Name the Langur

Posted at 9:56 am April 27, 2010 by Beth McDonald

Help us name this little langur!

Our youngest silvered leaf langur was born on October 14, 2009, to father Aden and mother LiLi. She is the third baby born in this troop (see Langurs: From Orange to Silver). I have been referring to her as “Teeny-Tiny Baby,” because she was the smallest of the three babies at birth. When she was born, the other youngsters, Bala and Aluna, were very interested in the new addition.

Female silvered leaf langurs help each other care for the young; Bala and Aluna were no exceptions. They tried to hold the baby and hug her, but LiLi would not allow them to care for the little one on their own as they were just babies themselves. The young females were only allowed to greet her. Female langurs greet each other by doing what looks similar to hugging. However, when Zoe, another adult female, was caring for Teeny-Tiny Baby, she let Bala sneak in and hold Teeny for a while. Bala held Teeny-Tiny just like she had seen the adults do (with the baby clutching the stomach of the adult), but because Bala was still small herself, the pair kept tipping over! So Zoe held Teeny-Tiny’s hand to help them stay upright. Once LiLi realized what was going on, she came over to claim her baby. That story is my personal favorite.

Zoe loved taking care of all the babies in the troop. When Bala was born, Bala’s mother would not allow Zoe to hold her for the first two weeks because of Zoe’s inexperience with infants. But by the time Teeny-Tiny came along, Zoe was a pro. She would seek out LiLi and snag Teeny-Tiny away so she could hold her and carry her around like Teeny was her own. Sadly, in November we lost Zoe to cancer.

Teeny-Tiny is outgoing and loves to play with Bala and Aluna; occasionally she has trouble keeping up with them, but for the most part she holds her own. She never gives up and always finds a way to entertain herself, like using her mother’s tail as a swing and leaping from branch to branch. But now, at six months old and growing fast, the “teeny-tiny baby” name no longer suits her. She needs a great name to match her great personality. I’ve come up with three names for Teeny-Tiny that are in honor of Zoe, and I’d love to see which name you like best for our growing girl. Here are the choices and meanings:

Zoli – derived from Zoe and is an ancient Greek name meaning “life”

Kayla – means “beloved” in the Tigrinya language

Kalani – Hawaiian for “the heavens”

Please offer your suggestion for the baby langur’s name as a comment below. We’ll see which name receives the most comments in the next few days and announce the winner. And be sure to visit our silvered leaf langur exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, located in the Asian Passage zone on Sun Bear Trail. Thank you for your help!

Beth McDonald is a senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo.

Note: You can help our silvered leaf langur family, and other Zoo primates, by purchasing a toy from our May Animal Care Wish List. The langurs have requested cube toys and snack toys!

Another note: Thanks for voting! We’ll add up the votes on Monday, May 10.

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303 Responses to “Name the Langur”

  1. Linda Bradley says:

    I vote for Zoli, because it is a word with a positive meaning, and also because it gives tribute to Zoe and also to LiLi the mother.

  2. Connie Jenkins says:

    Kayla – This name has energy in it and is perfect for that “little”girl

  3. barbara says:

    I think it would be a great honor to Zoe if the the baby was named Zoli.

  4. barbara klein says:

    I like Kayla.

  5. Fonsia says:

    I vote for Zoli. I agree with Linda’s #1 comment.

    This is wonderful. Where are the Langurs in the zoo? I will be sure to see them next time I’m there.

    Moderator’s note: They live across the trail from the sun bears. Go say hi!

  6. Teresa Cobbs says:

    Zoli without a doubt. She is the cutest little thing.

  7. Shirley Sykes says:

    Hi Beth. Thanks for the blog and a chance to name the baby. I also agree that Zoli is a perfect name for Teeny-Tiny. It’s alwlays such fun to see the youngsters at play!

  8. Angie says:

    I like Zoli!

  9. Janet in SD says:

    Definitely Zoli, to honor sweet Zoe. Did Zoe every have any babies? How old was she? Is cancer common among langurs?

  10. Laura B says:

    I like Zoli. Thanks for letting us have input.

  11. Betsy Eaton says:

    I vote for Zoli. Such a sweet story about Zoe carrying Teeny. I will look for her on Saturday.

  12. Vickie H. says:


  13. Vickie says:


  14. Desiree says:

    My vote: Zoli!

  15. Nancy Beals says:


  16. Diana says:

    Zoli is a great name for this little one. All good choices though!

  17. Carol from Kalamazoo says:

    They are all beautiful names, but my favorite is Zoli.

  18. LK Taylor says:

    My vote: Zoli!

  19. Dee in Texas says:

    I vote for Kayla.

  20. Kira says:


  21. Rena Carl says:

    I vote for Kalani and Zoli

  22. Susan says:


  23. Cheryl Pebley says:

    It has to be Zoli for Zoe, that was such a touching story nicely told regarding Zoe.

  24. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi! Just read your article about the newest silver langur baby and also looked at the names that you have written down. I’m leaning towards Kayla because of the Hawaiian meaning of Heaven. This little lady was heaven sent to her mom, Lili, and this troop of monkeys. I’m also liking Koli in honor of the baby’s mom, Lili, and Zoe. Either one will fit this little lady very well! Sounds like this baby girl is having alot of fun just being a kid and enjoying the family.

    On the Zooborns website, there’s another zoo that also had a baby silver langur that was born about a week or so ago with that famous orange hair! Go check it out!

    Keep us updated about this precious baby, and let us know her new name, ok?


    Chari Mercier 🙂

    St. Pete, FL

  25. Jackson says:

    Anything but Kayla. Does not fit with the other monkey names.

  26. k brock says:

    Zoli for sure!

  27. Jaimie says:


  28. Shawn Michael Rankin says:


  29. Tess says:

    Zoli, heck yeah!

  30. Margie says:


  31. Cathy says:

    We like Zoli. It gives tribute to Zoe and her great mommy Lili. I like that it means “life” too. Sounds like Zoe was full of “life”! 🙂

  32. Peggy says:

    Another vote for Zoli!

  33. Alycia says:

    I vote for Zoli to honor Zoe and LiLi.

  34. Jenny says:

    I love Zoli.

  35. Dana says:

    Zoli !

  36. Lori says:

    I think Zoli is the best choice … even though all the others were a good suggestion !!! She just looks like a Zoli and I bet when you say that name she looks at you too !!! Good luck and keep us posted on her progress !!! ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿❤✿¸.•*¨`*•.. ¸✿❤✿¸. •*¨`*•.. ¸✿ ❤✿•*¨*•. ¸✿ ⓥ ⓞ ⓣ ⓔ ✿¸. •*¨*•✿❤ ✿¸. •*¨`*•.. ¸✿❤✿¸. •*¨`*•.. ¸✿❤✿¸. •*¨`*•.. ¸✿

  37. Lee says:

    Zoli it is!

  38. Heidi Taylor says:

    I vote for Zoli, for all the reasons above, good tribute to Zoe

  39. Kimber says:

    Kalani! She looks like a little piece of heaven!

  40. Heidi says:

    Zoli, definitely!! It’s fitting and proper, after what Zoe did in helping raise the lil gurl. 🙂

  41. Malcolm says:

    It has to be Zoli.

  42. JoAnn Radunzel says:

    I agree that Zoli fits the story you gave us the best, in honor of Zoe and life! The other names are beautiful, but Zoli fits the best.

  43. Theresa Minor says:

    I like the name Zoli.

  44. Deb says:

    teeny-tiny baby should be named Zoli because I think Zoe deserves the recognition and Lili would approve 🙂

  45. Monique Trapani says:

    Obviously Zoe loved her (and all the babies) so incorporating Zoe into her name would be a fitting tribute and a great way to honor her; ‘Li’ of course after her mother ‘LiLi’. Life is full of challenges and Teeny-Tiny has been taking on life head-on right from birth … I think Zoli is perfect!!!

  46. Amber says:


  47. Linda Dobson says:

    Zoli is a perfect name for her. Zoe loved her and cared for her and should be honored. Zoli would definitely approve of her new name.

    Thank you for loving and caring for these precious animals.

  48. Leslie says:

    The langurs are adorable! We visit them every time on the way to see the pandas in Panda Canyon. My bf and I would vote for Kalani. What an cutie!

  49. Cindy Ferguson says:

    I like the name Kayla better, but it must be Zoli in honor of Zoe!

  50. Tammy says:

    I vote for Zoli!!!!

  51. dawn says:

    I love Zoli!!!!

  52. Kalina says:

    My vote, albeit a little selfish since it reminds me of my name, would be for Kalani. But Zoli is a great name too. Either one of those I think would best fit the personality of little Langur girly as best as I can tell from your blog. 😉

  53. cathy vanderwoerd says:

    What a precious story…my vote is for Zoli!

  54. David says:

    I Vote for Zoli

  55. barbara hinton says:

    My vote is for Zoli in honor of Zoe.

  56. Melissa says:


  57. Davies says:


  58. Lorraine says:

    I think it would be a nice tribute to Zoe to name her Zoli. It is a beautiful name!

  59. Kathy Sisko says:

    Zoli! Most definitely!

  60. Elise Fitz Gerald says:

    I vote for the name “Zoli”. Not only is it easy for a zookeeper to say, but it is a combined name of her great & protective mother and the curious and steadfast Zoe, who unfortunately left us too early.

  61. Christie says:

    I vote for Kayla. Zoe obviously loved her and so did Lili. Being the youngest and smallest, she the most beloved in the troop.

  62. Tina says:


  63. Karen Courtney says:

    It has to be Zoli, in honour of Zoe

  64. Roy says:


  65. Kay Davies says:

    I agree with so many of the others. I was tempted to say “Kayla” (after myself, because I’m so humble) but it is so fitting that she be named Zoli after Zoe and LiLi.

  66. Darcy says:

    I like Zoli — it’s a nice tribute to Zoe. Great story and such a cute little baby! 🙂

  67. Erin says:

    Zoli gets my vote for many of the reasons already mentioned.

  68. Brooke says:

    I think Zoli cause its parents names

  69. Stargazing says:

    Zoli is a great name & honors Zoe & Lili.

  70. Dolores R. says:

    I agree with ZOLI as it pays tribute to Zoe and her mom Lili. Will look forward to seeing which name wins. Thanks for the opportunity to vote.

  71. Zoli says:

    She looks like a Zoli to me

  72. Colleen says:

    Hands down… Zoli… to honor the love that Zoe had for her while paying respect to her ‘life’ as well as honoring her mom because the end is so close in its similarity. It’s an amazing name with a great meaning to pay tribute to two key figures in her young life :o)

  73. Michelle says:

    Hi, I like Kalani, it is a musical sounding name that fits that baby perfectly!!

  74. Kristen says:

    I vote Zoli – the meaning of “life” fits with her very lively nature and is a fitting tribute to the life of Zoe.

  75. Maïté says:


  76. Osia says:

    Definitely Zoli…

  77. Cecelia says:


  78. Victoria says:

    Zoli…………it’s too bad you can’t name her Zoe tho.

  79. chantal says:

    ZOLI is my choice, it is so near from “jolie” in French…i’m french 😉 and she is so cute (jolie) …

  80. Jami says:

    I like the name Zoli because it pays tribute to the most influential “people” in this little girls life!

  81. Lisa Graham says:

    I think Kayla as it means “beloved” and she obviously is!

  82. nikki says:

    zoli for sure! after reading that touching, adorable story. zoli in honor and memory of zoe.

  83. Carleigh says:

    Zoli for sure, though my roommate likes Kalani

  84. Starry says:


  85. Eleanor Midkiff says:

    Kalani. Fer shur.

  86. em says:


  87. Amber says:

    Kalani – Hawaiian for “the heavens”

  88. Britney says:

    I like Zoli!

  89. Elda Eller says:

    I also like the name Zoli, and the significance of that name.

  90. Gianna Basler says:

    Zoli it is, because of Zoe and LiLi, and has a meaning fot itself!

  91. Karin, Amsterdam, the Netherlands says:

    I vote for Zoli


  92. Laura says:

    Definitely Zoli in tribute to Zoe. Wonderful story.

  93. SJB says:

    Kalani – Hawaiian for “the heavens” …it sounds exotic for a sweet little exotic animal. 🙂

  94. Tonia Beckwith says:

    Zoli, because the name mean’s “life,” and I’m sure Zoe would have agreed with that name, since it derived from her own name too.

  95. Julie says:

    I think Zoli in honor of Zoe. Such a sweet story!

  96. Nana says:

    I agree on Zoli…to life! La Chiam!

  97. Allana Coppola says:

    I vote for Zoli, what a tribute to Zoe it would be.


    Thunder Bay, ON Canada

  98. Candy says:


  99. Cathy J. Dervrich says:

    I like Kalani – “heaven”!!

  100. Nina Coletti says:

    I like the name Zoli.

  101. Christie says:

    I like Zoli! I think its a nice fit and tribute to one who helped out the younger ones.

  102. Autumn says:


  103. April says:


  104. Laura Willis says:

    My vote is for Kalani but my second choice would be Zoli.

  105. Linda says:


  106. Taylor Carpenter says:

    I like the name Kalani the best.

  107. Greg Mangus says:

    My favorite name is Kalani.

  108. Tony Angelo says:

    I like the name Kalani the best. It’s super cute.

  109. Sara Gotter says:

    I vote for Kalani.

  110. Jessica Hutnick says:

    My favorite name is Kalani.

  111. Kellie says:

    This is a very touching story. I can’t wait to hear of her progress as she grows. My 1st choice for a name is Zoli because she’s so full of “life”.

  112. Laura says:

    I agree with the comments for Zoli – definitely my vote!

  113. Brenda says:

    Zoli has my vote!

  114. Marie says:

    I like Zoli to honor her friend Zoe who helped her explore her world and show her the love. She needs a pink ribbon.

  115. CHuNKS says:


  116. Sam says:

    I vote for Zoli!

  117. Denise says:

    Definitely Zoli as a nice tribute.

  118. kathy hurt says:

    I vote ZOLI

  119. Mollie says:


  120. Lucia says:

    Zoli, it´s beautiful name

  121. Laurie Kirk says:

    I like Kayla. The meaning seems to suit this baby.

  122. Panda says:

    I think Kayla!!!!!! I hate to bore you all with my explanation: IT SOUNDS CUTE!!!!!!! Though Zoli is positive and meaningful we wouldn’t want this little cutie to get all confused!!!!!!!! 😀

  123. Martha says:

    I vote for ZOLI 😀

  124. Mark Harris says:

    “Kalanizol” Heavenly life

  125. Jerilyn says:

    Zoli is my vote.

  126. Brooks says:

    Zoli is the best fit. First two letters of Zoe and First two letters Lili. Both moms are honored.

  127. Shirley Sykes says:

    Hi again, Beth. I’ve already cast my vote, so won’t do it again. Thought your felloiw bloggers might like to know the zoo’s Facebook page has a ton of votes already, mostly for Zoli.

  128. Deb says:

    I like Kayla, it seems to fit her the most.

  129. Angela says:

    My favorite name is ZOLI. What a beutiful picture of Mommy and Baby, how sweet it is.

  130. Jenny Davids says:

    I give the name of Aayan, meaning :”Gods gift to us”. and what a beautiful gift she is.

  131. Jenny Davids says:

    I also love”Aayan” because in the language “Sanskrit: it means “Nature”

  132. Eric says:


  133. danny says:

    Kayla for sure!

  134. Carly says:

    Zoli! Definitely! That is such a sweet story!

  135. Linda says:


  136. Suzanne says:


  137. Tommy (Beth's Brother) says:


  138. Jenna McDonald says:


  139. Bridget Smith says:

    My five year old suggested “Chip” but will settle for Kalani 😉

    Moderator’s note: Love the creativity! 🙂

  140. Nat says:

    I vote for Zoli!! 🙂

  141. Christine says:

    I like Zoli!

  142. Amanda says:

    Zoli! It’s a beautiful, vibrant name. And what it means is extremely lovely 🙂

  143. virginia says:

    i vote for zoli!

  144. Denise says:

    The ladies from CBSC, Inc. in Ohio are voting for Kalani!

  145. Noreen says:

    I like Kayla. Surely she will be “beloved.”

  146. Sarah L says:


  147. Mae was from NJ says:

    Another vote for Zoli, and as many others have stated, the vote is to honor Zoe’s contribution to the silver leaf langur group.

    Enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing the story about how Zoe enabled Bala to hold Teeny-Tiny. These vignettes, while they may appear to be insignificant snapshots of everyday behavior, help your readers understand and appreciate the lives of these langurs. Very endearing, too!

    So sad about Zoe. How old was she when she died?

  148. justme says:

    I vote Zoli!

  149. Amy Chessler says:


    ~Hi Beth~

  150. Melissa says:

    I vote for Zoli

  151. Barbro Dahlberg says:

    Zoli of course. It´s nice to say Zoli and in Swedish sol is the sun and Zoli sounds like he is a little sunny boy.

  152. Denise says:


  153. Barbro Dahlberg says:

    Zoli of course. It´s nice to say Zoli and in Swedish sol is the sun and Zoli sounds like he is a little sunny girl.

  154. Cindy says:


  155. Sherry Whitsett says:

    I think Zoli suits her best. Zoli sounds like it has more strength than the other two names. She’s a survivor and needs a powerful name.

    We made our first visit to the SD Zoo on Monday. Most amazing zoo ever – I was overwhelmed at times by the feeling of being so close to the animals. Their habitats are beautifully done and the animals appeared very relaxed and “at home” in their settings. I have not gone to zoos (or any type of situation that houses wild animals outside thier natural habitat) for many years, because of personal objections. I read about the SD zoo and decided to check it out. I was not disappointed. What a fantastic job all of you do! We plan to become members and support the work done at the SD zoo. Thank you for a mesmerizing experience!

    Moderator’s note: We’re thrilled you’ve “discovered” us and had such a powerful, positive experience! Thank you for supporting our efforts, and welcome to the family! 🙂

  156. Lynne Comfort says:

    I vote for Zoli, in memory of Zoe. May Zoe’s spirit live on through your new baby langur. What a joy it must bring you to be part of all of this! Nice article Beth!

    E canton, Oh

  157. Linda Lorentz says:

    Zoli, Greek name for “life”, a new life is born

  158. Terry Williams says:

    Kalani, just like the name!!!

  159. Linda Lorentz says:

    Zoli, a new life has begun!

  160. Lori says:

    I vote for Zoli

  161. Donna L says:

    Definitely Zoli…a beautiful tribute.

  162. laurie says:

    they are all great names but my vote is for Zoli

  163. Sam C says:

    Zoli just feels like a perfect fit

  164. Sam C says:

    Zoli is my choice – just feels and sounds perfect

  165. Laura McD, Ohio says:

    Hi Beth, I vote for Zoli!

  166. Suzanne G says:

    Zoli definitely! A great combination of LiLi and Zoe; her mother who loved her and the mother-figure who obviously loved her as if she were her own.

  167. Christina says:

    Zoli is a cute name! but I personally like the name Vanell

  168. Laura says:

    I vote for Zoli

  169. Ann says:

    Another vote for Zoli!

  170. TAP says:


  171. pandafan-north says:

    I vote for “Zoli”. I think it’s the perfect name.

  172. Paula says:

    Zoli, please! Life says it all…..she is beautiful, obviously a survivor, and what a wonderful tribute to Zoe.

  173. Julie says:

    Zoli sounds perfect!

  174. Kathe says:

    I like Zoli!

  175. Karen Willis says:

    Hi Beth.

    I vote for Kalani

  176. Beth McDonald says:

    #9 Janet

    Zoe did not have any babies. She was only 4, and cancer in primates is just about as common as it is in humans.

  177. Janet in SD says:

    Thank you for your response. Poor sweet Zoe, in her memory I still vote for Zoli.

  178. Kari Smith says:

    Definitely Zoli !! Thanks Beth!

  179. marcia519 in PA says:


  180. Gaylene says:

    In honor of Zoe, another vote for Zoli !

  181. Dean says:

    Looks like Zoli is winning but I vote for Kayla!!!

  182. pamela says:

    Zoli please

  183. Nancy Coletti says:

    All 3 names are nice, but I like Zoli the best

  184. Heather says:

    She must be a gift from heaven to be that small and and so adorable, I think Kalani would fit her the best

  185. andria says:

    My vote is for Kayla!

  186. Juli says:

    I actually like Kalani, but I think we may have to save it for next time. 🙂 Zoli would be a cute tribute to Zoe. Good blog, Beth!

  187. Rebecca says:

    Zoli is super duper cute:) I love it!

  188. ryan says:


  189. Beth says:

    Zoli is my favorite!!

  190. kcforbes says:

    My vote is for Kayla.

  191. Katie says:

    I go with #1 Linda… she makes a good point. PICK ZOLI!

  192. Hali says:

    Great Blog Beth! I love the name Zoli…Zoe deserves to be remembered in the troop!

  193. Anna Willis:) says:

    HEY! BETH! my favorite is Kalani, then Zoli, then kayla but Kalani is the best!!

  194. Ted and Patty says:

    Hi Beth,Thanks for the glimpse into your world. Loved it! Kayla is our vote.

  195. zoli says:

    Beth, judy and I like the name Zoli in memory of Zoe who helped the little one.

  196. Tirzah Julius says:

    I adore the name Kalani, but I think Zoli fits this little one the best.

  197. Angela says:

    My vote is for kalani, I think it is a lovely name for a baby langur. Can’t wait to go and see her!

  198. Susan (UK) says:

    It has to be Zoli, with Kayla a close second.

  199. Steve Catalano says:

    Hey there Beth! I like your blog. My vote is for Zoli!

  200. Donna says:

    Thanks Beth for the great article Zoli in honor of Zoe

  201. Diane Chessler says:

    Hi Beth,

    Zoli gets my vote.

  202. Tim Mc says:

    Hi Beth, I like Zoli for Zoe.

  203. Nicole says:

    I vote Kayla, I think that is beautiful.

  204. Debbie Ludwig says:

    Hi Beth! I like Zoli for Zoe too!

  205. Britney says:

    I like Kayla.

  206. Gabrielle says:

    Hi, I like the name Kayla. Thanks.

  207. Gabrielle says:


  208. Sarah McDonald (Beth's sister-in-law) says:

    I love Kalani!

  209. Sherri Weaver ( Sarah's friend) says:

    I love the name Zoli!

  210. Shelley Weaver (Sarah's friend) says:

    I love the name Kalani!!!! Ok that was sarah. I love the name Zoli

  211. Sheri Weaver (Sarah's friend) says:

    I love the name Zoli!!!!!

  212. Ruby Ulm (Sarah's friend) says:

    I love the name Kalani!!!!

  213. Pandababy says:

    I really like the name Zoli because it honors Zoe who did a good job caring for this precious baby and it also honors her great mom!

  214. David McDonald says:

    I vote for Kayla

  215. Sarah says:


  216. Julie says:


  217. Shelley Wagner says:

    I’m not voting for any of those. I think her name should LiLi-Ann.

  218. Baklava Kay says:

    I’m voting for “Zoli” ! 🙂

  219. Susan Dell says:

    Zoli! Zoli! Zoli!

  220. Linda B says:

    Zoli sounds like a great fit. And, as others have said, it would be like naming the child after an aunt, which is an honor for a great second Mommy

  221. Phoebe's mom says:


  222. Lynn Stone says:


  223. ZOLI says:

    I vote for ZOLI!

  224. Joanie Congdon says:

    Kalani..Because it is a beautiful name…And wildlife is a gift from heaven.

  225. Ashley says:

    Zoli is the best fit! In honor of Zoe and also after her mother Lili. 🙂

  226. Kathy Siggeman says:

    I like the name Kayla.

  227. Janie says:

    Zoli—great tribute

  228. Lenora Rathbone says:

    All names are beautiful but I like Kayla best, because she is so beloved.

  229. carole owensby says:

    I really like the name Kalani, but I vote for Zoli as it is a fitting tribute to Zoe and LiLi.

  230. imogen carpenter says:

    i vote kayla because it’s a wonderful name and it suits her (and she is beloved)!

  231. Carol says:

    Zoli — for all the reasons others have written! It honors her 2 moms, it’s a happy name, it’s little & cute as she is, and I just like the way it sounds — it’s just fun to say!

  232. Flamekat says:

    I vote for Zoli

  233. Linda says:

    Zoli sounds like its the one.

  234. Janet says:

    I like the name Kalani. The name means heavens and the baby is just heavenly.

  235. Nevelyn says:

    Zoli must be our new name for this baby Langur. The meaning says it all, “deliver” and “life”

    The mother LiLi (deliverer) was taught by Zoe, who protected and cared for the baby in her life.

    What a noble tribute.

  236. stephanie says:

    I vote for Zoli

  237. jerry says:

    I’m in agreement with the name” Zoli”. It fits her and honors one that also loved her.

  238. Gabrielle says:

    I love Kalani, a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.

  239. Maryann says:

    I also vote for Zoli — a neat name and a tribute to her lovely mother.

  240. Michelle says:

    I believe ‘Zoli’ is quite an accurate name for this gorgeous, ‘teeny-tiny’, baby girl.

  241. Bev says:

    I think Teeny should be named Zoli, it sounds like it would fit well with Lili & a wonerful remembrence of Zoe too!

    I vote for Zoli

  242. Jennifer says:

    My first thought was to pick Kalani but after reading about Zoe in the blog, I have to say Zoe! It sounds like she was an asset to the troop and should be honored.

  243. phyllis says:

    Kayla–so she will grow to be as strong, smart and pretty as the Kayla I know.

  244. joan said says:

    my vote goes to “zoli”

    what a lovely girl.


  245. Lizzie says:

    I vote for Zoli. What a lovely tribute to Zoe to name this little one after her!

  246. Dawn says:

    I love Hawaiin names – most of my many cats have Hawaiian names. But in this case I have to vote for Zoli. It is a beautiful name and honors one who cared for the babies.

  247. Helen B says:

    I vote for Kayla because to me every birth is one of God’s beloved gift.

  248. Lindy T says:

    Zoli – seems a fine name for a gorgeous baby

  249. Pepper says:


  250. Lorene says:

    Love Kayla, lost, too young, a fabulous beloved dog by that name a while back

  251. Elisabeth says:

    Zoli absolutely! 🙂

  252. Sharon says:


  253. Loni Sweigart says:

    We love the name Kalani – it fits her perfectly!!!!

  254. Kate says:

    She looks like a Zoli!

  255. Carole in San Diego says:

    After reading of Zoe’s mothering of the baby and her recent death, Zoli has to be my choice — a tribute to Zoe.

  256. Laura Patterson says:

    I vote for “Kayla” because not only is it a beautiful name, but it just so happens to be the name of my first niece. 🙂

  257. Jessica says:

    Zoli sounds cute to me!

  258. Sharon C. says:

    Zoli! I agree with #1’s comment.

  259. Rozey says:

    I think Zoli fits the occasion! She is darling!

  260. caitlin betts says:

    I think Zoli to honoh Zoe, and LiLi. I also agree that it seems like the newborn is full of life!!!!!

  261. pandafan-north says:

    No question – it has to be Zoli. Life is precious, and often so many creatures cling to it precariously. My choice is Zoli.

  262. ;) says:

    Kayla! the perfect little girl name 😀

  263. faith says:

    I think Zoli. Like others, life is precious.

  264. debra says:

    Kayla… I can’t think of anything better than being loved and declared “beloved’.

  265. Beth Ann says:

    I like Zoli!

  266. marian says:

    I like Zoli

  267. Kathi says:

    Let’s call her Zoli – Names that start with ‘Z’ are kind of unusual.

  268. Maureen says:

    Kayla is a sweet name for a beloved little girl

  269. Maureen says:

    Kayla is a sweet name for a beloved little girl!

  270. Diana S. says:

    Zoli please. She is beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful story. This is just another example of how much the SDZ cares so much for all their precious animals!!!!

  271. Nancy Quinby says:

    Zoli – it honors Zoe and reinforces the idea that Zoe passed the torch of “life” from herself to the next generation in her troop.

  272. Trish says:

    I like Zoli best, and Kayla is running in a close second.

  273. Gabrielle Azzaro says:

    Kayla gets my vote!

  274. Cathy says:

    I vote for Zoli . . . . definitely!

  275. tonya langan says:

    I like the name Zolie because it gives tribute to Zoe.

  276. Marjorie says:

    I think we should honor Zoe. So Zoli is a perfect name for the little one.

  277. Dianne in Texas says:

    Zoli….honoring Zoe’s life.

  278. Beth says:

    Zoli seems a quite cool name!

  279. Colette says:

    “ZOLI” what a beautiful name

  280. Jeri Cox says:

    I vote for Zoli! I also enjoyed the story of Zoe helping care for “Teeny Tiny” as though she were her own. It is so great that Zoe was able to have that experience cuddling her, before her untimely departure. I bet both Lili and baby would agree. =)

  281. Mike says:

    Zoli. I hope everyone enjoyed the recent holidays. I also want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

  282. Mary says:

    I like the name Zoli; not only does the name honor Teeny Tiny Baby’s mother, but Zoe, as well. Are the babies on view now?

    Moderator’s note: They are indeed. Come on out to see them!

  283. Janet says:

    I like Zoli. It’s more exotic than the other two names.

  284. chris says:


  285. Stephanie says:

    I vote for Zoli.

  286. Amanda says:

    Zoli is my vote

  287. snake says:


  288. Diane S. says:

    I like Zoli.

  289. Mary says:

    Kalani is so beautiful and would make a beautiful name for the baby! Plus it is a Hawaiian name meaning: royal ones. Thank you for this opportunity,

  290. Liz S. says:

    “Zoli” gers my vote! Thanks for inviting us to vote:)

  291. Lynne says:


  292. Carolyn H says:

    “Zoli” is the best I believe, whether to honor Zoe or not, it’s a name that grabbed me unlike the other two. She’s a beautiful baby and may you choose wisely!

  293. Julie says:

    My Mom, Zoe was also sadly lost due to cancer – so please name the baby ZOLI 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day Mom !

  294. ornurse says:

    Zoli is my choice as a tribute to Zoe.

  295. Edith says:

    Zoli = “life” !

  296. Monica says:


  297. Sean Denny says:


  298. Joan says:

    Zoli! We saw the troop yesterday and they are fabulous. What a lovely little thing- and the other youngsters did want to play with her – tail pulling and all.

  299. Jane says:

    I think I like Zoli best.

  300. Tonya says:

    I like the name Kalani.

  301. Emily says:

    I love Zoli! It’s perfect for such a little cutie.

  302. Mary Bacsar says:

    Just now reading blog – Lili’s caring spirit and

    that of Zoe lives on in this new baby so “Life” it is. That

    seems to be the overwhelming selection even before I made my


  303. Marcine says:

    Zoli is super cute!! 🙂