10 Reasons for Hope

Posted at 4:16 pm May 20, 2010 by Suzanne Hall

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimates that the current extinction rate for species on our planet is more than 1,000 times the rate it would be naturally, thanks to human factors. Climate change is implicated in reductions to water availability in ecosystems and ice in the Arctic. These days you only have to turn on the television to have a front row seat for the environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. Everywhere you look, the news about the state of nature seems gloomy.

Working to make positive change in protecting rare species and their habitats is not an easy task. It takes the efforts of trained experts, working collaboratively, often on limited funds and against a ticking clock, to ensure the survival of a portion of our planet’s biodiversity. It requires the support of people and governments who believe in the value of such work. And it relies on the fundamental belief that such actions can make a difference. In short: it takes hope.

On May 21, Endangered Species Day, the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research will celebrate by launching its new initiative, “10 Reasons for Hope.” This effort draws attention to some of the successes we have had as a means by which to inspire us all to continue to fight the good fight. Our reasons for hope highlight projects making a difference in both wild and captive management of species at risk.

Several projects have contributed to increasing wild population numbers via reintroductions or translocations. The Institute has long been involved with the efforts to turn around the decline in California condor numbers; we have seen the wild population increase from 22 to 180 birds in recent years. In Hawaii, more than 200 puaiohi have been released into native forests. Close to home in Southern California, the numbers of endangered kangaroo rats have increased through translocations into good habitat. Without the work of our staff and partners, and the support of governments and communities, these species would have continued on their trajectory toward extinction. Now, we have witnessed the reversal of those trends.

There have also been significant achievements in managing captive populations. We have developed a screening lab for the chytrid fungus, which has devastated wild populations of amphibians the world over. By testing samples in captive populations, we can ensure their survival, and wild populations can be supplemented with animals from breeding programs. We helped launch Genome 10k, an effort to sequence the genomes of vertebrate species that will allow for better treatment of zoonotic diseases in both wild and captive animals. And the number of giant pandas in zoos and breeding centers worldwide should reach 300 this summer, ensuring a self-sustaining captive population.

Here’s something we can all be a part of: connecting our children to nature. There is an international movement to get kids out of the house and onto the trails, beaches, and parks in their area. Fostering this connection will ensure a future generation of environmental stewards, people who care enough to support conservation objectives. We can all participate by introducing our children, or other young relatives or friends, to the wilds in your own backyard.

The news of the world can be depressing, and the constant barrage of pleas for assistance or action on behalf of the world’s declining species and habitats can feel overwhelming. But take heart. In some places, and in big and small ways, efforts are making a difference. Our reasons for hope offer clear examples of how the battle can be won and how it is being won in many different ways. We invite you to allow a little hope to seep into the gloom and doom by visiting the 10 Reasons for Hope page. The future of biodiversity on the planet depends upon those who allow that spirit to guide them to action on behalf of us all.

Suzanne Hall is a senior research technician for the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research.

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  1. Bobbie Wood says:

    Thank you, Suzanne, for writing about Conservation Hope. I also want to thank the SDZ for the poster/placards placed at most of the exhibits detailing not only where the various animals/birds come from but also which show how endangered (or rarely..not endangered) each are. I frequently use these posters when filming the various creatures so that my family can see how fragile animal life has become. (The posters also assist me in remembering what I was filming. 🙂 ) The SDZ has done a fantastic job in detailing what Global Warming is doing to the habitat of the Polar Bear. The Elephant Odyssey area which has the walk through area detailing how humans can recycle, etc, is also fabulous! One cannot walk through the SDZ without being humbled and awed by the need for conservation on the planet. As someone who arrived in Southern California in 1966 and saw what I called ‘the land of the yellow sky’, then seeing legislation finally pass after monumental political battles…we now have blue skies, attemps for clean energy, acid rain is a thing of the past. Yes, there is Hope! My Hope is that those who are in denial wake up. Truly, all one has to do is visit a Zoo and then begin speaking up. Thank you for writing!!!

  2. Grammmie says:

    LET’S ALL HOPE TO BE HEARD…..AND HEAR FOR HOPE. SAN DIEGO ZOO is one of the best leaders for saving species from extinction. They did not just start lately—they have been doing it sucessfully for years….Thank You…..Love


  3. Dennis & Lynn Carney (Flanders,NJ) says:

    Suzanne : Truer words could not have been written….I have been following events as told by Jeff Corwin in his book and Animal Planet Show : 100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth’s Most Endangered Species…. As Jeff mentions due to man’s involvement in destroying the Enviroment that we all share one species of plant or animal goes extinct every 20 minutes now…. Who knows what cures for diseases or other helpful things are lost forever as daily 72 species disappear never to be seen or heard from again….. Are we going down the same path and soon to become as extinct as the dinosaurs as we’ve seen in the past it seems as if the planet earth has seen numerous catastrophic events that lead to mass extermination of species…. Only time and hopefully education of not only children but our two faced politicians that have sold themselves to the highest bidder of corporate greed and payola in complete disregard of the present and future consequences of their actions….. We can change the way we do business and be green or perhaps change all of our lives for the better and hope it is not too late to reverse our actions before we too become an extinct species on planet earth….. 😉 🙂 😉

    It would be a shame if we allow the only wildlife to be seen only exists in pictures,videos and limited numbers in Zoological Parks or worse case scenario as taxidermist stuffed examples of what once was…. We as Pandaholics in our growing Global Panda Fans Family and Friends are making a Positive approach to saving our wildlife as we educate and turn others into Panda Fans …. Only time will tell if our growing numbers can convince our leaders that profit does not have to be our first priority in conducting business in our world today,and that man shares this planet with diverse valuable life forms…… 🙂 😉 🙂

    ” Panda Peace on Earth , Goodwill to All Living Things…..” 😉 🙂 😉

  4. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Suzanne, Excellent blog!!! I like your positive attitude towards the future for different species. 10 Reasons for hope, what a good program! You are right about getting kids outside and visiting nature around them. Speaking from experience, just turning off the tv and getting outside improves a person’s outlook on life. Looking at the stars at night or the beautiful blue sky during the day makes me appreciate nature. Just getting outside looking at the butterflies that fly by, the bees that come searching for sugary soda, the birds that come around, it is a joy to be out in nature. You are right, going to the beach or the lake does make a person appreciate nature. I am grateful that my parents took me to the beach, lake and to the zoo to explore and enjoy nature. Those are good memories that I share with my daughter as we do the same activities.

  5. heather em says:

    Hooray for environmental stewardship! i grew up inspecting tadpoles, caterpillars, worms, pillbugs, ants, butterflies, and so on and so forth in their native environments: under bushes, in the creek, down in the dirt, up in the trees, on the backside of leaves… and i lived in the city! These days it seems less and less that kids are exploring the worlds that are literally right in front of them: in their own front and back yards. Just a walk around the block used to be a wonderland (and often an afternoon), but now we seem to be more geared toward “instant gratification” and electronics. i hope that in this ever-growing world, we can remember to teach our kids to look up, down, and all around in the outdoors. We live in an amazing place, and it means a lot to keep it that way. Thanks for this entry, Suzanne.

  6. Jan Cecchi from Adelaide, South Australia says:

    Hi Suzanne

    Once again thanks for a very comprehensive information update. I really appreciate the fantastic information that you and your colleagues share with the world. I so adore what you are doing for panda conservation and am still transfixed to Bai Yun and Yun Zi but also very lucky to be able to visit Wang Wang and Funi as often as I can and following Simone’s passion with our pandas – she is just starting the ultrasound and gel training with Funi in preparation for her looming first oestrus – she is now 3.5 years so hopefully next year.

    Cheers to everyone from Adelaide

  7. Linda luvs pandas says:

    What a great article Suzanne. One can only HOPE that people realize how very important every speices is to the entire human race. If we keep poisoning our own environment and eliminating plants and animals, how long until our own demise? The work you do at the SDZ to help all people and especially the children recognize what needs to be done to help save our entire planet is wonderful. I am right now watching a cute little fluffy butt squirm around in his hammock and makes me truly appreciate all you do there, not only for the pandas (which I love) but all animals. I was reading about the frogs in California dying off and it truly had me concerned. This is happening all over the world. I truly hope people stop and take notice. I try to help in small ways, going green so to say but wish I could do so much more. The oil spill in the Gulf has me absolutely terrified that we will have a dead sea on our hands. Thank you again for making people aware and all your hard work. Let’s all hope it pays off one day.

  8. Grammmie says:

    GOOD MORNING PANDA LOVERS. I THINK I MAY GO to sleep early tonight so I wanted to let you know that while checking things before turning off the computer I found a new Su Lin photo up on Rita Petita’s Flikr account, perhaps there will be more by the time you get this in the morning. Take good care of our Pandas until I get up, and I will see what new things you have to say…..Love Grammmie (I will put the link here in case you do not have it handy.) http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/

  9. Lucilla says:

    Yun Zi peddled like his bike was on fire and he whizzed past the roaring crowds. ‘JUst once, I wish I had the legs of a gazelle or a giraffe and not my tiny stubby ones, ‘ he wished as he cruised down the final stretch. He slowed down just a tiny bit as he spotted a quartet of pandette cheerleaders who were cheering for him. He waved to them and they let off a collective scream and raised a huge banner with an award winning photo of YUN ZHI, the world’s most athletic Panda taken by Weeta Pawtita.

    He jumps off the bike and plunges into the cold cold sea water as he entered into the second paw of the Giant Iron Panda Trialthon.

    ‘Gotta keep going. Stay focused!’ as he moved his paws as fast as he could. The cold sea water was buffeting him around as he kept on course.

    He ran out of the water and started to trot. ‘Step by step, I can do it. I can do it!’ He turns back and there is no competitor near by. ‘Hee Hee, I can do it.’

    As he nears the finish line, he sees an excited panda doing somersaults. ‘That must be Jie Jie Zhennie! – HIYAH!’ He shouts out to her as she squeals in delight and runs up a tree. To the side, he spots Mama Bai and Papa Gao looking anxiously for their young son.

    ‘Mama! Papa! Here I am! MAMA…’

    ‘Yes, Yunnie? Why were you shouting for me?’

    ‘Mama?’ Yunnie blinks his eyes, ‘I was winning!’

    ‘Winning what?’

    ‘The Iron Panda Trialthon!’

    ‘WOW, that’s great. Your Papa used to train for that!’

    ‘Really? WOW!’

    ‘No, son. Papa is a quiet type. He loves his boo and….’

    ‘Miss Panda Universe?’


    ‘Hee Hee, Mama, he does too!’

  10. Joy :) says:

    Great information, thanks Suzanne!

    I am visiting giant pandas Ya Ya and Le Le at the Memphis Zoo this week. They are celebrating “Bear Awareness Week” with extra education in their giant panda area. We are making a black and white paper chain to hang in the panda pavilion. Each person that commits to help preserve pandas can write their name on a strip of paper, then it is added to the chain.

    The big message is that we need to help pandas by doing the 4-R’s of Conservation and by telling others how important it is to preserve the pandas’ habitat and help them both in zoos and in the wild.

    A Great Message that cannot be told too many times! We can each make a difference in our own way to help the giant pandas in the world.

    Thanks to everyone who works to spread the word!!!

    Panda Hugs, Joy 🙂

    (BTW, Ya Ya and Le Le send their greetings to their West coast family… Bai Yun, Gao Gao, Su Lin, Zhen Zhen and Yun Zi… and they hope everyone is happy and getting lots of yummy bamboo!)

  11. Grammmie says:

    PANDAS LIVE ON TYPE THOSE 3 WORDS to your address bar to reach the site, and read all about the USA Endangered Species day—–and links to some other sites involved in Saving Endangered Species. There are always good articles to read on the left, great places to go on the right-including family trees of our Pandas. I hope there is something there for everybody…..Love Grammmie

  12. Grammmie says:

    MC IN SHANGHAI BELOW THE FIRST ARTICLE on ‘Pandas Live On’ there is an article about one of the Panda Keepers working with the “Shanghai 10” young Pandas in your town for the World Expo this year. Since you go to the exhibit often I thought you would espcially enjoy it…….Love Grammmie

  13. Felicia says:

    Thank you, so very much Suzanne, for your encouraging post. I agree whole-heartedly with you about reconnecting children to nature. It is all around for us to care for, and enjoy, no matter the technological age. Many thanks again for the informative and uplifting posting and Happy Endangered Species Day to you and all that make this world a better place for future generations!!

  14. Marie says:

    Suzanne that was an excellent article! As a huge animal and nature lover, it is definitely upsetting to see what is happening to our planet and the effect it is having on animals and nature. But at the same time, after discovering zoos and other companies and people who work hard for conservation, I have become hopeful that with a lot of continued hard work and perseverance, we can slowly, but surely reverse the effects of what man has destroyed and make this planet a place for nature and endangered animals to thrive once again. I remain hopeful!

  15. Lee in Vancouver says:

    Thank you Suzanne for this wonderful blog. When I read it I had tears running down my cheeks. Happy for all the great accomplishments that have been achieved and sad for all the creatures and plants that will be lost during my life time.

    I was raised to respect the environment and everything in it but I do contribute to global warming by flying off in planes for great vacations and using too much electricity in my everyday life. I recycle everything imaginable and participate in a minimalistic lifestyle as I believe we don’t need 5 of everything or the newest. I am always ‘nagging’ at others to do the same but usually it just falls on deaf ears. If we can get more children into the loop then they in turn can pass it on to their children. It is never too late to start either.

  16. Dianna - Ohio says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    This is a very interesting post. But I still feel disheartened when I think about the huge distruction that is going on in the Gulf right now. What was the last count on dead sea turles? I heard 67…. dolphins are dying and now the solvent BP was using to clean up the oil is toxic? Did we not learn anything from the Valdez accident? This may sound like a glass half empty blog but all the small, albeit heroic efforts that people like yourself and the zoos and conservation organizations make appear to be so small compared to what we as humans are doing to our planet. It takes so long to bring back endangered animals and plantlife, but only a few days to undo any progress made. Are we making any headway? Are we becoming desensitized to massive accidents like the Gulf?

    It just seems to me that in this day and age, events like the Gulf shouldn’t be happening.

    Thank you for your post. I’ll keep rereading it and perhaps feel more optimistic about our planet’s future.

  17. Carol says:

    What an uplifting blog. Thanks, Suzanne

  18. njr_in_sd says:

    Suzanne – very nice blog. It is easy to be come overwhelmed by all the conservation challenges the world faces – so nice to hear about some of the successes – certainly 10 reasons to hope.

  19. julie says:

    Hey fellow panda lovers. I watched the neatest documentary on our favorite bears. Go to snagfilms(dot)com and look up secrets of the wild panda. It is such a great film and you can hear all the panda sounds.

    Thank you SDZ for the great work you are doing for Pandas and may they continue to thrive in your care.

  20. Gabrielle in az says:

    its grate to see that he growing and getting bigger everyday. it feels like just yersterday that i had herd about his birth. one day i will coe out there and beable to see the little guy soon. its summer break and iam going to try my best to come out with family and friends to get out there and see him hes growing way to fast

  21. doreen in richmond va says:

    thanks for the imfomative blog,Suzanne. we definitely need to help in world conservation… the oil spill inthe gulf is reaching the luisianna coastline. there was talk of drilling off virginia coast, but im not sure itwould be a good idea. sad news from N.Z. the lion cub which was born on tuesday, died today. it was a little boy….. so sad……..

  22. Pandy says:

    I love pandas so much!!!!!

  23. Marilyn in California says:

    When I click on the “10 Reasons for Hope” link above, I get the “Error 404 – Not Found” page.

    Moderator’s note: It’s fixed now!

  24. Grammmie says:

    WHEN YOU GET TO THE PAGE JULIE MENTIONS IN #19 JUST click on the documentary name and you are right there….I am watching it now……Love Grammmie

  25. Linda says:

    Happy Endangered Species Day to everyone! Thanks for another wonderful post, Suzanne, and for all the amazing work that you and your colleagues do. It is wonderful to focus on the positive and think of all the progress that has been made even while continuing to do all we can to reverse some of the damage that has been done and prevent further damage from happening in the future. I know just thinking about Yun Zi and his cuddly little (growing!) body, gives me happiness and hope throughout my day.

  26. Grammmie says:

    #20 GABRIELLE IN AZ On behalf of Californians a Zonie here to see our pride and joy are a welcome neighbors and since you are even hotter than us during the Summer we want you to have a break. Get a driver that can take a daytime nap, or doesn’t need a lot of sleep-so that you can really enjoy some of the Night Zoo….when I was able to go I loved it—when the sun goes down it gets way cooler so bring at least a light jacket-especially for the idiot who says “we won’t need jackets it is too hot”.

  27. Marie says:

    # 19 and 24 – I watched that documentary a couple of weeks ago and posted the link several blogs ago. It definitely is really good!

  28. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Reading the comments got me thinking. What SDZ does with teaching kids about conserving our environment is EXCELLENT. Reading the comments, I noticed that people are concerned about the current generation, growing up, just focused on getting the newest electronics. If we really want to take care of our world, we as adults need to teach kids to celebrate life, to appreciate life. I am around little kids a lot, having a child. I am amazed and distressed at some of the things little kids talk about, where their imaginations are taking them. By the Grace of God, movie producers and tv show makers will start celebrating life and teaching this generation to celebrate life. It is not enough for movie makers to point out what is going on with the environment. We need to teach children to appreciate life and living creatures, if we want to get them interested in conservation. Movie makers and tv show produces can’t teach kids a hundred ways to kill and expect kids to be interested in saving the polar bear. By the Grace of God, this generation growing up will have their hearts turned towards Life and respect for life, and all living creatures and each other. This comment is directed towards movie makers and tv producers. If this is too controversial a comment, please feel free not post it. Forgive me, Suzanne, for taking this opportunity to encourage tv producers and movie makers to do better by this generation of kids. I think teaching kids to appreciate life is what it is going to take to get this generation interested in taking care of the planet and the living creatures. By the Grace of God, this generation of kids’ hearts are turned towards respect for Life and living creatures and each other.

  29. Grammmie says:

    #28 TEXAS BARBI (GABRIELLE)——-VERY WELL SAID ! ! ! ! ! ! Love Grammmie

  30. Maureen in Stanwood, Mi says:

    10 reasons for hope – thank you Suzanne & for all the zoos and they all have done. 🙂 🙂

    Understand that there 300 pandas the in zoos and in captivity

    and China feels the future births that will sustain the population until they able to release pandas into the wild. That a $8 billion project to built & for what I can understand years to train the pandas. I think the money will be better spend planting bamboo, training local farmers to not to build roads where liike it pandas

    breeding grounds – they have split many breeding grounds

  31. Grammmie says:

    8:55 p.m. I DON’T KNOW IF HE IS IN THE MOOD TO PLAY—-but she sure is. First she had him on the ground on his back and seemed to be tickling hiim, then she lifted him up towards her front lifting him higher than her head, then eventually she got on her back—probably easier to lift him. They are rolling and playing so I will watch them as long as I can se…..Love Grammmie

  32. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Tonight is my night to preach, I guess. You guys really have me thinking. Sometimes, business people make decisions thinking about short term profit and do not consider seeds they are sowing, which eventually come home to roost. I knew after Katrina that the US was headed for a recession. It took about four or five years for the economic impact of Katrina to work it’s way into the economy. Everybody is talking about the Gulf. The Gulf is my backyard so to speak. Some people might think that only wildlife will be affected by the events in the Gulf of Mexico. I believe that the affects of Katrina took about four or five years to work their way into the US economy. I believe the economic impact affected every economy on the globe. We can go ahead and expect that this oil spill will probably affect every economy on the globe, in probably about four or five years. Katrina was a natural disaster, but this Gulf oil spill is not. I am glad children are having a chance to learn about conservation, because the decisions we make affect not only the environment, but the economy. It makes me cry to think about the Gulf. Thank you guys for reminding me about the events in the Gulf, not watching the news I forget. It is very sad to think about the wildlife that is being lost, it is very sad. In a few years, I expect people around the world will be affected by this oil spill. It just makes good business sense to think about the environment and the impact of our actions.

  33. Mc in ShangHai says:

    # 12 Grammmie :I know the keeper Yang.Actually I talked to him when I was there.I saw a panda cub was chewing something.Others wanted to take it from him.I recognized that is a small pink plastic bottle.My wife and I were getting very worried.I told her to stare at the bottle.and I ran to the keeper’s office for help.I met Yang in the office and told him about that.He immediately went to clean up and expressed thanks to me.I asked him if I can go with him.He said no.hehe.I lost the opportunity .


  34. Susan (UK) says:

    I was very interested Suzanne, where you mention getting children involved. Only this week a report was released which said that children just don’t seem to be interested in nature/wildlife. I felt very disappointed about that, because it is very important that we introduce youngsters to this wonderful pastime. But then, when I think of myself I realise that, although I adored animals when young it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that the real love and caring started to show. 30 years on and that love for all creatures has grown enormously. As I’m writing this I’m watching an osprey live on cam in Scotland with a 2-day old chick and one born 12 hours ago (the Mum osprey is approximately 25 years old!) and, along with all the other wonders of nature, as well as my beloved Pandas and Polar Bears, this gives me hope. I wish more people felt the way we all do about animals. Watching and learning about Lily and Hope has given me an insight into how bears live and that programmes which feature so-called well known ‘animal lovers’ telling us how vicious bears are, are just there for entertainment, not the true facts. I never watch them.

    Nature is beautiful and wonderful, we should all embrace it – without it we are nothing.

  35. Grammmie says:

    THE 2 eathquakes we just felt was a 5.3 followed closely by a 4.8. I do not know yet if it was felt at the zoo, but Queen Bai and Prince Fluffy-Butt did not interrupt their morning nap for either of them. I just hope poor Gao was not affected—-he dislikes when we “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”…..Love Grammmie

  36. kelly in FLA says:

    Is anyone capturing Yun and mom’s play session right now. I would love to have this on youtube. Yun is climbing off of a branch onto mom’s head, and is being so playful. Let me know the link if you get this. Thanks!

  37. Linda says:

    Pudgy is lying at Mama Bai’s feet right now and rolling around while she eats bamboo – it is really one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. He is so precious! Oh – he’s getting up now and Bai is trying to roll him away, but Yun Zi is tenacious! Now it looks like she has her hand on his belly and is giving him a belly rub while holding him down – or maybe just holdling him down! Uh-oh, Yunior is up for the attack now, climbing up Bai’s back and trying to take the Mommy Monster down, but Bai pays the still-small bear no mind. Now he has climbed up the tree behind her and is trying the attack from atop! OMG, he is so rambunctious! And Bai is so patient… until she finally strolls nochalantly away, leaving the Pudgy One to forage through the shredded pieces of bamboo she has left behind – hee, hee! too cute 😀

  38. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Grammmie, thank you. Zhen Zhen was wild this morning. It is so much fun to watch her. I saw Bai Yun in Yun Zi’s hammock the other night, what a sight! Yun Zi has a big back side, now. No longer does his little fluffy back side drag the ground. Yun Zi is big now and oh so adorable, still.

  39. Mc in ShangHai says:

    P Wong:Here is a link to professor Pan Wen Xue’s speech:


  40. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Just watched the National Georgraphic doc on wild pandas. I must have missed the link in the previous blogs… SO interesting… Does anyone know when that was taped? I’m curious about the researcher and what has happened since this was taped…..Such a devoted man… he has endured torture for his honesty, leaves his family for months at a time.. all for Pandas.. Truly a “special” breed of humanity… And such a culture shock! Breathtaking scenary but it seems the people living in the country are from another time period.. i.e. the tools used for farming, heat from fire…I was so sad to hear that “Lucky” didn’t make it, but at least he didn’t die alone in the wild… What is it about the Pandas that they will gravitate towards humans when in need of something, whereas grizzlies, polars, etc avoid humans at all costs… What makes them so different in that aspect?

    Also.. somehow wandered into a Hi-Light video of LP’s dad… They were shifting him from one exhibit to another… Now I know where LP gets her tenacity!!! It took FOREVER!!! That bear is HUGE!! There definitely was NOT any Picking Up and transferring in a laundry basket for this guy!!

    Do they have 2 exhibits at the Thailand Zoo? I was watching and it appeared to me that Zhuang was in one exhibit and LP and Mom in another.

    TX Barbie-Gabrielle: Do you teach? When I read your blogs, your thought process reminds me of someone who is in an academic position…

    Danielle: Is Zhuang a wild born? Did they have to AI LH and Zhuang to get LP? LP’s 1 year b-day is coming up in a few days… Can’t wait to see the festivities…

    Grammmie: I had NO idea SD has that many shakes!! It seems like at least once a week you’re reporting a tremor of some sort… How scary!!

  41. Grammmie says:

    #33 MC IN SHANGHAI Well you tried…at least it showed you were thinking. Many of us would have tried too, even if we knew we would be turned down. I am glad you were on hand to notice the pink bottle, so it could be removed before doing damage to the Panda. When my husband was still alive we went to the zoo often, and whenever we saw something that did not seem to be in place or correct we always went out of our way to let a Keeper know. Once it was a large house cat taking his own little unguided tour of the smaller bird avieries. The cat was asked to leave, and we do not know if it came back or not, but we never saw another one in the area.

    #36 KELLY and #37 LINDA I also hope somebody captured the “show” our bears put on this afternoon. The Zoo patrons today must have had a good time. I saw them playing this morning for a bit, in addition to “moonlight” play last night. They will probably need a week to recover to be able to repeat the lst 24 hours. Someone I know saw Gao Gao today and said the earthquakes did not bother him, in fact all of the bears slept through them….I wish I had…….Love Grammmie

  42. doreen zumhof from richmond va says:

    i dont know if any of you have kept up with the black bear Lily and her cub Hope, but there was an update on the site today. aparently Lily had left Hope asleep in a tree, and wandered off. the research team have tracked her about 3 miles away. Hope has been alone for 24hrs now. the team found Lily ,who is ok, but they went back to the tree, and didnt see Hope, but heard some rustling in the trees. they dont know why Lily left, i sure hope little Hope will be alright, cos she is still nursing. I seem to be the bearer of sad news,so i watch Bai and Zunnie,who make me feel better

  43. Claudia says:

    Got to see our Panda Family today. Everybody pray for Daddy Gao Gao, one keeper said his tummy has been upset lately !

  44. Carol says:

    I was worried about all the zoo kids when I read about the earthquake in San Diego. Glad to hear the Queen and her young prince just napped right through it.

  45. Georgie says:

    I have Ten Reasons for Hope. My ten Grandchildren!

    Thanks to them I have learned to responsibly recycle materials,

    that I haven’t ever done before.

    It isn’t a difficult thing to do, just takes a little more time.

    The children know how important this is in order to save Our Planet.

    My 12 year old Granddaughter scolded me,

    because I was brushing away a magnificent spider web which was on the patio.

    This too was a part of nature and there for a reason.

    The children are better educated today and don’t take things for granted as we did.

    For this I am grateful !

  46. Grammmie says:

    COME ONE-COME ALL, RIGHT ON OVER TO THE YUNNIE AND BAI SHOW hosted by Rita Petita on her Flikr pages. Just use this link to visit any time you want….but don’t miss anything…..visit often. Rita takes the cream of the photos….and loves our pandas….Love Grammmie http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/

  47. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Follow up to my comment #28. It is good to give honor where honor is due. I applaud PBS and Disney for providing shows that are safe for kids to watch. By the Grace of God, more entertainment companies will do the same. While I am on the subject, thank you SDZ for providing a safe website for children to be on. Thank you Moderator, too!

    Yesterday, when we were sitting at a light, I pointed out that the car in front had a California plate. My daughter told me that she wants to move to California. Who knows, maybe we will move to California in the future. Then my daughter can participate in the learning programs that SDZ provides. As for me, I want to learn everything there is to know about pandas.

  48. Marie says:

    # 40 Dianna from Ohio – I saw the Zhuang video, too. He was definitely moving slowly. Can you imagine how long that took in real time? Not only does LP get her tenacity from him, but also her size. Yes, they have two exhibits.

  49. Dianna from Ohio says:

    I LOVE Rita Petita’s pictures… She captures their personalities… Have I ever told you guys that I want her job? 🙂


    There is one I really like in the photo gallery that the zoo photographer took.. It’s the one of Yunior underneath Mom while they are walking along..

  50. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Claudia, thanks for the info. We will do it. Gao Gao is a healthy and wealthy panda guy.

  51. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Dianna from Ohio, that is so sweet for you to say. Right now, I am a mom. I am a daughter of an Engineer who always treated me like I could do anything when I was growing up. Fortunately, my dad now treats his granddaughter like she can accomplish anything. I earned a BBA from UT Austin, with the Lord’s help. (Especially, I had to ask the Lord to help me do business calculus and some engineering calculus that my professor threw in. I could not understand it on my own. Sometimes, I would ask the Lord to help me on tests, too. No one ever said you could not do that.) I ask the Lord for wisdom pretty much everyday in every aspect of my life. (He keeps me from doing stupid stuff. He works so hard!!!) It is the Lord who gave this girl, only interested in boys and fashion in high school, the smarts to earn a business degree. It is the Lord who helps me write and gives me wisdom. My thoughts are very small on my own, but with the Lord my thoughts are higher than what they would be on my own. (My only thoughts on my own would be just about my Man!!! I have not changed in that way.) But you know, the people who write the blogs and the people on the blogs get me thinking and challenge me to think about things in the world. I appreciate you all, you all made it a fun and interesting year while I have been waiting on my man to come home from overseas. I appreciate you all for that.

  52. Grammmie says:

    #42 DOREEN ZUMHOF FROM RICHMOND VA So sorry to hear about Lilly andd Hope…..but since they are monitoring so closley Hope has a chance. I have read in more than one place that Pandas in the wild also leave the babies up a tree for more than 24 hours sometimes, so let us hope it is the same with Black Bears. Have the scientists been able to observe wild black bears in the wild a lot??? Hopefully this is a behavior they just did not know about. Keep us posted.

    #43 CLAUDIA Sorry to hear Daddy Gao has a tummy ache, but hope he is better now. At least the quakes didn’t bother him this time.

    #44 CAROL That is why I report what I feel and what THEY feel when I find out….I never know how far and wide you guys hear, and if we report you get an answer that much sooner.

    #46 GRAMMMIE You are behind the times—there are even more new photos up this evening…so everybody who loves Rita Petita Flikr Photos should take another gander.

    #47 TEXAS BARBI (GABRIELLE) What part of Texas do you live in????? You have probably already told me, but my brains hold onto memories like a sieve. If where you are is dry and pretty warm you are in for the same…..but we cool at night becasue of the ocean, but if you have blizzards and lots of rain…you will love it here. (I was in a blizzard in Northern Texas in once.)………….Love Grammmie

  53. pandafan-north says:

    Okay, panda fans, here is a great capture of one of the SDZ pandas. I’m guessing it’s Zhennie, but I can’t be 100% sure. It does have that ZZ brand of goofiness, don’t you think? Enjoy!!


  54. pandafan-north says:

    Hello!! Special video alert! I came across this one from when our Prince FluffyButt was just getting his earlier outdoor adventures. It’s where we first saw cutie Yunie playing with ‘the leaf’ but in this version, it’s the music that makes it so delightful – it is just so perfect, you’d almost think the whole thing was staged. Enjoy!!


  55. Susan (UK) says:

    #42 Doreen, a lot of people are very worried about Hope and Lily. Lily has finally returned to the red pine where she left Hope, but Hope has gone and the team have been unable to find her. She has been 2 days without milk but can go for around 4 days. Fingers crossed for these lovely bears. The ‘Man Who Walks With Bears’ would be heartbroken if anything bad has happened to Hope.So would a lot of us.

  56. Lucilla says:

    Dear Grammie,

    I think it is a brilliant idea that young master Gao becomes an Eco warrior and educator. I am glad to hear he enjoys his adventures and his travels with me. He is an adorable companion. I will try to do right by him. I dont think it is wise to separate him from Mama just yet. Although she has perfected the leg block and the arm swipe, I think Queen Bai would want her princeling around for just a little bit. Using her as a seat or as a ladder up a tree or sitting on top of her head is wee bit naughty but I am sure Mama would have given him a good talking to.

    Would be fun to collect all the good writing and publish a book to raise money for Panda Conservation.



    ps Please tell Yun Zi that he is welcome anytime to visit with me and I have a tuxedo cat by the name of Princess Panda Puss Puss who would love to meet him.

  57. P Wong says:

    #39, Mc in ShangHai – Thanks. That was an interesting Pan Wenshi interview. Even though the interview took place about 10 years ago, there was information shared that was news to me:

    His research team observations and notes indicate female Qinling panda estrus in the wild can last 7 days, not merely 48 hours.

    Although they recorded panda Jiao Jiao’s mating events a number of times, DNA test data indicated that her cubs were not related to the males in the recorded mating events. This meant Jiao Jiao had multiple partners and the cubs were fathered by unknown males that did not have radio collars. The team was also able to observe mating events and cub bearing activities of her progeny and they were robust. So considering that Jiao Jiao had cubs about every 2 years (totally 6) while in the wild, this indicates the panda population can more than sustain itself as long as habitat is available to support their basic living requirements. His contention was this debunks the general notion that the panda is at the end of its evolutionary cycle due lack of mating and child raising instincts.

  58. doreen in richmond va says:

    i was just watching zunnie with bai playing in the water and thinking of little Hope , all alone in the minnesota woods. alone for over 50 hrs. last nite an update was posted that lily had made it back to the red pine where she had left hope,so it seems she hadnt abandoned hope, but was on a bear mission.nothing new this am but hopefully lily found hope…overnight.

  59. Grammmie says:

    Even more new photos are up on Rita Petita’s Flikr account. Zhen Zhen with a red ball is real cute. Here is the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritapetita/ LOVE GRAMMMIE

  60. Danielle, NY says:

    #40 Dianna from Ohio – I believe that at the Zoo in Thailand, they have two outside exhibits and one “outside” exhibit in which Lin Ping and Lin Hui are spending their days, that exhibit is actually indoor. They have also the old inside rooms and the new inside rooms. They keep using those old rooms and have many long corridors to move the pandas from one place to the others. I also saw the move of Chuang Chuang which took as you said, forever… I was laughing because I thought their training of the pandas to obey to orders are not really working or then they have to deal with pandas not too keen on obeying to orders, and Lin ping seems to have inherited that trait from her very big daddy.

    Chuang Chuang was not born in the wild; he was born in Wolong on August 6, 2000. His mother is Bai Xue, we wrote about her a few blogs back, she is the panda that escaped from Wolong and returned four and a half years later. Chuang Chuang was born before her escape and he had a twin sister, Zhu Zhu. Chuang Chuang’s father is Xin Xing, who is also Long Hui’s father; Long Hui resides in Vienna, Austria, and is Fu Long’s daddy. Xin Xing is also the maternal grandfather of Wu Jun and Wu Jie, cousins and roommates of Fu Long in Bi Feng Xia.

  61. Dianna - Ohio says:

    #51 Barbi (Gabrielle): I would like to thank your husband for keeping our country safe and you and your family for your sacrifice. Hopefully he will soon come home safe.

    #53/54 Panda Fan North: It’s a wonder Zhennie hasn’t fallen on her head a few times.. Her acrobatics stun me!! I love that video of Yunior. Especially when he puts the leaf on his forehead. It seems so long ago that he was that small and pink.

    #48 Marie and #60 Danielle: Thanks for the info… Was Lin Hui AI’ed? I was watching a hi-light of LP over the weekend and they try and try to get her to go down that slide. LP will not have anything to do with it…. The big 1 year b-day is coming up… also a pandaholics b-day.. but I can’t remember whose…

  62. Danielle, NY says:

    After reading Friday’s Panda Cub Updates on the Atlanta Zoo’s website about Lun Lun cooling off in her pool, I tried unsuccessfully to find a video of it. But I did find a picture

    Estrus… smestrus…. Uploaded on May 2, 2010 by bob2cleo


    And I did find some videos of Yang Yang posted by Lynn (lcnessie15):

    Splish splash, Big Daddy’s Takin’ a Bath!


    May 18, 2010 – It’s hot in Atlanta and it’s breeding season so Big Daddy is coolin’ his jets!

    Who Needs Estrus When You’ve Got Shoots?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zFBd4zikkI

    lcnessie15 — April 30, 2010 – Well, while Big Daddy Yang Yang waits for his lovely Lun Lun to be ready for him, he can at least enjoy one of the other pleasures of spring: bamboo shoots! I guess that expression is true: the way to a male panda’s heart is thru his stomach! So sweet to see him so content with his shoot!

  63. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Grammmie, I live in Austin, but I will l live where my man (husband) is stationed. It is just possible, my family might move to California in the future, as my man likes California and now my daughter likes California. We will see. All I know right now is that, by the Grace of God, we are coming to see Yun Zi. I MUST SEE YUN ZI AND HIS YUMMY TUMMY!!!!!!

  64. Danielle, NY says:

    Last Wednesday the Panda Cub Updates on the Atlanta Zoo’s website was about the return of the hammock. I found some videos posted by Lynn (lcnessie15). Yang Yang would be proud of his son Xi Lan…

    He’s All Yang, Eh?!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k56SKdpyhCs

    Hilarious!! But if the end of the video is part of his training to compete with Lin Ping on the parallel bares, he still has some work to do…

    Another video from Lynn was posted on Flickr: Yay, da hammock is back!


  65. Danielle, NY says:

    While I was doing all my searching over the weekend, I also looked for pictures of Yun Zi’s eyes to see the blue coloring meantioned on the bog.

    I found a picture of Yun Zi in which you can see the blue coloring in his eyes. It seems that his eyes are more shinny than other pandas’ eyes.

    curious boy Uploaded on February 23, 2010 by bob2cleo


    Here is another beautiful picture of Yun Zi trying to use his shinny sharp blue eyes to intimidate his mommy monster from taking his apple treat.

    warning! da mommy is here for your appow Uploaded on February 22, 2010

    by bob2cleo


  66. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Thank you for the updates on Lilly and Hope. By the Grace of God, Lilly and Hope are reunited.

    Lucilla, I think it is an excellent idea to write a book to raise money for helping the pandas. You could make up a character and send him on adventures. I think kids would like your books, I know I do. Your stories could also help people learn about pandas in the wild, and the steps people are taking to try to help them. You could do your own art work or have a child or someone else draw pictures of the pandas on their adventures. It would work and I am here to help, if you would like. My daughter draws cute pictures of pandas, if you are ever interested.

  67. Frances in NYC says:

    It is really panda playtime this afternoon–Bai and Yun Zi are having a blast–and they were playing for quite a long time last night around 10 PT. Such an amazing sight!

  68. Grammmie says:

    #40 DIANNA FROM OHIO Until the quake in mexico about a hundred miles from us on April 4, 2010 we did not often get remarkable shakes. We certainly felt the quake from L.A. a over 10 years ago, it woke me from a sound sleep. But the this year was the biggest in our area for a very, very, very long time. With the use of this link http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqscanv/

    you can check up on quakes in our area and around the world. Right now I check in several times a day or if we shake and I feel it. As soon as I can I post whatever information I can so that you do not have to wait to ask the question and then for me to see it and answer. There are updates every 5 minutes when there is shaking, every hour otherwise it refreshes itself. More often than not I can see what the bears are doing…..Big Momma and Little Fuffy-Butt slept through the ones the other day. I later found out from somebody who was at the Panda exhibit that day that all of the bears had slept through it. It seems that Gao Gao is the one most upset by shaking and he slept through it too.

    #53 and #54 PAN FAN NORTH I think it looks like ZZ’s enclosure and her style. Perhaps somebody who was there can confirm how smart we are?????

    I would say that video was done by Bobbie Woods-except she usually uses classical in general, Mozart in particular. If it is hers I think she will come forth and let us know…you are right the music with it ties it so well together. It reminded me just how tiny he was just a few months ago.

    #56 LUCILLA I will pass the information along. I would send his e-mail address to you but I don’t think the zoo would like me to put a link here. He would be up all night keyboard chatting with you and would never be up in the daytime. I agree about a book to benefit the Pandas. If we took the bears around to book stores for signings it would sell out in no time.

    CHECK THE WEB CAM there seems to be a play session going on in the upper right quadrant of the eclosure.

  69. pandafan-north says:

    It looks like a lovely day in Panda Canyon, with a bit of a breeze. I hope someone was able to capture the activity in the main enclosure at around 11:00 SDZ time. Bai had herself some “me time” playing with the donut in the pool and rolling around on the ground and against a tree (I wonder if she was reacting to a scent or some other enrichment). While she was doing this, Yunior was nowhere in sight and it was great to see “the mama” having herself a wonderful time. In no time, of course, Yunior was in on the action – and oh what action! They played from one end of the enclosure to the other. Every now and then I get a glimpse of the lucky folks who are able to take advantage of the photo ops. How I wish I was there with them!! Bai seems to be favoring the pool today. YZ is up on the stone throne. It’s interesting how they go about their play sometimes on their own, then coming together for a wrestle and then taking off in different directions, but they are clearly having a great time! Every now and then, Bai looks like she’s going to climb the tree by the howdy gate, but then decides not to. Yunnie is showing off his acrobatics on the climbing enclosure, while Bai walks around. I can imagine the dialogue as they pass each other:

    Bai: Hiya, Yunz, how’s it going? You havin’ fun?

    YZ: I’m havin’ the best time, big momma, the best time!!

    This play has been going for about forty minutes now and both bears are still raring to go. Oh, to be at SDZ right now!

  70. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Dianna – Ohio, Hi, thank you for that kindness. Thanks for all the kindness of the Panda Fans and Moderator and Camera Person. You all are very kind people, I am glad we discovered this website and blog. Yes, my man is coming home very SOON, that is why I am so excited!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I was looking in the dictionary to see the meaning of the word giddy. I noticed that the dictionary (it is a few years old) described the giant panda as a “bearlike mammal”. Did the Panda Researchers just start classifying pandas as bears? Pandas do seem different from the brown bear and black bear.

    Moderator’s note: Yes, pandas were reclassified as bears in the 1980s.

  71. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Dianna – Ohio, You know, I have not made any sacrifices, I am here taking care of my Zhen Zhen like daughter (they are so much alike). But my man has (he left college to go back full time in the military after 9-11) and so many military families have. Just like your kind words, I honor them as well. I am so proud of my man and all of our military personnel and families. By the Grace of God, all of our troops come home safely, our allied troops as well.

  72. pandafan-north says:

    #62 Danielle NY – here is the video of Lun Lun in the pool.



  73. pandafan-north says:

    Video alert re Xi Lan in Atlanta! I found this in one of my searches. The X-man is quite interested in something behind a closed door – turns out to be his mama. Turn up your speakers to hear his volcalizations. Thanks to ‘smileybear’ for this capture.


    And I thought the caption of this photo, also from ‘smileybear’ is soooo perfect!


    Enjoy, panda lovers!!

  74. Kathy in CT says:

    Wow! What a superb article on “global hope”. It is all the more reason to support zoo and wildlife conservation efforts throughout the world. When I took my 8th grade US History Club to DC in April, the students were so taken by the sights of the National Zoo- a part of life many seem to miss nowadays. They could have stayed all day. Perhaps the natural thing to do is let kids have more nature opportunities- to explore, enjoy, reflect, and resolve to do the right thing for our planet as time goes forward.

  75. Linda luvs pandas says:

    I was able to watch some of the play session last night and today of our beloved bears. How cute. The keepers are right, the baby does seem to be staying up longer all of the sudden and has much more energy. Hopefully Bai enjoyed her free time wile he slept so much since it does not appear she will have much alont time with him staying up longer. I just love watching the two of them romp around and play.

    I truly am praying that Hope is found, i have been watching them also and it would be heartbreaking if something has happened to her.

  76. Dennis & Lynn Carney (Flanders,NJ) says:

    Sad news from the North American Bear Center as they now fear the worse case scenario due to all the rain that they have had as they just announced that Lily gave up the search for her cub and they are now looking for closure as they fear that little Hope might not have survived the 3 day ordeal of being on her own ….. As Dr.Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield reported tonight at their website it is common for first time mother black bears to lose their single cubs….. One can only hope that Lily might go into early estrus and will have multiple cubs next season and again tolerate our invasion of a live den cam …. We all can pray that we haven’t lost little Hope , but this will contribute to more understanding of Black Bears as this was a historical event,irregardless of the outcome….. http://www(DOT)bear(DOT)org/website/lily-a-hope/live-den-cam/489-searching-for-hope-(DOT)html Simply substitute . for (DOT) to read the latest updates on this saga of life in the wilds of MN…..

    “Panda Peace on Earth , Goodwill to All Living Things” “Prayers for little Hope”

  77. Linda luvs pandas says:

    I love the new video of Yun Zi playing with his toys! He is so precious!!!! 40 pounds, what a big boy!

  78. Grammmie says:

    #62 DANIELLE, NY Thank you for the links…I bet they are enjoyed by many of us.

    #63 TEXAS BARBI (GABRIELLE) Oh to just once scratch that YUMMY TUMMY, would that not be heaven?? “THE TUMMY” awaits your pleasure. Hurry before it gets too big.

    # 64 & 65 DANIELLE, NY The dismounts could really use some work…so far it looks like gold for Lin Ping. I say the blues have it, I see blue in Yun Zi’s eyes, too.

    #67 FRANCES IN NY I caught the magic last night too—just a little rolling around never seems to get old for us, does it?????

    #72 & 73 PAN FAN-NORTH Wonderful links you shared with us, than you so much.

    IT IS OKAY TO TELL ME, I CAN HANDLE IT. While I slept all day you all had a contest to see who could come up with the best links to share—right?????? I stayed up all night so I could not help it, but you guys did yourselves proud….Love Grammmie

  79. Lucilla says:

    SDZ has just posted a delightful video called Playtime for Pandas and has Prince Fluffy Butt playing with his enrichement toys. FUNNY.

  80. Dianna from Ohio says:

    Lin Ping’s birthday celebration begins 10:39 on May 27th and continues through May 30. Thailand Zoo describes her as being “strong, naughty, and always lovely”…. 🙂 That would be LP!! The zoo will be having all kinds of events for the birthday celebration… I’m sure LP will be getting lots of presents as well. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the Hi-Lights for this!! I wish there was a way to translate what the keepers say about her…

    I checked in on her this morning and she is still nursing. 🙂

  81. Grammmie says:

    BY FOLLOWING THE LINKS INCLUDED you will get as close as I can on a new 5.0 earthquake in China. Sadly it looks to me like it is in or near Panda territory. Perhaps somebody from China can give us better information.





    you can use the blue arrows on the outside of the map square to see what other areas are nearby. The last link puts it very new CHENGDU. The next link gives written information of placement, time. magnitude, etc.


    Please let us know what has happened and if there is great damage or what…Love Grammmie

  82. Grammmie says:

    # 79 LUCILLA Thank you for pointing out the new video. I looked for in in the ususal places but did not find it until i refreshed the page and went to the new blog entry just put up. I bet it was a lot of fun for the people actually at the zoo, and this video will fill in any blanks left by our usual videographers who capture al the stuff we miss as we save photos, or sleep through the action………..Love Grammmie

  83. Jennifer says:

    I love the pandas! There are so cute! I want to hear more about how you take care of them and what types of research you do with them.

    Moderator’s note: Just keep reading our panda blog posts 😉 There is also great info from past posts; just go to the Archives section of the blogs or just scroll back to previous posts for topics that interest you.

  84. Danielle, NY says:

    #72 & #73 pandafan-north – Thanks for the links. I had forgotten about that video of Lun Lun, she looked so comfy in her pool, especially with the surrounding flowers. I was looking on YouTube for a video of her posted last week. I find that searching on Flickr is more time consuming and things are harder to find, but it might just be me.…

  85. Texas Barbi (Gabrielle) says:

    Grammmie, the bigger the Panda Tummy the better! 😉 I do want to see Yun Zi this vacation. By the Grace of God, we will be there at SDZ ASAP.

    How is Mr. Gao’s stomach doing?

    I am not giving up on Hope the bear. I have just started following her situation, but I am not giving up on her. Two things. Reading their blog on Hope and Lilly, they mentioned Hope and Lilly were in the trees in the past. Was Hope able to climb trees on her own? Also, they mentioned that Hope and Lilly went for a long walk before Lilly left. Could Hope have wandered off further than they thought? Also, they mentioned that Hope was in the bushes near a dirt path where people walk their dogs. It seems probable that a dog might have pointed out Hope to their person. Knowing people when it comes to bears, it is possible that someone might have taken Hope to their home to take care of her. I don’t know how easy or hard it would be to take care of a cub without training. But I am hoping that is what happened, that a kind person is taking care of Hope. By the Grace of God, they will come forward and get the help they need in taking care of a cub. I know it would be best if people just leave cubs where their moms leave them; but in this case, I am hoping someone is caring for Hope the bear.

  86. Susan (UK) says:

    #76 Dennis & Lynn, I am still holding out hope for Hope. I’m wishing very hard that she’s hidden herself away. It’s heartbreaking.

  87. Marie says:

    # 80 Dianna – Too bad we can’t be in Thailand to celebrate with her! I wouldn’t mind celebrating my birthday there. LOL. I guess she was born at 10:39. Is that AM or PM Thailand time?

  88. Grammmie says:

    #86 SUSAN (UK) Check the newer blogs for links, Hope and Lilly have been reunited per the Duluth News online. I checked around 4:30 a. m. pac time and was glad to see the happy ending and photos, one shows Lynn Rogers carrying Hope in a pet carrier. They say the reuniting was very vocal….Love Grammmie

  89. Mike says:

    Interesting! I hope that everyone’s weekend is going well.