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Meet Lewis and Clark

Posted at 10:32 am December 20, 2005 by Lety Cotero

 raccoonIt’s been one year since we received our North American raccoons at the San Diego Zoo’s Children’s Zoo. Lewis and Clark, named after the famous explorers, are two brothers that got transfered to us shortly after the Rare and Wild show at the Wild Animal Park closed. Both raccoons had already been trained to ” leash,” , ” stand,” and go to their ” mark” (the specific area we want them to go to). This made working with them a lot easier for us!


Postcards from Winter Camp: Crazy for Cats

Posted at 9:43 am December 20, 2005 by Lisa Townsend

 leopard with toy 12-19-05

What a great day of Winter Camp at the San Diego Zoo. Today’s theme was ” crazy for cats” and we hung around with some fabulous felines.

The day started off with a visit from Jisiri the African serval. We got to watch a training session with him and his trainers from Wegeforth Bowl. Training sure looks a lot like playing!


The Rotation

Posted at 6:52 am December 19, 2005 by Suzanne Hall

Some of you have noticed that Mei Sheng appeared to be in Gao Gao’s old enclosure over the last few days. You were right! We have initiated a new research and management plan that will have Gao Gao and Mei Sheng swapping pens once a week.


Family Reunion

Posted at 7:18 am December 15, 2005 by Suzanne Hall

For all of you interested in an update on the 16 panda cubs born this year at the captive breeding center in Wolong, China, see the link below. Recall that Hua Mei’s latest cubs are among this group, and would be two of the three youngest there.


Suzanne Hall is the panda research technician for the San Diego Zoo’s Office of Giant Panda Conservation.

Hear Suzanne narrate our iZoofari Audio Tour about pandas!

View pandas on Panda Cam.

” Adopt” Su Lin!

Meet our baby ratel!

Some Questions Answered

Posted at 10:03 am December 14, 2005 by Suzanne Hall

As there have been several questions listed among your blog comments, I thought I would take a few minutes to respond to some of the ones that caught my eye.


A Baby What?

Posted at 9:46 am December 14, 2005 by Tammy Spratt

 ratel baby The Vernay’s ratel is more commonly known as the honey badger. This small mammal, which is a member of the weasel family, is said to be one of the most aggressive and ferocious animals. But looking down at the sleepy baby ratel laying in a small round red tub, I saw nothing but cute and no sign of the behavior this animal has a horrible reputation for.


Panda Cam: Why No Audio?

Posted at 4:58 pm December 13, 2005 by site admin

“Why doesn’t the Panda Cam have audio?” It’s a question that many of our Panda Cam fans have wondered (not to mention posting it on our blogs). I know, I know…the National Zoo’s panda cam has audio and, admittedly, it’s pretty cool to be able to hear Tai Shan and his mom vocalize while interacting. Believe me, we’ve wrestled with this question ever since Panda Cam went live in 1999. It’s not for lack of desire or ability that we haven’t provided audio. But to do so would come with a trade-off. Let me explain.


Now Available: Podcast Tour about Pandas!

Posted at 2:24 pm December 13, 2005 by Debbie Andreen

 iZoofari logo Do you have an iPod or other portable MP3 player? If so, you can download FREE iZoofari Audio Tours of different areas of the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park to play on your next visit. We’ve just added a new tour to our growing list of podcast offerings: giant pandas!


News from Lion Camp – Our Cub Has a Name!

Posted at 4:04 pm December 9, 2005 by Marcia Redding

 lion cub 12-10-05 We are pleased to announce that our lion cub has a name at last. He will now be known as Koza, a Swahili word that means to shine or be bright. This name is very appropriate, as he is rapidly becoming a star at the Wild Animal Park. This week he reached a milestone – he is now old enough to go on ” field trips” to Lion Camp, where he plays, exercises, and suns in an off-exhibit area. When not at Lion Camp, he spends his time at the Animal Care Center in Nairobi Village, where he can be seen through the nursery window.


New Digs

Posted at 9:36 am December 7, 2005 by Suzanne Hall

 Su Lin on exhibit Bai Yun had a great afternoon yesterday, appearing calm and relaxed as she fed and napped in her new exhibit space. As a result, we opted to move the cub down to the lower den today. She’s still behind the scenes, but she’s one step closer to being on exhibit.