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Posted at 3:40 pm May 23, 2006 by Cindy Spiva-Evans

Since starting the Girls In Science blogs, I have received several requests for more information about the program, along with expressions of disappointment when I had to explain that the program is only offered to Roosevelt Middle School students and program alums at this point in time.

I have some good news for you, though! There are two programs I know of that offer similar experiences and are open to students throughout San Diego County.

The first is called BE WiSE, which stands for “Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering.” The program recruits girls in 7th and 8th grades who have an interest in science and/or engineering. A series of overnights are offered, where girls meet with other participants from all over the county and attend special speaker events (I was a presenter myself at the May 12 overnight, held at the Cuyamaca College Water Conservation Garden, and spoke about monarch butterfly migration). There is an application process but the program is free to participants. More information can be found here.

The other program is the Zoo’s own Zoo Corps, offered to girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 16. This is a volunteer education program where students are trained to use education kits and spend time out in the San Diego Zoo educating the public about topics such as the bushmeat trade, backyard butterfly habitats, and responsible consumerism. Volunteers earn community service credit for the hours spent participating and are often given opportunities to participate in larger Zoo programs as well. Each participant must submit an application and go through a group interview process. If selected, teens are required to participate one weekend day per month, and each program runs for six months. Any student with an interest in conservation, education, or public speaking is encouraged to apply. Call the Zoo Corps Information Hotline at (619) 744-3363 for more information.

I hope you (or any young people that you know with an interest in the natural world) will take advantage of these wonderful opportunities! Thanks for your interest in Girls In Science!

Cindy Spiva-Evans is an educator at the San Diego Zoo.

Girls In Science is a program for Roosevelt Middle School girls which creates science-based experiences with professional women at the San Diego Zoo. The program is funded through the generosity of the Wells Fargo Foundation.

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One Response to “Science Opportunities for Students”

  1. tay mcclellan says:

    Dear Cindy-Evans;

    Thisprogram seems marvelous. I am a research anesthesiologist and am interested in getting my grand daughter involved in a program like yours. Could you be so kind to let me know of where I could find these visits/programs? I used to come to the zoo hospital, when Margaret was the pathologist, and have done necropsies with her for an anatomy book on the airways of exotic animals. Sadly our funds ran out and we are on ‘hiatus’ till we can find more funds.

    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance with my queries.

    All the best, Tay