A Child’s Experience in Wolong

Posted at 9:44 am October 9, 2010 by Megan Owen

October is Kids Free Days at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. During October, staff at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research are sharing their interactions and connections with nature at a young age and how these connections put them on their paths to becoming conservation biologists. Read a previous post, Observing Nature as a Child.

In 2000, I was given the opportunity to study pandas at the Wolong breeding center. This trip to the reserve, nestled in the Qinling mountains of Sichuan Province, China, would be for several months and would be during the winter. The thought of studying the behavior of giant pandas in these snow-covered mountains had so much appeal. Of course I wanted to go! There was one catch though: I had two young children. My son would be three during our stay, and our daughter would be just eight months old. With this in mind, I thought I had to turn down the offer. How would my children cope with the (then) rugged conditions at Wolong? And how would they deal with the transition from warm and sunny San Diego to the snow and chill and rain of the Wolong winter?

Soon after I posed this question to myself, I read an article in an outdoor magazine about a biologist working with orangutans at a rescue center in Asia. The author spoke about the satisfaction of working in that remote forested setting with the animals she loved and her family (including her very young son) in tow. Included in the article was a picture of her son looking eye to eye with a young orangutan. At that point I changed my mind again. I looked into all the things I could do to prepare for the safety and health of my children, and my husband and I decided to take them with us on our adventure.

My work at Wolong was satisfying and interesting. Studying the behavior of a large number of pandas, including many young cubs, was a real pleasure. But the most incredible memories of our trip came while watching my young son explore in the snow-flecked stands of bamboo that lined the perimeter of the Center, or watching my daughter’s big blue eyes widen as we hiked as a family around the steep slopes that were found all over Wolong. Keepers at Wolong were like our extended family and treated our children as their own. My son would spend much time with Wolong’s staff, and at times he had opportunities to share the “playground” with giant pandas that were a bit younger than he was but the same size. I will never forget watching my three-year-old son, all bundled up against the cold, sitting eye to eye with a five-month-old giant panda cub.

Of course we have many, many pictures from our family time in Wolong. And my son will still talk about his memories of our time in China; the frozen waterfall just across the river, collecting walnut shells from the trees that lined the valley, and the time he spent “playing” with giant pandas. Although there were challenges associated with our travels, I feel like this early connection to Wolong’s nature—the the snow, rain, mountains, bamboo and pandas—is one that has enriched my childrens’ lives greatly.

Megan Owen is a conservation program specialist at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Read her last post, Make Us Proud, Su and Zhen!

Update October 15: Info on the San Diego Zoo’s 2011 WorldWild Tour to China and its pandas is now available!

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  1. Susan in NJ says:

    Megan, what an awesome post and an even more incredible experience to share with your family. I just love the pictures of your beautiful children with the pandas! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  2. patricia says:

    what a beautiful story, megan! thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Bernice in the Yukon says:

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience.

  4. Karin (the Netherlands) says:

    Dear Megan,

    Thank you for your blog about your stay at the Wolong center. What a lovely picture of your son with the little panda. I can imagine your kids had a great time over there.

    Will there be an update about Su Lin and Zhen Zhen soon?


  5. lu says:

    Something we’d all like to do. Also the memmories you have for life.

    Do you know how the girls are doing and any pictures? .I think about them all the time as I watch Gao Gao

    and mom and her son. China seem to take the cubs away from moms and they play together. Do they put

    the cubs back with the moms later?

    Thank you sharing your time you spent in China center.


  6. Alex says:

    Nice photos! Thanks! 🙂

  7. Martha says:

    Thanks for sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience with us. What an incredible story and what precious pictures you have shared!

  8. Dianne in Texas says:

    What a wondrous portion of your family’s life…and you were able to experience it together. 99% of us, who are panda lovers, can only read and dream of experiences like this. I can’t be envious, but I am so very happy for you and your family, especially the little ones, who will have this forever etched in your memories.

    Thank you, Megan, for once again sharing a ‘Panda Experience’ with us. We treasure the opportunity to read about them. The pictures are precious! 😀

  9. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Megan: What a wonderful adventure for your children. That is something they hopefully will have memories of for the rest of their lives… I love the picture of your son and the panda cub. Did your husband have a part in the research or was he the official “nannykeeper” of the kids? 🙂

  10. Frances in NYC says:

    Megan–what an opportunity! And I hope your son has wonderful memories of playing with the cubs, since so few people would ever have such an experience. And what great pictures!

  11. Bamboo Britney says:

    What fun he must have had being around Giant pandas.

  12. Bamboo Britney says:

    Yesterday, I got another bamboo plant. And Wedesday I got a bamboo plant too, (In memoral of Pam G.)

  13. Bamboo Britney says:

    Are Su Lin & Zhen Zhen in their exhibit yet?

  14. Diane of Lincoln, Ca. says:

    Megan fantastic! We took our family to Ethiopia when they were 3 and 18 months old. They were small, but they still look at the pictures and drums etc. we brought back with us. They will never forget this experience of living in another culture and being with the people and the animals. We lived there for three years. They now have children of their own and I hope they get this opportunity to live in another culture.

  15. Bamboo Britney says:

    I just went looking for “lucky” bamboo on Google and found some I really like. I am going to have to get to saving money for it! 😀

  16. Bamboo Britney says:

    The pots have pandas on the sides!!! I want all of the panda pots available!!! 😀

  17. Bamboo Britney says:

    OMG, they even have orramental bamboos! I might have to start growing orramental bamboos too, not just “lucky” bamboo!

  18. Bamboo Britney says:

    I remember seeing some where on the internet when I was researching about pandas. Somewhere in China they did a study, to find out about the pandas taste buds, and they found out that bamboo tastes sweet to pandas. How did they find out? 😀

  19. Suzanne says:

    The most important thing we can do to help save our planet and its precious creatures, is to teach our children to respect and treasure Mother Earth. What a unique and valuable experience Wolong must have been for your children. They will not dooubt be better people for having experienced it!

  20. kat Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing, Megan, not many can share such wonder memories. As your children grow even older, their visit will become even more treasured!

    Miss Zhennie and Su Lin, hope they are adjusting and happy in their new surroundings. I, too, think about them

    all the time, especially my sweet Zhennie.

    What rights do we have if we adopted a panda? I think China should have asked us first! Ha…I did adopt Zhennie, so I think I will request her back!

    Thank you, Megan!

  21. Shirley Williamson says:

    Thanks Megan for a great article. I am wondering how Su Lin and ZZ are doing, will we hear more about them?

  22. Annie Panda says:

    Thanks, Megan for the post! Will there be another panda chat soon? That would be great to hear all about Su and Zhennie since I’m sure lots of people have some questions!

  23. GRAMMMIE says:

    #4 KARIN (THE NETHERLANDS) If you take a look at the last two blogs comment sections (September 30 and Sepember27) there are links to photos there showing the girls in quaranteen, and words to put you worrries at ease. It happened that 4 ladies who wanted to visit Tai Shan got there about a week after the girls did and talked to their main Keeper who assures us they will be well taken care of and loved.

    # 5 LU Onced weaned our SDZ Pandas are allowed only rare contact through a “Howdy Gate”. We sometimes wish we could put two together to play, but we never have two anywhere near the same age at the same time. I guess we would have to see what would happen if we had twins….but as long as we have Pandas we are happy. It will be interesting to watch the Madrid twins when it is time to seperate them from mom.

    #13 BAMBOO BRITNEY They stay in quaranteen for 30 days to be sure they bring in no diseases. It also gives them a chance to get used to the new sights and smells. Even the air must have a different quality to it. I think it is cool that the 4 ladies visiting Tai Shan let Su’s and ZZ’s fans might die if they do not see frequent new photos, so she sends them for us to enjoy. Let’s hear it for Ms Lu.

    #18 BAMBOO BRITNEY The Pandas told them. With that many Pandas and People together surely one of them learned the other’s language. The other way to tell is what the Pandas eat and what hey leave laying there. You have observed Bai Yun looking through her pile of bamboo and picking out her favorites first. After the Nannykeepers clean the exhibit they weigh he bamboo to see how much of which kinds of bamboo are left. They even change their favorites sometimes. I imagine this is difficult when you have more than one panda in the enlosure-not counting babies.

    #17 If you have a way to take a photos of your bamboo (with close-ups) perhaps you can take a few photos, post them where ever you keep photos, and send us the link…..then anybody who wanted to observe them could.

    #16 Do you know who posed for the pandas on the bowl sides???

    #15 I bet you are better at saving money than me ! ! ! ! !

  24. Annie Panda says:

    Lovely story Megan!

  25. Jeslyn says:

    Could someone please remove the cobwebs from cam 6 lens? Thanks.

    Love the writing above about the children getting to experience the pandas in Wolong.

  26. Liupan says:

    I love the picture at the right corner that Megan’s lovely son stared at the baby panda. I am sure Megan’s son had asked his mother before leaving Wolong, ” Mom, can we bring one panda home with us ? “

  27. GRAMMMIE says:

    DEAR LUCILLA—-IT WAS NICE THAT YOU HAD A FEW STORIES FOR US TODAY. Perhaps you could come up wih one more——Fooey (Fu Long) he needs to get on his Approw Phone and call his mom….or if she is too busy he could talk to Pop, and get all of his questions answered about his baby brother—-smart enough to make his grand entrance on Fooey’s birthday to make it more memorable.

    NOW FOR ANYBODY else, including the rushed Lucilla, He could get on the computer to get some idea what baby looks like, what he should be named, how soon Fooey can sneak away for a visit, etc. The information will be sent from the German Blog, perhaps Ruth can help direct us to it…..then using a translator on our comperters we, and he can read about the baby. He has a diary that is entered into every day I hear.

  28. colleen kelly says:

    Your pictures were very moving. The joy on your little son’s face is priceless.

    What a wonderful trip for your family, a rare treasure, just like pandas

  29. Mary Kay says:

    What great little ambassadors your kids must be ! What an opportunity for your family. The photos are precious, thanks for sharing your experience.

  30. marian (uk) says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  31. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    Gao Gao’s Words of Wisdom

    1) Good Woman Panda Bear like Good Bamboo – one must know which end to caress and which end to bite.

    2) A Certain Good Woman Panda Bear is like a rare perfect pearl – to be treasured.

    3) Having many cubbies is like being a Ballroom Dance Champion – must know the right moves. Salsa in Spring, eh, Bai Baby?

    4) For Peace in Life – Find Kind Hooman who feed you much bamboo and Good Panda Woman to take care of the cubbies.

    5) Boo, Bai, Bed, Babies – the 4 things that rock my world – all must be in balance.

    6) To be like Brad Pitt of Panda World – one just has to be, I am what I am.

    7) To woo Beautiful Woman Panda Bear especially that one – one has to be charming, and being cute like me doesn’t hurt, hee hee.

    8) To sons Mei Sheng and Yun Zi – Beware of beautiful Woman Panda Bears singing siren songs – Once they capture your heart, they not let go. Prepare to lose heart but live in bliss.

  32. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    Megan, as someone who grew up on a family farm with animals as an integral part of the environment, I am so glad you got to share your Wolong experience with your very lucky children. These experiences create indelible memories. I would not trade my farm experiences in Minnesota (even the winters) with anyone who grew up in towns or cities. And I’m sure your son will feel the same way. And who knows how much your little one absorbed and will remember. Thank you so much for sharing your story and pictures with us.

  33. PandaAdmirer says:

    Your family’s experience in China was no doubt a priceless gift to your children. As a result, they will surely carry a love for animals and a passion for conservation throughout their lives. You made a great decision! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Ruth from Austria says:

    Thank you, Megan, for this interesting report and sharing the experience with us being together with your whole family in Wolong. I agree with #19 Suzanne, we cannot start early enough to teach our children to respect Mother Earth and its precious creatures. And such a “hands on experience” must have been even more valuable. I am sure your children will always remember and treasure this wonderful experience with those gentle and beautiful pandas in their ancestral land. Some ignorant humans do not even know that pandas exist.

    News from Vienna: Despite the fact that mother Yang Yang grooms her cub very thoroughly the panda baby already tries to cratch himself using his hindlegs. However, usually he just moves his hindlegs through the air with his gentle claws or reaches Yang Yang’s nose instead . For a youngster like him it is not yet so easy to succeed whereas Yang Yang and her husband Long Hui have developed a suppleness which is amazing for such big animals.

  35. dd says:

    Megan, I think you gave your children the gift of a lifetime! And not only because of the pandas. I wish everyone would open their minds & hearts to other cultures.

  36. Bamboo Britney says:

    I was looking at the library for books about giant pandas (I love everything panda! 😀 ) and I found a book called ‘ ENDANGERED Wildlife on the brink of Extinction’ I thought since Pandas are endangered that they would have them in the book, I was right. I am going to do some more research. But here is some panda news, I don’t recall you panda fanatics talking about it so here it is: latimesblogs (dot) latimes (dot) com/unleashed/2010/10/your-morning-adorable-madrid-zoos-giant-panda-twins-are-growing.html

    Moderator: Is it ok to post links like this and not put (dot) in them. 😀

    Moderator’s note: Only if the link is to a social media site like YouTube or Flickr.

  37. Bamboo Britney says:

    On the last blog, Catbelly replied with info about Pam G. Catbelly said Pam G died from breast cancer, and somehow spread to her brain. Well I didn’t know that could happen. 🙁

    That is why I got another bamboo plant last wedsday, in honor of Pam G.

  38. Bamboo Britney says:

    I have just begain buying all the panda stuff I can find, but I have lots of catching up to do, in my shopping 😀 There is so much stuff for me to buy, first I am planning on getting LOTS of panda stuff (including bamboo 😀 ) for me to get for Christmas. I am allready thinking about Christmas with the amount of stuff online for me to buy. First I want to adopt a panda from San Diego Zoo. That is first on my list. I know I have been commenting alot yesterday and today. You will need time to catch up on my comments (hee hee) 😉

  39. Bamboo Britney says:

    If anyone wants to donate to my SOS panda page (maybe in memory of Pam G) here is the link: http://sdzoo.convio.net/site/TR/Events/General?pxfid=7400&fr_id=1110&pg=fund

  40. Danielle, NY says:

    Since posting Friday, Dan has added beautiful close-up pictures of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian eating their fruitsicles on Thursday and Sunday. I agree with Carol’s comment under one of the picture: “Mei is in fruity heaven!!” http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan-lem2001/

    Friday’s update about the pandas in Vienna explains how pandas clean themselves and how the cub is already trying to learn to do it, without much success yet. The cub manages only to comb the air and encounter Yang Yang’s nose rather his own fur.


    It reminded me of a video I was watching recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12ZrpeF-7TY “Bai Xue and her funny cub”

    I love the way the cub is scratching the floor!!

    Bai Xue is also the mother of Chuang Chuang, among other, and therefore Lin Ping’s grandmother. From the comments under the video, it seems that the black mark on Bai Xue’s nose is due to black fur, and that many of her children and grandchildren inherited that mark. Weegee, could you ask Lin Ping’s keepers about that?

    The cub in the video is Jin Ke, a male panda born on 15 July 2009 in Bifengxia and the tip of his tail is black…

    Bai Xue is nearly the opposite of Gao Gao, she was found injured in 1993, managed to escape in August 1994, more than 1000 people were looking for her and it took them more than 80 days to find her. In 2001 she ran away again from Wolong and came back in November 2005.

    It was a nice surprise to come across pictures of Mei Lan awake and active “Mei Lan in Chengdu 9-10” (from Elise)


    Mei Lan may have inherited her daddy’s not so perfect teeth, according to the keepers in Atlanta, but she has her mommy’s fluffy cheeks, and I love her white eyebrows!!

    And don’t miss all the other pictures and videos taken in Chengdu and Bifengxia late September beginning of October, there are pages of it!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/17966252@N08/

    I recently had come across pictures of Mei Lan sleeping “China 2010” taken by Mary from Brooklyn http://www.flickr.com/photos/kkshaw43/sets/72157624988577183/with/5059130487/

    When Jeroen went to Mei Lan’s building during his Pambassador finalist’s training, twice he found Mei Lan sleeping… Ever since Jeroen wrote that he was staying in Chengdu to take pictures, I have been checking his website, and finally today he posted a new article, he is back in Belgium, has added pictures to the articles he wrote while in Chengdu and more, including pictures of Mei Lan, are coming this month.


  41. GRAMMMIE says:

    #36 BAMBOO BRITNEY What great photos, I would have missed them had you not given us the link. When I read the last lines under the last photo I had a balloon popping idea. Since the Spanish Soccer Team won the world cup-and their country has the very first twins by AI outside of China, would it not be great if they pooled their money to adopt these two Pandas for life? That way they would even get to name them. Everybody reading this who agrees please hold your hand up for a minute while I count……when we get to a million we will consider it a yes vote. just kind of peek my way, if I have passed your section you may put you hand down, or if you see my view approaching-up with the hands if the vote from you is yes. I work fast so this whould not take too long……Thank You All

    For the rest of yours Bamboo Britney, you might want to go to a web site that will answer your questions about cancer. There are many out there so I would not know which to reccommend, but when cancer has spread it can attack almost anywhere in a body. I even know a man who had Breast Cancer, he hardly missed work because of it.

  42. GAO YUN ZI says:

    I READ YOUR “Words Of Wisdom” and wonder some things. Mama has a bit to say too. First of all we love you very much, and wisdom from you is important for your cubs, and cubbettes. Mama says that her whole life has been devoted to raising strong healthy babies, and even though she has been doing that for many years, life would have less meaning were there none for her to spend her time with, so Springtime Salsa sounds good, right now.
    As for cub and cubbette raising—-as you know I plan on being a paws on papa…..but have only Mama’s example, and that of our NannyKeepers, so you and I must talk about how I can help Mama best if I get to be a big brother. I do not want to upset the NannyKeepers either, so I may need your help charming them once the new baby is outside with Mama. Before then Mama will be too busy to let me help much, but when she needs a good long nap perhaps she will let me watch over the baby from farther away so I can let her know if baby needs Mama.
    I also need to know how to apoloogize to Xi Lan The X Man—when Princess, Fooey, and I got on our Approw phones to chat last night we forgot to get our cousin X Man on with us too. We all love cousin X and just forgot-then ran out of time, we would not leave him out on purpose. What is the best way to tell somebody you are sorry and will try harder next time?
    Why did Mama giggle when we read 6 and 7? Does this Brad guy have Fluffy Feetsies like you—he will not come here to take Mama away from you will he???? Mama says she knows who charmed who, and wonders if you would like a differet song? She has heard that this Brad guy hangs out with a lady named Angelina, that she is very very pretty, and nice enough to have love for children-cubs around the world….she has more children-cubs and cubbettes than you and Mama do right now….Papa you are not going to run off her are you??? Hoomans are hands on papas and mamas, they will make you do what you are told all the time, and let the children-cubs ride on your back. Don’t leave us Papa, we need you, and I will make sure to keep Mama safe from that Brad guy. I won’t let him near her……EVER. Mama and I have been play fighting so I know how to steal his booties from his feetsies, but I am not tall enough to beat his face unless he plays fair and gets down to my size. My only hope right now is to be higher than him by climbing a tree, then when he is not looking I can jump on his head–yes I have done that with mama lots-practiced over and over again.
    Just remember to keep your words of wisdom handy along with this letter–and read them every day. I know that your NannyKeepers aare as beautiful as that Brad guy’s Angelina, but they know that your place is with us and would not try to steal you from us. They are honorable enough to not steal us from our zoo, even though I am the cutest youn Panda they have ever seen.
    With Much Love from Youngest Cub….GAO YUN ZI

  43. Toni says:

    What a great story!!!! I, too, enjoy the baby watching the panda.

    This is something I would LOVE to do…visit and work with the panda’s .. even if it is cleaning up after them or what a treat to feed them.

  44. Virginia Spiegler says:

    What a wonderful experience. Especially at Wolong. Kudos to you for taking the children. your son will have sweet memories of the cubs.Thanks for the blog and can you find a way to get Chendu to take pics of our girls? we really miss them so much!

  45. Lucilla says:

    ‘Mama, what can we do to help?’ asked Yun Zi as he raised his sweet head from the book he was reading.

    ‘What is that, dear?’ said Bai quizzically as she looked up at her cubbie lying in his hammock.

    ‘I am reading in my Panda Kids comic book that some hoomans are trying to save us Pandas. I was wondering what can we Pandas do to help? I want to do something to raise money to help SDZ and Woolong look after us and my jie jies and my ge ge….’

    Yun Zi jumps out of his hammock and turns on his iPaw and starts surfing. ‘Hmmm, no……maybe……Mama!’ yells a happy Yun Zi.

    ‘Yes dear?’ says a worried Bai Yun wondering what her baby is up to.

    ‘I know what we can do…’


    ‘Yes, all Pandas must help of course….I have an idea to do a charity dinner and concert with a Panda All Star Cast….Mama, you can sing some arias from Chinese Opera and the Panda Grrls can do their latest…And also we can invite some nice hoomans to help, maybe Auntie Weeta can do a photo exhibition and Auntie Looseelah can come and read her stories and Bamboo Britney can come sell some Panda stuffies and books and pots of bamboo…;

    “And son, when do you want to do this?

    ‘Next weekend! I think I will send out invites and maybe I can get the networks to telecast the concert. Mama, you will be famous! Can you do Italian Opera too?’

    ‘Son, who is going to help you? Who will do the food?’

    ‘Mama, don’t worry, the Y GUY has got it in hand. Trust me!’

    ‘Wait till Papa hear this.’

    ‘Oh I want him to play his flute and also sing some of his special songs he wrote for you…’

    ‘Hmmm, we will see…’

    ‘Please, Mama, please, let me do this to help raise money to save the Pandas!’


  46. Danielle, NY says:

    #134 jack wood from Britain from Hello, Handsome Gao Gao! – If you want to learn more about Gao Gao, I would recommend the following reading:

    Celebrating Gao Gao


    and comment from #82 from P Wong, I don’t think the blog is still on line but we still have P Wong’s translation.

    A Memorable Un-Birthday


    Black and White Overnight!


    See comment #24 from Don.

  47. Danielle, NY says:

    Moderator comment on #212 on the previous blog, you forgot to mentioned Pamela G comment #172 on that blog http://blogarchives.sandiegozoo.org/blog/2009/12/10/15th-exam-all-boy/ It makes me laugh each time I read it, but it also gives us a good idea of who she was and how she felt about the pandas.
    #172 Pamela G says:
    December 11th, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    Brandy (149) ; No, my dear, I am most definitely not a nun! I’m just a doddering little old lady who used to kick up her heels and could write a little. I fell in love with the Pandas when Tai Shan and Su Lin were born, then developed a profound respect for the Panda mothers, and unbounded admiration for the all of the personnel who care for these wonderful creatures.
    I am very glad that my little rhymes give you pleasure. Thank you for your very kind words.

    Moderator’s note: Thanks, Danielle. I do miss Pamela G!

  48. Danielle, NY says:

    Latest news and pictures of the twin male cubs in Madrid and their mommy Hua Zui Ba. The cubs look very healthy and mommy looks really comfy taking care of her cubs, one at the time. The weights given in the article: 1240 g (2.73 lb) and 1228 g (2.70 lb). It seems that the cub with the narrower band on the back is the smaller, but the difference is not that great. As usual the Google translation doesn’t make all that much sense, but the pictures are great and the line to see the cubs seems to be quite long…
    blog (dot) sina (dot) com (dot) cn/s/blog_49246d360100lzmb.html

  49. Anne in NYC says:

    Megan, what an incredible experience for your children. You and your husband have proivded them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they are unlikely to forget. Thanks for sharing with us.

  50. Annie Panda says:

    Lucilla- Nice stories, very cute. 😉

  51. Danielle, NY says:

    Rita Petita posted some beautiful pictures of Yun Zi and Bai Yun taken on Saturday http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/sets/72157625016365961/with/5071915788/

    After reading today’s update about the pandas in Atlanta, I was trying to find videos as Yang Yang and Xi Lan seem to have had fun on Saturday but I did not find anything…

    And in case you haven’t seen it yet DoxieMom has posted a video of determined Yun Zi on YouTube “2010-10-07 Yun Zi says “Who Needs Expensive Toys?””


  52. Maureen in Stanwood, Mi says:

    Thanks for sharing you done both your kids a favor they will never forget (playing with a baby giant panda –priceless 🙂 🙂 🙂

    But when are we going to hear about our and their trip to China 🙁 🙁 🙁

  53. Bamboo Britney says:

    Grammmie, I guess you are going on a commenting fest too. You can be good at saving money too. I don’t think I am the best at saving money, once I earned $130 and when I spent just $10 I went to the department stores and went shopping til and I am dropping, sadly I never got to get what I wanted because of that.

    I think I will get photos of my bamboo and post it on my flickr, you can see my collection. 😀

    If you are on flickr you can join my panda club group I made. Here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1540320@N21/

    I have it so you have be be a contact to join and post on my club page. It is called ‘Panda Conservation Club’

  54. Deborah M. Brewer says:

    What a great adventure for you and your family!! Thanks for sharing the story and the wonderful pictures…a priceless time indeed!

  55. Bamboo Britney says:

    I checked Flickr and it looks like Yun Zi is a couch potato! 😀

  56. Chari Mercier says:

    Bamboo Britney, I wrote a comment to you about the panda (dot) org website that you mentioned in the last update before this one. I tried to get on that website a couple of days ago to see the list of baby pandas that have born this year in China, and it came back saying “bad request/invalid hostname”. So, I couldn’t get in there, and I’m wondering if there’s another way of getting on that website that you know about. Hope you can give me an answer to this little problem!

    Moderator, thanks for the link to Pam G’s 3 poems that she wrote back in 2009. They were really beautiful! You can tell that she just absolutely loved pandas to the max, and loved watching them on the cams. Pam and I started watching baby pandas at the same time when Tai Shan and Su Lin were born back in 2005. Still praying for Pam G’s family as they get thru the rough days ahead.

    National Zoo’s pandacams and other animal cams are back in great working order again! YEA!!! Just checked the 2 pandacams of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. Both are relaxing indoors with lots of boo and toys around them. Was on the SDZ pandacam and didn’t see Bai and Yuni on there tonite. I did see Bai on the pandacam last nite all sprawled out on that big rock platform, and I’m guessing that Yuni was up in a tree napping.

    Have to mention the elliecam! This was hilarious! I was on it last nite (still daylight in Cal), and I watched at least 6 elephants, 3 of them were the smallest calves, in that big pool of water just having a good ole time splashing around getting wet, using their trunks as snorkels, and just having alot of fun. Even the adult ellies got in the water and laid down sideways to enjoy the wet stuff! That was enjoyable to watch!

    Well, gonna go and check the cams again. BTW, any more news about Su Lin and ZZ in China from any one yet? Would love to get a big update on how they are doing while in quarantine.

    Love to the pandas,

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  57. Lucilla says:

    Dear Son,

    I am so happy to know you have read my Words of Wisdom as I want to pass on my knowledge to you and Sheng so that you can be good Panda Males. My hear lept when you wrote that Mama is happy to do a Spring time Salsa with me. I LOVE her dance.

    Yunnie, a real man is not afraid to say sorry. I think Xi Lan will not be upset if you call him today and apologise. He may scold you for forgetting him but take it like a man. Xi Lan has been a good ge ge to you although I know your Mama is worried he will encourage you to go be a heartbreaker like he and go after all the girlies. I will need to have a Panda to Panda Male Chat with you on girlies, hee hee.

    Do not worry little one. I am the Brad Pitt of the Panda World, hee hee, and Mama is my Angelina. I know the Woman Panda Bears love my furry feetsies, they go quite wild, hee hee, but like I said in No 8, once a special Lady Panda Bear sings her siren song and captures your heart, that’s it. Mama has mine, she is my forever Queen. This hooman pair have 6 hooman cubbies and cubbettes so your Mama and I have one more to go as I have adopted Hua Mei and see her as a Gao too.

    I will write or call you about how to be a paws on papa as I am old school and am used to letting the Mamas handle all cub raising. I am glad you are wanting to be a loving husband and I think you will do us proud!

    I need to have my boo now so dont forget to call Xi Lan and send his parents our warmest regards. Mama and I have been praying they will have another cubbie.

    With love and wishes for lovrly bamboo dreams.

    Papa Gao

  58. Bobbie Wood says:

    Megan, Thank you so much for sharing the great adventure you and your family had visiting the pandas!!! The photos are truly priceless!

    Lucilla #45 and #31: GREAT!!!

    To All: I missed a week of the adventures of the Pandas because I was traveling in the National Parks of the Southwest. How nice it is to be back in ‘Panda-land’. 🙂 Although….Zion, Grand Canyon, and Bryce were stiff competition 🙂 Thanks to DoxiMom and Rita Petita, I was able to catch up 🙂

  59. Lucilla says:

    YZ: Hi, X man, Y guy here.

    XL: Hiyah, what’s up?

    YZ: Heard you are going to be a brother, congrats.

    XL: Not so fast. The Zoo has put Mama on a Birth Watch but we never know till it happens. But she is sure snoozing a LOT.

    YZ: Last night I spoke with Fooey and Ping. I want to say sorry for not calling you too. Really sorry but I got so excited at congratulating him on being a Ge Ge.

    XL: Its cool, little one. I was going mano a mano with Papa Yang last night. Real serious guy talk.

    YZ: Ooo, what about? Is it about being a Papa?

    XL: Close. It is about the Panda girlies.

    YZ: My Papa says they will sing songs that will steal our hearts.

    XL: Hahaha, thats one way of looking at it.

    YZ: So what did Unclr Yang teach you?

    XL: You are too young to know.

    YZ: Hey no fair…..

    XL: In time, all in good time my little one. When you are weaned, then we will see….

    YZ: Weaned??? What’s that?

    XL: You mean Auntie Bai did not tell you yet?

    YZ: [sounding scared] What is that? Please tell me. I dont think I will like it.

    XL: You know how your jie jies had their own rooms?

    YZ: Yes…..

    XL: Soon you will have your own room too.

    YZ: THAT’s NICE! I like.

    XL: But you wont see Mama any more.

    YZ: What???? WAHHHHHHH! I dont want that! NOOOOOO!

    XL: Its part of growing up.

    YZ: But I love my Mama…

    XL: And she loves you too I am sure. But if you dont go to your own room, she cannot have a new baby.

    YZ: OH, then thats OK. I want a baby sister!

    XL: Why? Girls are sissy.

    YZ: Well you know ZZ right?

    XL: Forgot how active she is. Su Lin is no slouch too.

    YZ: Your Mama is pretty feisty for a girl Panda.

    XL: So is yours, hahaha. OK I take that back. But I want a brother. Mei Lan wants a sister of course.

    YZ: Hey, I am thinking of organizing a fund raiser to help raise money for Panda Preservation.

    XL: I think you mean Conservation?

    YZ: Hee Hee, yup. Will you perform at the concert?

    XL: I want to breakdance and maybe do some tricks on the skateboard, hows that?

    YZ: Great! I will put you down for an item.

    XL: Can you invite some cute Panda girlies from Woolong to come and be part of my crew?

    YZ: Crew? Dont you need boy Pandas for that.

    XL: Not for what I have in mind.

    YZ: I dont understand…

    XL: Dont worry you are young, too young to understand yet. You soon will, hee hee.

    YZ: OK, let me write this down….cute Panda girls for X man…

    XL: Yay!

    [‘YUNIOR!’ hollers Bai]

    YZ: Got to go, Mama’s milk bar is open.

    XL: Bye, enjoy while you can.

    The End

  60. LJ says:

    watching Gao Gao on panda cam, looks like he ate peanut butter, he keeps licking his lips. 🙂

  61. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Did anyone see the latest Bai and Yunnie pics on RitaPetita’s Flickr? He was laying sprawled over his cylinder and it looks like Momma Bai walked over and pulled him off of it… I would have liked to seen him getting up on the cylinder.. he must have very good balance.. 🙂 Maybe DoxieMom has footage from that time period?

    Weegee: What is the latest on our Ah Ping? When I’ve had a chance to watch them, they’ve been sleeping…

  62. pandafan-north says:

    Just tuned in to see what’s happening in Panda Canyon. Gao is having a “lick-fest”. That long tongue of his kept darting in and out so I wondered if he had gotten some honey to lick off today; he sure looks like he wants to get at every little dab of whatever. He looks cute when he does this, though.

  63. Danielle, NY says:

    #56 Chari Mercier – The website is: www(dot)panda(dot)org(dot)cn/english/profile/1.htm

  64. Shirley Ann says:

    At the moment on the web cam (panda) it is Gow Gow but he has not moved for at least 5 minutes – is he OK?

    Moderator’s note: Yep!

  65. Lee in Vancouver says:

    It’s 11:45 a.m. here on the westcoast and Bai is enjoying her lunch. She especially is enjoying the new lunch counter that the staff have made. They put smaller pieces of bamboo leaves and stalk and maybe even a couple of leafeater biscuits in the hammock for Yun Zi and since he is up in the tree asleep she is having her pick of everything. Remember – what is her’s is her’s and what is his is her’s too.

  66. Dianna from Ohio says:

    LJ and Pandafan North: I was watching him too…. wonder what he had? It must have tired him out because he is now taking his nappie where he happened to be at that moment…

  67. Danielle, NY says:

    You can catch the latest news about Cao Cao and her now 2 month old cub in the semi-wilderness of Hetaoping on the French website www(dot)pandas(dot)fr it has now a direct connection to Google translation from French to English (top right) and from there you can open the article about Cao Cao and her cub posted today. It includes the testimony of one of the researcher about the terrible weather they had to endure, but the pandas seem to have managed admirably. The pictures of the two are beautiful and heartwarming. I am wondering if there is still a chance for the other three females, who were supposed to be pregnant, to give birth to a cub.

  68. kat w says:

    I would just like to say that it is so nice to see Sir Gao when I check the cams. It’s just refreshing, to finally see the patriarch of the family….it feels…kinda…safe now….maybe I’m crazy, but especially because Zhennie and Sis have been taken from us, it’s comforting, he gives me comfort…

    I dunno, maybe you all have said similar things, haven’t had much chance lately to read everybody’s comments…work kinda gets in the way….harumph!!

  69. Danielle, NY says:

    Our little fellow in Vienna just passed an important milestone in his development, he has opened his eyes. It was by chance that the keepers noticed it, as the cub is asleep most of the time and winks only from time to time. The update is accompanied by a close-up picture of Yang Yang and her cub’s heads. The cub is striving and the keeper wrote that the cub’s fur is dense. As far as the movement is concerned, the cub is still rather awkward. He may indeed be able to turn on his own from his belly onto his back, but he can not yet crawl. He probably weighs 2.5 kilograms (5.5 lb).


  70. kat w says:

    #31, Lucilla-it is good to hear Gao Gao’s wise words coming from such an evening star twinkling among us.

  71. DoxieMom says:

    #62 pandafan-north, I borrowed your phrase for the title of the latest video of Gao Gao. If you missed the lick-fest and him anoiting himself with shavings this morning, here’s the video link:


    Danielle, NY and Bobbie Wood, thank you both so much for posting links to my videos on YouTube and Flickr. Very much appreciated 🙂

    Lucilla and P Wong, a very belated thank you for continuing to write your stories and conversations. They are entertaining and informative … I so admire your gifts. Speaking of which, Pamela G. was also a true treasure and will be greatly missed. Her Panda Claws poems are classics as are her lullabys and poems.

    Dianne from Ohio, the pandacam wasn’t on Bai and Yun Zi playing Saturday, but yes, Yun Zi has excellent balance, and is a very good climber no matter what the object is – a tree, his mother or other enrichment!

    Megan, thank you for an excellent post. What a marvelous experience with so many memories for you and your family.

    Moderator, any word on when the new climbing structures might be “craned” in?

    Moderator’s note: I’ll look into it.

  72. Bamboo Britney says:

    Lucilla, what a cute story!!! 😀

  73. Bamboo Britney says:

    Moderator, two blogs back I suggested that you have a “Pandamana” event and promote donating to panda conservation, any news on my idea? 😀 Thanks

    Moderator’s note: That is a great idea, Bamboo Britney. We just finished a fund-raiser for elephant conservation called Walk on the Wild Side. In the meantime, the San Diego Zoo-sponsored Giant Panda SOS page you created is a great way to help us raise funds for panda conservation, and we thank you!!

  74. Bamboo Britney says:

    Chari Mercier, was it the WWF site?

  75. Bamboo Britney says:

    I found this when I was researching, for all you Tai Shan fans!!

    cbsnews (dot) com/stories/2010/10/11/earlyshow/living/petplanet/main6946873.shtml

  76. Bamboo Britney says:

    Here is the link to the Giant panda profile

    panda (dot) org (dot) cn/english/profile/1.htm

    Chari Mercier, this should work if not I will copy and post it on my flickr.

  77. Kathy in CT says:

    Megan, What an opportunity of a lifetime you were given! To be totally absorbed in the woodlands of China with your family and the panda kingdom! What an international expert we have at the SDZ! Cheers, also, to the total staff of conscientious conservation and habitat specialists/keepers who bring this zoo to global center stage- time and time, again!

  78. Bamboo Britney says:

    Here is a link to my photostream on Flickr, you have to be friended or you have to friend me to view I think,

  79. Chari Mercier says:

    Hey, Bamboo Britney, tried that website address again with the small change to it, and it still came up “bad request/invalid hostname”. Is there anyway that you can put it on your flickr page so that I and everyone else can see this list? Will appreciate it very much! Can’t figure out why I can’t get into that website. Oh well!
    I did see the pandacam and watched Bai sitting on the ground, Yuni on the rock stump, both eating their dinner boo. Bai had her back to the pandacam eating just like her daughter Su Lin did! Like mother, like daughter!?!
    Chari Mercier 🙂
    St. Pete, FL

  80. GRAMMMIE says:

    #40 DANIELLE, NY I have only clicked on 4 of the six links you posted, but had to stop to thank you for them. For anybody who was going to go back to catch…..like me….do it. The photos I have seen so far are fantastic. Danielle you are kind to post these for us……thank you so much for making my day so enjoyable.

  81. pandafan-north says:

    #71 DoxieMom – you’re more than welcome to use/borrow whatever suits your great captures – I’m glad you included the “anointing” – I couldn’t figure out what that green stuff was – it looked like grass clippings but not really, but Gao obviously enjoyed it. It must’ve been scented a bit. We got a great show from the Super Sire himself!

  82. Danielle, NY says:

    #71 DoxieMom – I very much appreciate all the work you put in making those videos and I checked your sites daily. And since I like to share my interesting findings…

    Thanks so much for all your videos and especially today with the funny video of Gao Gao, I wonder what he received as treats that he had this lick-fest!! Moderator, do you know what it was?

    I also very much appreciate the two videos of Xi Lan, it seems he had a blast!!

    10-11-2010 Xi Lan and the Tetherball part 1 (Flickr video)


    10-11-2010 Xi Lan and the Tetherball part 2 (Flickr video)


  83. inparadise says:

    #60 LJ: I noticed the same thing……this is something that I have never seen Gao Gao do before! For a minute, I thought that he might be thinking about his beloved Bai…………….

  84. dd says:

    I’d like to post a link to dear Pam G’s Flickr site–her poems are posted there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/32448872@N00/sets/72157603999808739/

  85. Weegee says:

    Live from Thailand

    Thailand Meteorological Department had an announcement that the temperature of the upcoming winter would be lower than last several years and the period of the winter might also be longer. The cool breeze has already arrived in Chiang Mai and we Bangkokians can feel it too in the early morning. This means we will be able to see our panda family stay cool in their outdoor exhibit very soon…… I’m for one very excited to see LP go back to conquer that same tree she failed down early of this year…….And I know you can do it “ah Ping.” 😉

  86. GRAMMMIE says:

    YOU ALL KNOW I AM A BIG RITA PETITA fan, tonight she put up 6 new photos of the 2 Clouds that are really cute, posed on the Stone Throne…but somehow the little cloud managed to get something in front of part mom’s face in every photo. I wonder if he used magic or what??????

    #63 DANNIELLE, NY I am a bit muddled. I tried the link too, but all I got were births from 1986 through 2006….nothing newer than that. I tried the home page to make a choice that would give me 2010 information but could find nothing to click on that remotely sounded like it was about current births. I think Char, and I know I, persued it to see about 2010 births……but I am stymied. Perhaps you know a subtitle from the home page that will get me on my way—-and out of everybody else’s. This is the link I used with the (dot)s and replaced them with periods, and double checked the letters against the resulting workable link, and they seem to be correct. But then I am a Ditz that could be the whole problem. Thanks….Love Grammmie


  87. Lucy says:

    Translation of the blog from Chengdu about the twins in Madrid:

    Oct7th 2010, the twins of “Hua zui ba” is one month old. Their all weight past 1000g now(yesterday was 1240g and 1228g). They are growing well. It has been really hard for these two little ones that born through AI and raised abroad to survived. Probably,the hardness and joy could only be fully understood by their nanykeepers from China–“Chen min “and “Yuan bo”.

    There are three main difficulties. Firstly, it is the first time for Hua zui ba to give birth, not to mention giving birth to twins. Being a smart and naught bear as she always is, it has been really difficult to coax her in giving away her babies for even a little while.Secondly, the den in Madrid zoo is different from the den in Chengdu panda reserve center, which increases the difficulties in the twins swaping. Thirdly, there are language and culture barries. To be honest, staff from the Madrid zoo didn’t have much hope in the survival of the twins in the first couple of days. However, Chen min and Yuan bo’s efforts and persistence moved staff from Madrid zoo and gain the admiration and coperation from them. Thus the health and growth of these two are truely the result of their nannykeepers hardwork. I heard that they lost lots of weight.

    Besides, Madrid zoo has already put the twins in ehxibition. I heard that they were” hot”. The line extends to hundres of meters. The following are the pictures from nannnykeeppers in Madrid.(end)

    This is the best I can do, it might contains gramma mistakes. Hope you don’t mind.

    It was indeed really really hard to keep those cutie pies alive in the first couple of days since they incubator was rather inconvenient to operate, keepers need to kept an eye on the temperature of the babies 24 hours non-stop so as to adjust the incubator. Kudos to all the keepers that take care of them.

  88. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    Gao Gao’s Guide to Woman Panda Bears for my sons Sheng and Yun

    1) She who captures your heart should have nice fluffy white cheeks.

    2) And she could also have nice perfectly round Minnie Mouse ears too. (Hmmm, am I describing someone, I wonder?)

    3) Big/Small, Round/Lean, does not matter. What matters is the heart. Heart pure and loving is all. A full figure is Papa’s preference.

    4) Woman Panda Bear who becomes forever Queen must love cubbies.

    5) She who raises our cubbies must have patience and wisdom to guide cubbies.

    6) If she knows how to choose good boo and serve my fave boo cakes, she will be my angel.

    7) And she must love to dance in the Springtime especially with tail in air, One Two Cha Cha Cha.

    However a Good Panda Male must:

    a) Help wife raise cub by teaching cub the Ways of the Panda

    b) Help wife do diaper check and clean cubbie

    c) Help to discipline the cubby when cubby misbehaves. A misbehaving cub reflects on parents.

    d) Love wife and sing for her.

    e) Appreciate wife with special bamboo surprises.

    f) Stay healthy and handsome especially the feetsies, drives girlies wild everytime, believe me.

    g) Always honour wife and give her respect.

    And that is why Mama and Papa are happy together.

  89. Anne in NYC says:

    Danielle in NY – a much belated “thank you” for all the info you give us on the pandas worldwide. Really appreciate your efforts to keep us upto date.

  90. Danielle, NY says:

    #87 Lucy – Thank you so much for the translation of the blog about the twin cubs in Madrid that I had posted on comment #48. I am very glad to read that the keepers from Chengdu fought so hard to keep the cubs alive and that their hard work was rewarded. I have been surprised about how little info, pictures or videos we got from the Madrid Zoo itself, most came through Chengdu. I am also glad to read that the keepers from Chengdu won the admiration and cooperation of the staff in Madrid. Now that the cubs are healthy, growing and on display, I am sure we will have better access to the information, pictures and videos.

    I have one more question, the 3rd picture starting from the bottom shows the incubator with an enclosure in the background and a panda sleeping on an elevated platform, is that their mother, Hua Zui Ba, or their daddy, Bing Xing? Thanks again for your help.

  91. Danielle, NY says:

    #80 and #86 GRAMMMIE – Thanks, I am glad you enjoy the links I posted; I like to share my findings…

    As for the link on #63, I just posted the link that I thought Chari had problem opening, I know it is a list of pandas born up to a few years ago. It is hard to find listings of pandas born around the world; I am building my own database as I read about them. You can get info from pandanews(dot)org and www(dot)pandas(dot)fr When you open that last website, click on translate and it will open the Google translation into English. Click on “2010 birth” and it will open a table giving the date of birth, location and name of the mother. If you click on the date of birth it will open the article about the birth of the cub(s). Under the 2010 table you have the links to “Table of births in 2009” and “ Table of births in 2008”, you can also see the statistics about birth in previous years. Unfortunately the names and genders of the cubs are not given in those tables.

    But except for Rauhin’s cubs born in Japan, the 2010 cubs have not been named yet.

  92. Danielle, NY says:

    #89 Anne in NYC – Thank you, I am glad you enjoy it.

  93. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    Brittney – I just sent you a flickrmail.

    I’m so behind I may not get caught up for weeks. Did get to see Gao Gao in rare form, however.

    Update: Am having surgery on my offended digit, i.e., pinkie that I broke in Chengdu, on Friday. Wish me luck.

  94. GRAMMMIE says:

    # 91 DANIELLE, NY Thank you so much for the extra directions. Sometimes (well most of the time) I am computer illiterate and the ditz I admit to being. The only reason I can do anything is nice people like you take me through each step so I don’t get lost….or loose my map. When lost I find all sors of interesting things, but since they were “stumbled upon” I cannot find my way back to them.

  95. Lee in Vancouver says:

    #93 Mary from Brooklyn. So sorry that you now have to have surgery on your finger. Do what the doctor says and it will get better soon.

  96. Bamboo Britney says:

    Chari Mercier, I put them on my flickr now you can view them! I didn’t see any cubs born this year on the list, because the site has not been updated since 2007. But here is the list on my flickr. link:


    You have to go to page 2 (and check out my bamboo collection as you pass by) to view the panda cubbies.

  97. Bamboo Britney says:

    Now, everyone has a chance to check out my bamboo collection I have been bragging about for months now!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bamboopanda/

    I made all most all of my photos public so even if you don’t have a Flickr account or you haven’t friended me you can still see my bamboo pictures and panda pictures!

  98. Frances in NYC says:

    Mary #93–good luck!

  99. Linda / NorCal says:

    Oh man, Megan, thank you for sharing your story. What a lovely story. I haven’t had time to read the other posts, but perhaps, you could write a book, with pictures. I’m sure we’d all buy it.

    Thank you for sharing……………and your kids are adorable.

  100. Pamda says:

    #93 Mary from Brooklyn – Sorry to hear that you will be having surgery on your pinkie, but better to get it taken care of now and hopefully you will not have anymore trouble with it.

    #97 Bamboo Britney – You have a very nice collection of Lucky Bamboo plants. Do you have a secret to keep them so nice and green? I know you have a very tall boo, but do you know how to care for them if you want to keep them shorter? Thanks.

  101. Bobbie Wood says:

    Bamboo Britney #16: Your bamboo collection is adorable! I love the pots! And..The large bamboo is huge!!

    The bamboo that is in the small pots will grow taller and larger in circumference if you transplant them into larger pots in the future. You could grow a bamboo forest!! For those of you who haven’t seen the collection, here’s the link:


  102. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    Mark from Brooklyn – All the best for your surgery.

  103. Linda luvs pandas says:

    Megan what a great experience for your children and yourself. I share the sentiments of everyone that it is never to young to teach your children about nature and our precious animals. Two things I want to do before I die is see a giant panda, preferably bai and Yunior and see the northern lights. I bet some of our canadian bloggers have seen them! How beautiful.

    I know people keep asking, has anyone gotten an update on the girls? I miss them so. It seems little cloud is not on camera as much lately when I look in, he must be up in the trees snoozing. It is nice seeing Gao but I do love to watch the little guy bother mom.

    Rita – OMG, the picture of two clouds on the stone throne is so great! I would love to follow you around the zoo for a day, you get the best pictures!

  104. Annie Panda says:

    Here is a link to a website about the history of pandas:

    pandajaan (dot) tripod (dot) com/history.htm

    It’s very interesting and I would like to find more sites focusing on giant panda’s history! 🙂

    Peace, Love and Pandas CIAO!
    Annie Panda

  105. GRAMMMIE says:

    #93 MARY FROM BROOKLYN Heed these next instuctions well. If no one else live in your home wih you, hope that your neighbors love you. I had two fingers operated on at different times, and had to ask for help with the dishers……I just could not do them while I was still splinted. The neighbors had little tiffs over who’s turn it was to do them for me, and they hated when I ate out, since that meant fewer things to be washed up. I had to keep my hand elevated so I simply learned how to use the other hand for the TV remote.

    So off to where you are most ocmfortable, a soft pillow for under your arm/hand. Put your feet up—a soft pillow under the knees is not bad either, rest and be relaxed while everybody else takes care ofyou. Well hey, you would do the same for them, and probably already have, so enjoy getting pamperded……if we had a spare weaned panda handy we would send it over to cuddle and comfort you.

  106. Lucy says:

    Danielle in NY

    The bear sleeping on the platform is papa bing xing. The comment below the photo says he ignores the baby.

    I think it is Funny since some of the human dad do the same. Lol

  107. Kathy in CT says:

    #97 Bamboo Britney What a beautiful collection of bamboo! Your pictures of the pandas were charming to view. Thanks!

  108. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    Once Upon a Time in faraway China, there lived a Panda Princess named Su Lin. She was fluffy of cheek and gentle in nature. She was famed for her love for decorating and could re-arrange any room in the Palace in minutes. She loved trees especially the willow.

    Often she would walk near the willow grove by the river with her companions in the evenings when it was cool. She would sit by the river and play her er hu, allowing its strings to play lilting melodies.

    Soon Su Lin reached the marriageable age and her parents started to look for suitors for her. Her beauty was well known as was her mother’s. Queen White Cloud still looked youthful even though she had 5 children.

    ‘Su Lin, come and sit with Mama,’ invited Queen White Cloud patting the seat next to her.

    ‘Yes, Mama,’ and Su Lin sat down demurely.

    ‘It is time to talk about your marriage,’ said her Mama, ‘Papa and I love you very much and we know we have to choose wisely to ensure you will be loved and have many cubbies.’

    ‘And….and …have you found some one,’ asked Su Lin, hiding her maidenly blushes behind a fan.

    ‘We have narrowed it down to 3 candidates,’ and Papa is thinking of calling them in to test them.

    ‘Test them?’ said Su Lin alarmed, ‘He may frighten them off….’

    ‘Dont worry, your Papa is a wise man, few of words but quick of eye. He will be able to tell who is a good husband for you.’

    ‘When will he do this?’ asked Su Lin.

    ‘At the next full moon. He has invited them to stay at the Palace. They are Prince Zhi Hui from the north, Prince Wei Ta from the West and Prince Ing Juan from the East.’

    ‘Oh….’ Su Lin’s eyes sparkled for she knew of these 3 young male Pandas, all good men.

    ‘Yes, my daughter? Any thoughts? Hee Hee…’ teased the Queen, ‘Mama knows. I was just as excited when I was courted by your father. He won my heart with his couplets and his furry feetsies!’

    ‘Furry feetsies? Mama!’ exclaimed Su Lin.

    ‘There is always one thing that only a wife will love about her husband. Your Papa is a special man and a loving one. He can be quiet, too quiet at times but I love his furry feetsies especially when we are doing a Welcome Spring Dance.’

    ‘Welcome Spring Dance? What is that?’ asked Su Lin, amazed at all this new information about her parents.

    ‘Come my dear into my chamber and let Mama teach you about that dance and what it means to be a mother…’ and with that Queen White Cloud led Princess Su Lin by the paw into the inner chamber.

    What was shared, only those schooled in the ways of the Panda will know and is not for just us mere hoomans to know.

    The End

  109. Anne in NYC says:

    Mary, #93 – Good luck with the operation. Please keep us posted.

  110. Danielle, NY says:

    It is a funny coincidence that on a recent update on Lily and Hope, Lynn Rogers from the North American Bear Center posted a link to a video on YouTube “Through The Lens – The Bear Man” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5VXpSq1csI
    It seems that his own children grew up with wild animals…
    I also saw that there was a conference in Florida at the end of September beginning of October by the International Zoo Educators Association. The theme for the 20th International Zoo and Aquarium Educators’ Conference was “Connecting Children to Nature”. Two of the speakers were from Chengdu. I was wondering if that was one of the inspiration for Megan to write this touching story about her children’s interaction with the pandas. Perhaps her son will, in the future, write in his resume that he attended a panda kindergarten…

    Moderator’s note: October is Kids Free Days at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. During October, our Institute for Conservation Research staff are sharing their interactions and connections with nature at a young age and how these connections put them on their paths to becoming conservation biologists. Visit our main blog section and look for the latest in the series, Go Play Outside!

  111. Linda / NorCal says:

    Best wishes to Mary #93, on your surgery. What we do for love!!

  112. Danielle, NY says:

    The Madrid Zoo has just posted a video of the twin male cubs on their blog www(dot)zoomadrid(dot)com/blog/ you can also see it on YouTube “ Presentación Osos Panda | Zoo Madrid” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF5rSIzTBMQ

  113. pandafan-north says:

    #105 GRAMMMIE – I loved your advice for #93 Mary from Brooklyn. Mary, make sure you follow Grammmie’s tips and take care of that finger. Are you able to type with your other hand? Please let us know how it goes. We hope for a quick recovery!

    #97 Bamboo Britney – love your bamboo collection! and the cute pots! Putting them together like you’ve done is a good idea. They are used to crowded conditions.

    #108 Lucilla – what a beautiful story! And I agree – we don’t have to know what Queen Bai told Su Lin behind that closed door. Hey, you’re almost up to 110 stories! I wish my brain was as creative as yours.

  114. Danielle, NY says:

    #106 Lucy – Thanks very much, I thought it would be Bing Xing, but I had seen a picture of Hua Zui Ba in that room and on that platform before the cubs were born and I was wondering if it was her sleeping high up when the keepers were taking care of her cubs. But on the picture it seems that there was only one cub in the incubator at that time and I was just hoping that the mother would not take her cub that high up for a snooze with her. You also wrote that the keepers thought that the due to the den’s design was not making the cubs’ swapping easy. I am glad that it wasn’t mommy high up. Perhaps they are trying to get the daddy interested in his offsprings!!!

    Moderator, thanks for your comment on #110, and for the links.

    #93 Mary from Brooklyn – All the best for your operation tomorrow, I will cross my fingers for you, not the pinkies of course…

    Giant Panda Birth Watch 2010 is starting on Monday, October 18 at the Atlanta Zoo; I will cross all fingers, including pinkies and pseudothumbs for that!!!


  115. Marie says:

    Awww Danielle, what a precious bundle of twin panda joy! 🙂

    Mary #93: Good luck with the surgery.

    Moderator, Any idea why the team that went to China with the girls hasn’t posted yet? Are they still there?

    Moderator’s note: The team is back and getting caught up with their work. A team member has promised to provide a post when she is able.

  116. Laurie in Baltimore says:

    Just got an email from Zoo Atlanta–panda birth watch begins Monday! 😀 Apparently, Lun Lun’s hormone levels indicate a possible cubbie (or end of a pseudo-pregnancy) soon! Let’s go Lun–need a cubbie!! 😀

  117. Kathy in CT says:

    Mary #93 Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  118. Lee in Vancouver says:

    Just read that Su Lin and Zhen Zhen will be out of quarantine at the end of the month and moving to enclosures on Leopard Mountain. What good news.

  119. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    Grammmie, thanks so much for the advice. Fortunately, my hubby has been doing a good job with cooking and dishwashing, the two things I really can’t do. But with the splint on my right hand and arm, I can carry the laundry (and have), type reasonably well with the 8 fingers I have that are usable, and generally make a nuisance of myself. Was even able to take a couple of videos yesterday with my video cam.

    However, I will take the advice, and enjoy at least a day or so of “diva” treatment. Maybe I’ll even finish the trashy novel I’ve been reading for escape.

    Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. I’ll post an update over the weekend.

  120. Bamboo Britney says:

    Pamda, I give my all of my bamboos, liquid bamboo fertilizer, and I fill the bamboo pot with water till it reachs the rim of the pot. I keep them well watered. Not just a little watered. 😀

  121. Bamboo Britney says:

    Go here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/pandafanatics/

    And become apart of Panda Conservation Club!!! 😀

    And take a look at my bamboos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bamboopanda/page2/

    Friday, I am getting another bamboo, I got one yesterday, which I am going to photograh then post on flickr for all to see!!!

  122. Frances in NYC says:

    Lee #118–where did you read that about Su Lin and Zhennie?

    Danielle–have you been in touch with Mrs Qu? We need more pictures and more news from our girls!

  123. GRAMMMIE says:

    Danielle, NY says: October 14th, 2010 at 7:53 am
    MODERATOR I bet the notation from you about Kids Free Days in October does not mean we adults have the zoo all to ourselves—have I got it right??? Hey I have nothing against chidlren-I have 2 myself….but when they are in their forties it is not the same as 4.

    Laurie October 14th, 2010 at 12:51 pm
    Please keep us up to date and send us the best link you know of so can participate in the enjoyment. It would be wonderful to share in the joy of Atlanta.

    Moderator’s note: You are correct: Kids Free Days means children receive free admission to the Zoo and Park during October, when accompanied by a paid adult.

  124. Margaret says:

    Megan, what an awesome opportunity for your young children. Although your daughter was so young that she probably won’t remember her experience in Wolong, I am certain that your son will have very fond memories for his lifetime. Imagine being able to say you were eye to eye with a panda cub when you were 3 years old. Incredible!

  125. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi! Well, it’s around 3:30am EDT, Fri., Oct. 15th, and I haven’t gone to bed yet! Got some news from Atlanta Zoo’s panda page tonite. The panda keepers and vets have decided to start the birth watch on 13 year old Lun Lun on Monday, October 18, 2010 due to Lun’s recent hormone levels and behavior changes. Lun has gone into the next phase of her possible pregnancy with the secondary rise in her hormone level fluctuations indicating the end of her pregnancy and a birth of a panda cub (I’m not going to even think psuedopregnancy!). Lun has also been experiencing a dramatic shift in her behavior with extreme lethargy (more naps) and less eating this week. They are also going to do ultrasounds more frequently on Lun to see if there are any signs of a baby panda inside. Gestation averages at around 135 days, with ranges of 83-197 days. Lun is now at 124 days since her AI on June 13 as of today, Friday, October 15. The birth watch will begin on Oct. 18 and will continue thru Nov. 14, 2010. AZ panda keepers will have more info and updates available when they get more news about Lun. They are well staffed for this 24/7 birth watch after bringing in more people to help monitor Lun over the next few weeks, and they are very excited about this development. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for Lun Lun to have a cub! Can’t wait!! Go to AZ website’s panda page for more info about Lun Lun. If and when Lun does have her 3rd cub, she will be the only momma panda to give birth here in the USA this year–again! If she’s successful, she will keep a 5 year streak going for a mother panda having a cub every year since 2005!

    Bamboo Britney, got into your Flickr page link you gave me and saw all of the pretty small pots of bamboo plants that you’ve been bragging about! They are really cute and well cared for, and the little pots are so cute. I also saw all of the pics of pandas that you had on your page. I recognized the name of one panda named Mei Lan who used to live at Atlanta Zoo and is currently at Chengdu Panda Base, China. That was a very nice collection of panda pics! Great job, girlfriend!

    Now, I’m going to bed! Will check in here later!

    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  126. Susan(UK) says:

    Well, my order from Shopzoo arrived two days ago and at last I am the proud owner of the Panda Tales DVD. I shall look forward to watching it. Also got the 2011 Panda Calendar, what beautiful pictures. I keep all the SDZ calendars. And, the gorgeous Panda jacket. It’s beautiful and I love it. Makes me feel a little closer to the Pandas, but I know I’m going to cry when I watch the DVD.

    Moderator’s note: Thank you for supporting the San Diego Zoo by making purchases from our online store, Shopzoo.com. Enjoy!

  127. Marie says:

    A pleasant way to start a friday… watching adorable papa Gao eating his breakfast boo. 🙂

  128. widget says:

    Hi everyone…sure did miss you all. Been away for 3 months with no puter and no panda’a. Hospitals and nursing homes just don’t seem to care about how much a panda can heal your body and soul. Just got home in time for Lun’s Lun’s Birth Watch….isn’t that exciting? Made sure all my panda’s were doing well as soon as I got home to my puter…

    Moderator’s note: Welcome home, widget!

  129. Lee in Vancouver says:

    Frances #122 – Hi! It was posed by Chet Chin, on Facebook and here’s what it said:

    Su Lin and Zhen Zhen “Moving House” Celebrations

    I’ve just received an email from the head of Publicity at Bifengxia

    Panda Base that Su Lin and Zhen Zhen will come out of quarantine at the

    end of this month, and move to their new enclosures on Leopard Mountain

    …on Friday, 29 October 2010.

    Foreign fans are invited to be there to join in the celebrations!

  130. Danielle, NY says:

    #122 Frances in NYC – I am not in touch with Mrs Qu, I got the info from Chet, but besides the announcement that Su Lin and Zhen Zhen will move out of their quarantine quarters to their new enclosures on Leopard Mountain on Friday, 29 October 2010, she has not posted new pictures.

  131. Fonsia says:

    Francis #122, yes, I’m nearly holding my breath to get news of our girls. However, we only have two more weeks to wait. I’m sure when they’re out of quarantine we’ll get lots of news from helpful tourists–and video!

    I’m just hoping against hope that they’ll put Zhennie in with other three year olds–maybe even with Fu Long, as they’re the same age. She so needs to play with other bears. Sub-adults do get together and play in the wild. That’s the only things SDZ can’t offer–multiple cubs that can stay together and play.

    I know Su Lin will be redecorating as soon as she gets her new permanent home. And, I have no doubt that our Sweet Su will be giving Bai and Gao another new grandcub next year!

    This news blackout is tough, but it’s probably harder on us than it is on our girls. They’re doing just fine, I’m sure. I’ll bet Zhennie is enjoying this grand new adventure!

  132. Danielle, NY says:

    I just came across an article with video and pictures about the upcoming 30th birthday celebration of Ba Si in Fuzhou. Ba Si was captured in 1984 in Baoxing, so there is no certainty about her age or her real date of birth of course. But it is nice to see the love she is receiving from children and adults alike. www(dot)china(dot)org(dot)cn/video/2010-10/15/content_21132337.htm

    I am however puzzled by the statement, in the article, that Ba Si is the oldest living giant panda. Bao Bao who is living at the Berlin Zoo was captured in Baoxing in April 1979, it is estimated that he was born in September 1978. I also recently saw a video of Jia Jia, it is estimated that she was born in 1978. She was found in Sichuan province, China in 1981. “Lovely Jia Jia at Ocean Park HK 1st of Oct” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZixVRiAeVY

    Perhaps they meant that Ba Si is the oldest living giant panda living in captivity in mainland China…

  133. Danielle, NY says:

    But, how could I forget that Ba Si has also a special place in the heart of the panda lovers from San Diego, as Ba Si and her male companion, Yuan Yuan, were at the San Diego Zoo for a 200-day loan in 1987. Does any of the panda team members remember that visit?

    Moderator’s note: I do! Although I was not a Zoo employee at the time, I remember going to see Basi and Yuan Yuan during their stay.

  134. jack wood from britain says:


  135. Rose N says:

    Frances #122 – The information is at the following Flickr link:


    It’s entitled, Baibee Baby Pandas at San Diego, Atlanta, Memphis & National Zoo.

    To view the photos and info on our sweeties Su Lin & Zhen Zhen, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  136. Lee in Vancouver says:

    I see the staff are spoiling Yun Zi again. Just now he was hand delivered a stem of bamboo while in his hammock. Too cute!

  137. Danielle, NY says:

    Here is a short video and article about the American Pambassador Ashley Robertson who has started her new job. Her favorite work is in the panda kindergarten…


  138. Bamboo Britney says:

    If anyone wants to see the book I am writing, ‘Panda Conservation, Ways You Can Help’

    I posted it on Flickr, check it out : http://www.flickr.com/photos/bamboopanda/5084290789/

  139. Bamboo Britney says:

    Thanks Chari Mercier! 😀

  140. Kathy in CT says:

    # 136 Lee In short time, the Wise Yun will be asking for the remote…

  141. Linda / NorCal says:

    Susan, #126, you will love the DVD — you will be humming the songs for a week. So well done; I highly recommend it to everyone. It would make a great Christmas gift for any panda lover. The Shopzoo.com has it at a great price; I purchased mine from our local PBS station (they weren’t available through Shopzoo then) and paid A LOT more it. I purchased almost all my nieces and nephews’ gifts from Shopzoo last year, and I was really happy with everything. And so were they!

    Moderator’s note: For others interested in the Panda Tales DVD, here’s the link…

  142. Frances in NYC says:

    Thank you, Lee, Rose, and Danielle for the info! Danielle–I forgot a very important part of the chain of information–Chet–sorry!

  143. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    surgery went well. have a monster cast on my hand and arm. Also have a sling and the coolest pillow for sitting and sleeping. also a bit of pain, but nothing serious.

    grammmie, i’m taking your advice for sure.

    thanks for all the good wishes. They really made a difference.

  144. kat wilson says:

    #131 Fonsia-I am with you, playmates for Zhennie girl! She needs that stimulation and I know she would behave herself like the good little girl she is…she so deserves that enrichment. Wouldn’t that be just too exciting to watch? Let’s pray to the Panda Gods, it will be so, Fonsia!


  145. GRAMMMIE says:

    PANDA ALERT—NEW YUN ZI HAMMOCK IN ABSOLUTE IMMEDIATE NEED…..I just saw him on the web cam with his hind end and legs hanging down from one end, and the front end off the other side the same way…..it was only holding his big old belly. Either a bit of more fire hose is needed or one handy to spray him with when he gets near food. I love every pound of him, but I also do not want to check in to find out the hammock broke and he hurt his little head on the “stone throne”.

  146. GRAMMMIE says:

    #121 BAMBOO BRITNEY I am so glald you put that extra link in your comments. I cannot open my own flickr account even though I had my password stored in such a way that it would automatically give the password to yahoo…but I guess somehow I changed it. I can fall asleep sitting straight up, mouse in hand and do some interesting things….one nap I even changed my wallpaper while sleeping…..and the one I have right now is at least 4 or 5 months of the only one I want. ( It is one of our Sweet Yunior Zi by Rita Petita. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/4589179482/ )

    I just love the bamboo cups being scaled by the panda figurines….but we need a new photo…put a ruler next to the area they are in so we can be sure which are the ones the Pandas try to “get” today. Do the bamboo usually huddle together like that??? Wow you have a lot of panda photos too.

    DO ANY OF YOU SEE Bai Yun with Prince Fluffy-Butt on Rita Petita’s page??? It looks to me like Bai was going somewhere and Yunior was thinking of not going, so she “scruffed” him with her front paw and is draging him along beside her??? And Auntie Rita was taking photos instead of recuing him??? Such a sweet wave of his Royal Paw–while looking right at the CAMERA ! ! ! ! !

  147. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Linda #141: Is this DVD about Zhen Zhen? I think there was a DVD about Gao Gao too as a youngster?

    Has anyone been keeping up with Lily and Hope? Hope is such a pretty bear now. Very roly-poly and getting very big. They are waiting for Lily and Hope to den up but haven’t yet. They want to set up the cams…

    Moderator’s note: The DVD is about Zhen Zhen. The link describes it further.

  148. Lucilla says:

    Queen Bai and Princess Su Lin were strolling in the bamboo grove by the river in the palace grounds once morning. They heard squeals of laughter and cries of dismay.

    ‘Mama, what is happening?’ wondered the sweet princess.

    ‘It is your papa interviewing your suitors. He has given each a task. They have to spend a day entertaining and playing with your brother the young princeling Yun Zi,’ smiled Queen Bai with a twinkle in her eyes, barely containing her laughter.

    ‘Mama, what a task, it is indeed most challenging!’ commented Su Lin as her eyebrows shot up in alarm, ‘ My darling baby brother is a lovely boy but very energetic and boisterous.’

    ‘Papa felt it would be a good test of your suitor’s character. We will see who has the most patience and is long suffering, hee hee,’ a giggle escaped from the demure lips of Queen Bai.

    From a distance, muted curses could be heard as Prince Yun Zi tried to bite his new playmates and challenged them to tree climbing and other fun activities. And from behind the delicate bamboo screen King Gao and Queen Bai observed the 3 males who might become their son-in-law. And according to traditional customes, Princess su Lin was not allowed to have a look. The first time she would see her husband is on her wedding day.

    ‘I noticed the first prince has the same furry feetsies as you, Gao,’ remarked Queen Bai.

    Yes, he does. He reminds me of me, hee hee, a rascal!’ laughs King Gao, ‘but Yunnie is getting the better of him. Thats my boy!’

    ‘When it is Princess Zhen Zhen’s turn, it will be even more interesting,’ says Queen Bai with a grin.

    ‘HO HO HO, that one can choose her own. Maybe she will challenge her suitors to paragliding or trapeeze work, that girl is spunky like her Ma!’

    ‘Excuse me! What did you mean by that!’ Queen Bai stood up, looking every inch the regal lady that she is.

    ‘YOU know how much I respect and love you, I meant it as a compliment. By the way, I have something for you to mark our years together.’

    ‘Oh, you think you can buy my love?’

    ‘No, I would not dare think that, my love. But here is a carved jade bracelet made with different small plates with your face carved on. Each plate is linked to the other with gold and semi-precious stones. Let me put it on for you.’

    And as King Gao puts the bracelet on, Queen Bai spots an engraving on the underside, ‘To my dearest heart, With love and gratitude.’

    With a smile, she looked into King Gao’s eyes and thanked him. As she walked to her chambers, she quietly lifted her tail and turned to look at her husband. ‘Spring is coming…’ she whisphered before going to supervise the Imperial household.

    King Gao’s attention was quickly drawn back to the shouts of the suitors as Prince Yun Zi had got each of them to be his horsies. He was making them gallop and jump.

    Only one seemed to enjoy what he was doing. He looked like he loved children and would make a good father. Noticing this, King Gao opened hos dossier and re-read what had been reported about this young male panda prince.

    ‘Nothing but the best for my girl! Now to see if Prince Yun Zi concurs…’ thought King Gao.


  149. Bamboo Britney says:

    I just watched ‘Panda Nursery’ on PBS. I loved it. It is a different program than ‘Panda Tales’ but it was such a good program. I loved it. It told about the panda population in China.

  150. GRAMMMIE says:

    #132 #133 DANIELLE I understand your confusion, it struck me odd too…..perhaps some of the older ones have passed on, 5 died this year so far. Were you able to run the whole tape from the 3rd line of your post??? I could only get it to go about 1/3rd of the way, when it cut back from the man reporter to a child coloring a panda picture. I tried several times but it stopped in the same spot each time. Thank goodness I got far enough down the page to see that there were other pictures and words to see on other pages. I saw her from far away then too. She is one well travelled Panda, I hope she kept her passport up to date. #137 TOO THANK YOU

    #134 JACK WOOD FROM BRITIAN There will surely be more stories, there are many story tellers in our group, (they have not all been giving us stories lately but we know things get in the way sometimes) and we all love Lucilla who is having a busy month but is trying to drop down some words when she can. Hopefully she will have more time soon….or we will all jump on a plane to see her about itin person.

    9:30 p.m. A FRIDAY NIGHT FINDS TWO of our Pandas fast asleep…one on the hammock that is too smal for him and Bai Yun looks very comfy on the “stone throne” bless her heart.

  151. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    luv the Su/bai story, lucilla.

  152. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    King Gao swept into his royal chamber as the young pandas rushed ahead to prepare his throne. Prince Yun Zi ran in and did a somersault. He landed exactly next to his Papa.

    ‘Young son reporting!’ he did his kow tow to show his respect to his father, the Royal King of Pandadom.

    ‘Get upm young little cloud, tell me what news you have for me,’ smiled King Gao.

    ‘Papa, I had such fun over the last few days. You asked each Prince to look after me for a day and they tried their best, hee hee.’

    ‘Tell me your observations, whom do you think will be a good man for your jie jie?’ asked King Gao sagely.

    ‘I like Prince Ing Juan. He was kind and really tried to get to know me. He played with me and was good at thinking up new games. The other two were more impatient and I think they felt playing with me was beneath their dignity. One of them refused to roll in the sawdust box with me, hee hee’ reported Prince Yun Zi, ‘So Papa, what do you think?’

    ‘Hmmm, I was watching from behind the bamboo curtain. When you are unobserved, it is interesting to see how the young Panda Princes behaved. As you say, Prince Ing Juan impressed me with his character. He seemed genuine and caring. I noticed he was polite even with his rivals. I think I will send me on to the next level of trials.’

    ‘Papa, what is that??’ asked Yun Zi as his eyes opened wide in anticipation.

    ‘Why, the final frontier, I am going to send Prince Ing Juan an invitation to tea with your Mama, Queen White Cloud. If he can survive that, he deserves to marry my daughter, hahaha!’ guffawed King Gao.

    ‘Her Imperial Highness, Queen Bai Yun approaches!’ announed the herald.

    Yun Zi slid off his seat and assumed a bended knee posture to greet his mother. Queen Bai Yun entered and prostrated in front of King Gao who indicated she was to sit on her throne next to his. She in turn indicated to young Yun Zi to get up and come to be embraced by her.

    ‘Mama has some treats for you. I have the imperial maidens make up some of your favourite apple pudding and yam cake drizzled with honey, how’s that?’

    ‘Mama, I love you!’ declared the young prince, ‘Be kind to Prince Ing Juan ok?’

    ‘Humph. we will see about that. IF he is worthy, of course, I will be kind to him, hee hee,’ Queen Bailet loose a girlish giggle, ‘off you go, young prince, go and finish your treats before Princess Zhen Zhen gets her paws on them.’

    Immediately Prince Yun Zi trotted off after bowing to his parents.

    ‘So Prince Ing Juan has made it to the final round, has he?’ said the Queen as she turned to her husband who was hapily munching his boo.

    ‘Yes, dear.’

    ‘Well, we shall invite him to tea then.’

    ‘Done that already, dear.’

    ‘Good, good. I shall make some yam cakes for him as well and may be a bamboo bread. Let’s see what kind of a man his wonderful parents King Lang Lang and Queen Mei Xing have raised…’

    ‘Yes, dear, whatever you think best.’

    ‘I am glad you agree with me.’

    ‘YOU are the wise one, dear.’

    ‘Thank you,’ purrs Queen Bai Yun as she smiled a charming smile that flew like an arrow and hit the target at the centre of King Gao’s heart.

    ‘My dear, I love you,’ growled King Gao.

    ‘And I you,’ replied Queen Bai Yun as she stood up and swept out of the throne room, her mind thinking of names of her future grandchildren.

  153. Page says:

    Hello, everyone, I’ve been following all the wonderful essays from the team and the comments. What a wonderful community!

    I was looking back today at the zoo’s panda videos and noticed there are none of Gao Gao (except, of course, his brief appearance initiating Yun Zi’s creation), although, of course, we have ongoing written information about him. Were there ever any?

    Moderator’s note: I’m sure there was video taken of him when he arrived here, but that was before we were posting videos on our Web site 😉

  154. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Mary from Brooklyn: Oh my… that huge cast for a pinkie? Be sure to make the most of it.. 🙂 I’m glad the surgery went well… Hope the Hubbie is taking extra special care of you…

    Lucilla: Great story…

    Bamboo Britney: You’ve been a busy girl 🙂 … I wonder why I don’t ever see these problems listed to watch on TV…

    Thanks moderator.. My mom is already asking me what she can get me for Christmas… I’ll just have to suggest “The Panda Tales”….. easy gift for her to buy for me!! Point and Click 🙂

  155. Marion (Scotland) says:

    Can Yunni and GG see each other through the fence today?

    Moderator’s note: No.

  156. Susan(UK) says:

    #147 Dianna, yes I read the diary about Lily and Hope every day. She has grown so quickly and I’m so glad everything seems to have turned out good for them both.

  157. Bamboo Britney says:

    I just posted new pictures on Flickr today. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bamboopanda/


  158. Bamboo Britney says:

    Mary from Brooklyn, soon you will be able to go back to your regular duties around the house, but for now do enjoy the ‘diva’ treatment.

  159. Frances in NYC says:

    Bai and Yunnie are having playtime in the moonlight tonight!

  160. GRAMMMIE says:

    #143 MARY FROM BROOKLYN Glad to hear you are going to listen to Grammmie-she knows best (well this once, since she has had two different fingers operated on, one on each hand, but differnt years).

    #148 #152 LUCILLA IN SINGAPORE Do we all LOVE LUCILLA or what?????????????

    #155 MARION (SCOTLAND) The funny thing is I was online at 7 a. m. San Diego Zoo time and wondered the same thing. There were two bears looking from opposite sides of chained linked fencing, but it also looked like there was more than one fence between, ……could it have been a bear in a tunnel like a Yun Zi with no fighting him to go inside since he was alsready there????? There was somebody doing the Bai Yun Butt Buster Before Breakfast Stroll, no one does it like her.

  161. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    ‘Please do not stand on ceremony, have another piece of yam cake,’ urged Queen Bai as she pressed Prince Ing Juan to take another slice of her fabulous and famous yam cakes which had a rich honey centre.

    ‘Thank you, Your Highness, they are delicious,’ mumbled Prince Ing Juan.

    ‘You have a good appetite, I like that in a male Panda,’ smiled Queen Bai encouragingly, ‘Have some melon seeds as well and some boo tea.’

    They ate and drank in companionable silence. Then sounds of an er hu filled the air.

    ‘Is that…is that the wonderful and talented Princess Su Lin? I heard she is skilled in the er hu…’asked the Panda who could be her future husband.

    ‘Yes, that is my daughter. She has to work hard and plays only moderately well, not as good as your sister, Princess Mei Li,’ replied Queen Bai who was observing him carefully.

    ‘Hardly, my sister is a clumsy player, not as skilled as the beautiful Princess Su Lin for sure.’

    ‘Oh, you have seen my daughter?’ quizzed the alert Queen.

    ‘Not in person, definitely. I have seen a beautiful portrait of the Princess painted by that foreign artist Miss Wei Ta Peh Ti Ta. It was a lovely brush painting and showed off Princess Su Lin’s lovely fluffy cheeks and sweet smile, her eyes were brilliant like diamonds…’

    ‘Thank you, thank you, you are too kind. My daughter is a simple Panda girl, nothing special.’

    ‘Princess Su Lin’s fame has spread far and near. We all know she has a good heart and goes among the poor to share food and offer free medicines which she personally pounds in a pestle.’

    ‘All our children have been raised to give back to the community. In time to come, Prince Yun Zi will also go to the poor quarters and help with food distribution. He is planning how to construct good housing for them.’

    ‘Queen Bai, you and His Majesty have been incredible parents….’

    ‘Your own parents have done well, if not better. You are no slouch..’

    ‘Oh, I have not done that much. As a member of the royal family, my mama and papa have impressed upon me that I must help others. I do go and try to teach youngsters so they can learn a skill.’

    ‘Tell me, young man, what do you want in a wife?’

    ‘Your Highness, I am a simple man…’


    ‘Gulp, I would like a wife who is loving, wise, kind and able to support me in ruling the country as I am the crown prince.’



    ‘Have a drink of this special bamboo tea, please…’

    ‘Thank you….My future wife and consort must be able to help me make decisions for I would like to be able to consult her and share with her my thoughts. She must be my friend and companion….Also I hope to have some cubbies, so she must love children…’

    ‘YOU are very demanding indeed!’ declared Queen Bai, pretending to be angry, her eyes flashing.

    ‘Gulp….I am being honest as the role of a King is not easy and I want to be able to rule like my father and bring glory to my kingdom..’Prince Ing Jun spoke passionately,’ and the woman I love must be by my side…’

    ‘You love my daughter?’

    ‘Ahhh, I love what I have seen and heard of her. I know I will grow to love her once I marry her and I will work hard so that she can love me too…’ said Prince Ing Jun who was sweating bullets by this time.

    ‘Have another slice of cake or this bamboo pudding? This pudding was made by Princess Su Lin.’

    Immediately Prince Ing Jun bit into the pudding. It tasted horried.

    ‘How is it? It is her speciality,’ enquired Queen Bai sternly.

    ‘Lovely, delicious,’ he quickly swallowed the pudding and drank copious cups of tea.

    ‘Another pudding? asked Queen Bai.

    ‘No thank you, I am full. Thank you very much.

    Queen Bai Yun roared with laughter. She giggled and hid her smiles with her silk hankerchief.

    ‘Prince Ing Jun, that must be the worst pudding ever. Prince Yun Zi made it. It was to test you. Congrats. You have suffered and survived much. I think you will be a good match to my daughter. If I hear news that you have been treating her badly, know this one thing, King Gao and I will not let this rest. We will come and make you sorry. Do you understand me?’ smiled Queen Bai demurely.

    ‘Yikes….Yes, ma’am, your Highness…’

    ‘Soon you will call me Mama…’

    ‘MAMA!’ screamed Prince Yun Zi as he trotted into the room, ‘ so did he pass? Huh? Huh?’

    ‘Noisy child, come and greet your future brother in law. Keep him company, I need to consult your Papa about when we will have the wedding,’ and with that Queen Bai Yun almost skipped out of the room in glee.

    ‘Awesome!’ exclaimed the princeling, ‘Now we are family! High five, brother!’

    Prince Ing Jun high fived his young brother in law to be under the watchful eye of his mother in law to be. His face had broken out into that big grin of a man who has just received a treasure.

    To Be Continued.

  162. Annie Panda says:

    I was just reading about the Conservation of Pandas, and it said that pandas will probably become extinct in the next century! I hope that’s not true, that is so sad! 🙁

    Moderator’s note: Don’t give up on pandas, Annie! Great strides are being made in panda conservation.

  163. Amanda says:

    Watching the cam this afternoon. Yun Zi made his way down the tree in search of the “milk bar”. Momma Bai is sleeping and Yun Zi’s trying to wake her. He’s trying to find his way underneath her and Momma Bai is not moving! She finally got up and walked away. Poor little cloud 🙁

  164. Kathy in CT says:

    # 163 Amanda- Yesterday was a whole different story- it went on, and on, and on, and on. Yunnie was into extra innings- oink. Not to worry yet.

  165. Bamboo Britney says:

    I just got a blog, called ‘Panda Conservation Club’ on Blogger!!
    pandafanaticsunite (dot) blogspot (dot) com/

  166. Danielle, NY says:

    #150 GRAMMMIE – I tried again the links that I posted and I didn’t have problem watching them, sorry… As for Jia Jia, the video was taken about one week ago, and I have seen pictures of Bao Bao taken this summer in Berlin. I am sure we would have heard if he would have died.

    #147 Dianna from Ohio and #156 Susan(UK) – I, too, keep checking on Lily and Hope, my favorite recent picture of them is seeing them walking side by side on the road, just priceless!! www(dot)bear(dot)org/website/lily-a-hope/research-updates/642-on-the-move-.html

    #163 Amanda – Don’t miss DoxieMom videos: “2010-10-16 Awww … Yun Zi Nursing !!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aeBbi1YSTY

    After watching: “10-15-2010 What to Do, What to Do! (Flickr video)

    Yun Zi was off his routine and seemed to contemplate what to do next. At the end, he did go up the tree, but came down an hour later to nibble boo in his hammock, and eventually fall asleep :)” http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandalover19/5086508375/in/photostream/

    I think mommy Bai Yun thinks that Yunior should spend more time eating bamboo instead of wondering what to do next… Well, that’s my reading of the situation…

    Perhaps Bai Yun even let Yun Zi have some treats!!!

    “10-17-2010 Yun Zi and Bai Share the Treat Can (1.75x Flickr video)

    The camera was acting up at the start making it look like Yun Zi was doing a belly-dance!” http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandalover19/5090059427/in/photostream/

    Don’t miss the recent video and pictures of the pandas in Atlanta http://www.flickr.com/photos/58141177@N00/

    Including the graph of Lun Lun’s hormones level http://www.flickr.com/photos/58141177@N00/5087338089/

    Lun Lun Birth Watch 2010 is starting on Monday!!

  167. Danielle, NY says:

    #155 – Sorry, moderator, but according to pictures taken by Rita Petita, you are wrong on that one!! Yun Zi looks quite interested!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/5089883115/
    And so is Gao Gao: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/5090439084/
    Quite a proud daddy!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/5089899751/

    Moderator’s note: I stand corrected.

  168. Bobbie Wood says:

    Lucilla: This current story is simply delightful!! (as all of them are 🙂 ) Thank you so much!

    Bamboo Britney: Your site is also really fun to visit!

    To all: The Pandas have to be really enjoying the local weather. Cool temps and misty rain. The good news is, the weather will remain the same for a few more days 🙂

  169. Mary from Brooklyn says:

    so lucilla, when is THE wedding???

  170. pandafan-north says:

    #157 Bamboo Britney – I love the cute little panda pots that your bamboos are in.

    Yes, Amazon has some lovely panda pieces – the reason some of them are so expensive is they are made of karat gold and genuine gems – the one that costs thousands of dollars has white and black diamonds in it – so perfect for panda jewelry but a bit out of reach for many panda fans. But you never know – work hard at your book and maybe you can earn enough to buy yourself one of those treasures. But the real treasure is what’s in your heart – your love and your passion for the future of giant pandas. That is priceless!

  171. Bamboo Britney says:

    Panda Annie, don’t worry, there are plenty of panda conservation groups, and with the help of all the panda

    fan(atics). I don’t think that pandas will go extint anytime soon. When all the panda fanatics get together anything can happen! 😀

  172. pandafan-north says:

    #143 Mary from Brooklyn – I’m happy to hear the surgery went okay. Now, you can take Grammmie’s advice and get waited on and pampered while you recover.

    I found this video of Lin Ping nursing. It’s likely one of the last times we’ll see her at Lin Hui’s milk bar – gosh that girl is huge; she looks almost as big as her mom. I wonder if the cubs know when they’re about to lose their milk bar. Somehow, I think they know something’s changing as their time with momma is slowly decreased. Here’s the link to the video.


  173. Linda luvs pandas says:

    I was watching the cam here at 10:25 EST and saw an adorable Bai nursing Yunnie in the moonlight. So sweet. I cannot stand to think of our little boy weaned and grown up…time does fly. I still go back and watch the video of our little pink baby. I have what is a silly question and perhaps I have not read the different posts but, why are the Madrid twins not being raised by their mother? Does she even see them?
    Moderator, is SDZ the only zoo you know of that lets the mother raise their babies until the normal age of weaning in the wild? It is so nice. Bai normally does not seem bothered at all by Yuni, she just ignores him if she is not in the mood to play or nurse. I know this is to get them to breed more often but it is a shame. I think this is truly the nurturing that the need to mature into adults.
    Mary – glad your surgery went well! I am sure you will be healed up in no time.

    Moderator’s note: Others zoos allow panda cubs to stay with their mothers until weaning time, and from what I’ve read in these comments, the zoo in Austria kept their mother-son pair together until he moved to China.

  174. GRAMMMIE says:

    DOXIEMOM 19 I saw your comment under Gaos first photo…….must I remind you those are MY FLUFFY FEETSIES. I am not likely to Share Them….so Gals get your Stares while you can. I know he has four of them and we could share, but he only has one SET of Feetsies.

    ON THAT NOTE RITA PETITA We cannot thank you enough for such wonderful photos……who knows if we will ever see a portrait of the 3 of them together ever again. I, for one, am glad that you have devoted yourself to the Panda Family at San Diego Zoo and photo tracked them so well. When I start going through the pages of your Flickr Album I can get lost for hours……and that is just back as far as Yunior being born. Most every one of your photos is wonderful, some are breathtaking, and some are history as it happened……..but without the photos who could tell our wonderful Moderator that Marion (Scotland) and I were mistaken…..it wasn’t Yun Zi and Bai looking at each other, it was the three Gaos saying a quiet hello. She probably missed it somehow……it was early, on a weekend, and we cannot expect her working 24/7.

    Perhaps Lucilla could take a few notes about the photos, so that after she gets other things out of the way she can write a story telling us what they had to say to each other.

    I really hope that somebody who shares their videos—-especially with sound has a link for us. We will buy you some POP CORN to eat while you wait in line next time to see the Pandas.

  175. Bamboo Britney says:

    Sorry for the inconvinence, I changed my name of my blog and Flickr, we don’t just talk about panda conservation, we also talk about shopping for panda stuff, so I changed the name of my flickr and blog.

    pandafanaticsunite (dot) blogspot (dot) com/


  176. pandafan-north says:

    Today, Monday, October 18 is the first day of Lun Lun’s 24/7 birthwatch at Zoo Atlanta. Let’s cross our fingers and toes and whatever else and send positive vibes out to ZA and the panda watchers as they begin this exciting time. In honor of the occasion, here is a look at Lun Lun enjoying her pool back in March.


    Oh, it would be so nice for the Prince Xi Lan, the X-man, to get a sister or brother cubbie this year!!

  177. Fonsia says:

    Annie Panda #162, we now have almost 300 pandas in captivity, and that’s enough to ensure the survival of the species. That’s why our wonderful cubs have to go to China, so they can add to the population and keep it genetically diverse.

    If anything happened to the pandas in the wild, the captive population could keep the species alive.

  178. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    Dear Diary,

    Guess what? Today in one of the bestest days ever. I met my PAPA! He is so handosme and nice. He shouted out to me and has a lovely sweet voice.

    I got to talk to him for a long time, just boy stuff. He told me he was proud of me and asked me to be a good boy and dont give Mama any cause to worry. I kept real quiet there as Mama laughed and laughed at this.

    Papa is small and I think I may end up bigger than he as I take after Mama in size. He told me good things come in small packages and he can deliver the goods. Wonder what did he mean. Never mind, I will grow up and deliver goods too. I will grow up strong and brave….Super Y Guy, that’s me!

    I wish Papa could visit with us and live in our enclosure. Mama will share her boo with him. Dear Diary, I have a secret wish – Nannykweepers, puhleeze, let my Da live with us, puhleeze….!

    I love him and I do so want to play with him!

    Night Night,

    Little Cloud Child, Son of Gao, yeah!

  179. Danielle, NY says:

    Do miss this article with pictures of Tai Shan, Mei Sheng and Hua Mei especially written for panda fans in the USA!! Pandanews(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2010/10/18/bi-feng-xia-tai-shan-mei-sheng-hua-mei/#more-2431

    Since Tian Tian is living in Washington, he must have heard the buzz, eat your veggies!!

    Tian Tian Eats, Pt. I (10-17-10)


    Tian Tian Eats, Pt. II (10-17-10)


  180. Anne in NYC says:

    Lucilla, what does Prince In Jun’s name mean? Now that he’s almost a member of the family, I’d like to know him better.

  181. Linda / NorCal says:

    Quick question, can anyone tell me how I can tell which panda I’m watching on the Memphis cam? And has an agreement been reached for the NZ pandas to stay? Were they not scheduled to leave the end of the year?

  182. Lee in Vancouver says:

    #157 Bamboo Britney – absolutely love the picture of your kitten eating the bamboo. My black cat tastes every plant I have in my place also.

  183. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Danielle #166 – That’s my favorite pic of Lily and Hope too. Beside being just a great picture, it really shows how big and roly poly Hope has become. I can’t wait for them to den up and in January there might be 2-3 cubbies!!! Interesting to see what Hope will do…

    I was watching LP HighLights from the 11th… LP and LH were out on exhibit and LH was trying (that’s the operative word) to eat her boo while sitting on her chair. It was rather difficult when she had LP chewing on her face, back, etc… LH had some clever moves to dislodge her big pest…and at one time LH sat backwards on her chair.. I think she thought that would prevent the back attacks… poor LH…

  184. Marie says:

    Danielle, thanks for all the links. You always keep us updated and I appreciate it very much! HUGS!

  185. Dianna from Ohio says:

    #167 Danielle: I saw those pictures too….. I wonder what kind of noises Gao was making? Bleating? I think barking is more aggressive? What does “Hello” sound like in Pandanese?

    Grammmie: There is one RitaPetita picture that shows off Gao’s fuzzy feetsies and how fuzzy they really are! It’s the picture where he is looking at Rita…. Actually I think he’s pretty fuzzy all over…

  186. Danielle, NY says:

    #173 Linda luvs pandas – For pictures of Hua Zui Ba and her cubs in Madrid, see #48 Danielle, NY for the link to the article with pictures, and #87 Lucy for the translation of the article from Chinese into English that Lucy was so kind to do for us. Most of the time when pandas have twins, they care only for the first born and abandoned the second cub. Now a system has been developed, keepers are feeding the cubs alternatively and the mother take care of one cub at the time. It seems that the keepers in Madrid are allowing Hua Zui Ba time to eat and sleep by herself, and the cubs are taken care and fed by the keepers during these me-time for mommy. There have been times when an exhausted mother killed her cub by accident while rolling over, so keepers are keeping an eye on that to avoid unnecessary accident.

  187. Danielle, NY says:

    #181 Linda / NorCal – One major difference are the ears, Ya Ya’s ears are really sticking out http://www.flickr.com/photos/12722404@N03/5076423835/in/photostream/

    Le Le’s ears are smaller http://www.flickr.com/photos/12722404@N03/5076423871/in/photostream/

    The shape of their heads is quite different as well, look also at the other pictures in the series and you will see.

  188. pandafan-north says:

    #173 Linda luvs pandas – check out the pandasliveon.com website today. There is a major update on the twins in Madrid. And, lots of photos of mama Lin Zui Ba(?) nursing the little ones!! They are adorable! Enjoy!!

  189. Amanda says:

    So glad Yun Zi got to “meet” his daddy Gao Gao! Thank you Rita Petita for captururing the two!

  190. Linda / NorCal says:

    Thanks, #187, Danielle!

  191. Danielle, NY says:

    #185 Dianna from Ohio – I don’t know, there is no Pandanese on Google translate!!! But learning Pandanese is on my to-do list….

  192. Danielle, NY says:

    #185 Dianna from Ohio – Hey!! I found Pandanese 101!! http://blogarchives.sandiegozoo.org/blog/2006/03/13/say-what/

  193. Kathy in CT says:

    #192 Danielle Thanks so much for locating that article! Oh, how I miss Tai and the antics… He was such a joy to see in DC.

  194. Lucilla in Singapore says:

    Anne in NYC – Ing Juan means DIstinguished/Handsome. The wedding will take place when Queen Bai decides it is the right time…hahaha.

    Thank you for reading my stories and I hope all of you enjoy them as I enjoy writing them. Based on my work schedule next year, I won’t be able to make the Panda Convention bu the Black and White Overnight is a possibility.

  195. GRAMMMIE says:

    #165 DANIELLE, NY Thank you, now I do not have to do the work on looking things like that up…….you seem to have better records than most anybody…..it is nice of you to share your information and work with us…..we do appreciate it.

    #167 MODERATOR–we know you cannot work 24/7, and it was a weekend morning to boot, I bet you just missed it—and I bet a “once in a life time” thing like this would never cross your mind at our zoo. Thankfully we got to see it, Rita Petita got photos of it, and we would love to find somebody with the sound on in their video camera who also captured it….we are not sure that Rita can replicate the sounds.

    #172 PANDAFAN-NORTH The thing that I feel most when seeing Princess Lin Ping and Prince Fluffy-Butt nurse is the reminder that they are still babies. Her size may be one of the reasons, plus like in the case of Fu Long getting to occupy a section of the exhibit with his mom to about or just over 2 yrs of age….there is no room in the Panda Castle for a large male, growing daughter (or son), and mom too. Thankfully we could keep up to 6 (including a nursing mother) or 5 adult Pandas. Not all zoos have that option, especialy in parts of the world that have been occupied by larger, longer civilizations than we. I think it was one of the reasons we got to keep our two girls until the younger was 3…..earthquake made for no room there, and we had room. Not all zoos have the room to grow. I was at our Wildl Animal Park the week it opened, and was always amazed when it grew, and grew, and grew. If I am not mistaken it could still grow and not use up the piece of land it has. It is too hot for Pandas, but it means other warm weather animals could be transfered, to make more room for pandas.

    Thank you for sending the link—I enjoyed it.

    #173 LINDA LUVS PANDAS It is not yet known if nurturing past the 6th or 7th month is needed, the bears to seem to just know things. Case in point Gao Gao was rescued, injuried and malnurished at an unknown age, but less than a year old for sure. Bai Yun was born in captivity (a daughter of the Great Pan Pan-wild/and a captive bred mother), and was removed at 7 months old to the care of the nannykeepers. That pair alone has produced 4 cubs. Bai’s daughter with Shi Shi already has doubled that number of cubs, Bai has birthed and raised 5 successfully, and Hua Mei just had her 8th cub this season. The best news is that both Shi Shi and Gao Gao were wild born, helping to make the gene pool deeper, or wider—-whatever is appropriate. This information was gathered by reading the blogs, and comments. The unknown status was part of an answer fromt he staff, nannykeepers, or the moderator. None of us can know what is “right”, some think that rescuing Shi Shi and Gao Gao is the wrong thing to do, but it sure has brighted up things here in San Diego.

    #178 LUCILLA nobody, but nobody could so quickly get a look at Prince Fluffy-Butt’s diary than you. Did you hack his computer or what???? Well I don’t care how you come by such important information—–thank you for sharing it with us.

  196. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Danielle #192: Of all the Panda bloggers.. I should have known you would be the one to find info on Pandanese!! Thank you! 🙂

  197. Marion (Scotland) says:

    thanks #160 Grammie and #167 Danielle and Rita Petita’s photos for letting me know I was not seeing things at the weekend when I saw our boys meeting via the fence.

  198. GRAMMMIE says:

    #85 WEEGEE Have you made her a nice pink harness and heel spikes for the climbing????? WE and LH are not sure we want her climbing high without them. It was a miracle that saved the Chinese Ying Ying from his coma, and a Miracle that PLP did not recieve andy worse injuries…..we cannot always expect miracles.

  199. Britney Bamboo says:

    pandafan-north, What a beautiful thing to say! 😀