a soul in San Diego, so meeting a friend is not possible. Then there is Atlanta, and Washington, DC, etc. I don’t think a single 69-year old with two knee replacements should be wandering around the big cities alone, although I did go to NYC in 2000 by myself.

    Moderator’s note: I’m forwarding your question to our customer service folks, as they can help give you some options for visiting our Zoo!

  179. GRAMMMIE says:

    #178 LILAROSE IN BRANDON, OR Hi I am Norma Cooper from the greater San Diego area—start packing your bags, there is plenty of transportation to and from the airport. Taxi comes to mind first, thenThe Jolly Trolley (I think it is called) and if you stay with this blog I bet you have a few friends before you get here. I will bet that several hotels have transportation too… if you are overnighting, or several days I bet they will transport you. I hope this opens some minds who know better than me, including people who have come to visit us. Let me give you another link to look for answers since this one has a new blog up, but you have to sneak in—-they are trying to fix it… the meantime

    I just found the new one is on the top and working. Answers to your questions and information may come to you here or on the new blog, so be sure to check both every day……Love Grammmie

  180. GRAMMMIE says:


    Moderator’s note: Yes, we have been able to work around the problem (for now!).