She’s Expecting!

Posted at 3:21 pm July 28, 2005 by Debbie Andreen

The black-and-white pair had a romantic liaison under a favorite bush back in April and then went separate ways. Now, after weeks of speculation and hope, it was announced at a press conference this morning that Bai Yun, the Zoo’s adult female giant panda, is pregnant. What great news! There is something about a baby panda that captures the heart and just doesn’t let go (well, at least for me!).

Dr. Don Lindburg, head of the Giant Panda Conservation Division, shared this happy information with members of the local media and the dozens of Zoo visitors who happened to stop by. He explained that ultrasound tests revealed the presence of two fetuses, but that one was much larger than the other, and it was likely that only one cub would be born while the other fetus might be resorbed by the mother’s body. It would be nice to have twin giant panda babies, but the important thing is to have a healthy cub born to a healthy panda mom.

I think the best news of all is that we won’t have long to wait for the birth! Dr. Lindburg predicted that, based on the size of the viable fetus, Bai Yun should be welcoming her baby by the middle of next week. My heart is ready to be captured once more!

Debbie Andreen is the San Diego Zoo’s Web site editor.

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23 Responses to “She’s Expecting!”

  1. Evelyn Duffey says:

    I was happy to discover that after many years of zoo’s trying to have a baby panda born here , the dreams of many zoo workers and zoo visitors came true this year. I wish these awesome creatures many years of good health and many years of love and care that the keepers have for them. They are truly beautiful creatures.

  2. angela says:

    Have been watching this from Australia for a few days, it is so exciting and special.

  3. Joy says:

    This is all so fantastic. I’ve been watching Panda Cam since I accidently discovered it a couple months ago, while looking for info to visit SD Zoo. I hope to make a one day trip over to SD, especially to see the Pandas. I’m in Yuma, AZ, under 3 hour easy drive. Great pics! I’ve been looking in on National Zoo, Washington D.C. (my home town) at their new baby Panda, too.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m so excited about the new baby panda (the third) for Bai Yun. I hope they are both doing well. I noticed the panda cam is not showing them today. I have been watching the panda cam of the baby panda at the National Zoo. The cam is always on them. Really neat to watch…

  5. Nancy Herpin says:

    I have read your comments a couple of times, but I can’t find anywhere that states which of the fine panda gentlemen is the proud father.

  6. pandagirl says:

    I love PANDAS!!!! can i can alive one? i’ve always wanted one. I have a roomfull of everything panda, it’s quite funny to see my room or should i say panda room! Panda’s ROCK the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how many pandas are there left in the world? thanks

  7. GAIL says:


  8. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write the blogs and sharing your knowledge and impressions with us! I read them every day. Pandas have been my passion for over 20 years now. I read and saw a lot about them. But the blogs and the cam teach me a lot, most of all about their behaviour and the reason of some behaviours.

    Small question: when you make an echography or an ultrasound on Bai Yun, do you have to put her to sleep or will she let you do?

    Thanks again,


    PS: you do not need to put this comment on the site.

  9. Heather from England says:

    I have been watching Bai Yun with her baby for several days and nights now and seen some wonderful footage of the baby. I feel very privileged to be able to share so many intimate moments with Bai Yun and the many other ‘panda people’ world wide watching her and her offspring. I wish all the pandas with you a very long, healthy and happy life.

  10. Karen says:

    Its fun to watch Bai Yun and her new baby and how well she is taking care of him or her. I enjoy reading the blogs yall have online so I can learn more about panda bears. Its exciting to get on the computer to be able to check and see how Bai Yun and her baby are each day and to hope to get a peek at him or her. How do you pick a name for each panda bear?

  11. Suzy says:

    What delightful pictures of Bai and her little girl. Honestly, all we do is watch this mother/daughter duo and hardly get any work done either at home or work! Oh how fun it is to be able to see the loving interaction between Bai and her darling cub. I especially like when we see Bai playing with the baby but most darling is when mother and baby are sleeping and the little one is cradled in Bai’s arms. She is a fantastic mother.

    Thank you so much for permitting us to see these two wonderfully beautiful animals.

    My life has been in PANDAmonium since these two have come into my life. Yeah!


  12. Suzy says:

    As usual, I wanted to see mom and baby one more time before I went to sleep. So adorable. I’m sure the sandman loves visiting the new mother and baby every night. I envy his job!

    I noticed today that Bai seems to be staying outside longer than when the babe was new born. Is this the norm for mothers when their cubs are getting older? The little one has a habit now of sleeping on her side with her legs, front and back spread out. She seems to enjoy experiencing being able to stretch so much and today I detected the fact that her hearing is much better and her eyesight; not only one eye but both, has become acute. She seemed to be picking her head up from time to time as if hearing something. I am definitely going to plan a trip to San Diego after the little princess makes an appearance outside in the Spring. Yes, I’ll bring snacks and plenty of H20 because I know the lines will be ghastly but the wait will be worth it.

    With all the disasters abroad and here in the States I am thankful to God for creating beauty in the world in the form of these majestic animals.

    Good night Bai and sweet dreams little baby. See you tomorrow.


  13. Jackie says:

    I love that new panda…what a doll! Thanks so much for letting us into their world, it is so intersting..! I will be visiting San Diego soon, I will be sure to visit your wonderful exibition of Pandas. What a delight in a world so filled with bad things to have such a good thing. I wish every mother was as good Bai. Bye guys, take care of mom and baby…!

  14. Suzy says:

    It is now 8:14 San Diego time and I have just viewed mother and child in the den with what looks like baby is taking an intense look at Bai and in fact I see a little arrow flashing in the direction of baby’s eyes as if the keepers are seeing the same thing I am looking at. What a marvel. This little one is terrific. I can tell she will be bright and playful. She loves looking at her mother if in fact both of her eyes have opened completely. I hope so. I am anxious to read about her next exam. Her body has definite markings of the giant panda and she is so chubby and rounded. What a doll!

    All my friends and family are like me — watching and oooing and ahing with everything Bai and baby do whether together or alone.

    I cannot wait for the baby to be named so I can call her by her name too. The Chinese pick such wonderful names. Christmas will be especially nice this year because everyone will be gifted, especially their fans by finding out the baby’s name.

    I went out today and purchased a stuffed panda along with her baby in her lap. I splurged and I’m glad I did. I put them in my den as whimsicals, just sitting there cute as can be.

    Sleep well girls. See you tomorrow.


  15. Suzy says:


    I have just seen something so adorable in the den with the baby which leads me to believe she can now see out of both eyes. She saw ” light” spots from the sun on her floor in the den and she was playinig with them. She was touching them and trying to catch them. She was so cute and so smart. What a winner. Can she see completely now? I hope so.

    Thank you so much. I can’t wait to read the newest exam report.


  16. Suzy says:

    I must say I’ve seen some cute interaction between mother and baby but tonight’s far exceeds my dreams. Bai and baby were playing and mom was feeding her and all of a sudden the baby was in Bai’s arms and started to kiss Bai’s lips and her face. Bai was doing the same to baby and it was definitely a mutual admiration society. I cannot wait to read the latest exam report to see if baby’s teeth have finally come in.

    The baby looks like she is gaining strength in her back legs. I hope she can start walking soon. Oh, she’s a dollykins!

    I had to laugh this morning. Bai had stalks of bamboo and canes all over the den. She was ” going to town” sharding those stalks and they were landing on the baby. It’s such fun watching this darling family.

    Thank you,


  17. Suzyq says:


    I don’t know if I was seeing things yesterday but I could swear I saw Bai sitting next to the baby and the baby looked like she was sitting upright too. Also, last night Bai had lifted her under her little arms and was placing her on the floor so her paws were touching the floor. She did this several times. I was wondering if she is trying to teach the baby to sit and walk. It was a delight to see. I am sure many people have submitted a name for the little one and we all cannot wait to hear the name. Hope it is the one I chose. She is precious. Hint, hint!!!

    Again I will say thank you for taking such good care of mother and baby. I can tell you are so happy doing your jobs.


  18. Susan says:

    I stumbled across the PandaCam on the National Zoo website quite by accident almost a week ago. The cub fascinated me. Researching about pandas led me to your website. How amazing are these beautiful animals! I feel privileged to be sharing moments with them as mothers and babies interact. When I am at work, and I am tired, I think of them and the day gets easier. Thank you for the cam website.

  19. Ginger Schubert says:

    It’s wonderful to be able to read so many details about the pandas’ lives. When will Bai Yun and her baby be on exhibit? (I can’t wait!) How old were Hua Mei and Mei Sheng when they first went on exhibit? Thank you!

  20. Suzy says:

    Hi Team:

    So happy we get to see Bai and the baby outside their den. Yesterday the baby so liked being out and rolling around on the grass> It’s absolutely mind boggling when I see Bai taking baby by the scruff of the neck and gently carrying her back inside. I so enjoy seeing the great camera work all of you do. Kudos to all of you. I am right now looking at Bai taking a morning nap outside on a platform. Not a care in the world. Baby is inside napping and moving her legs like crazy. This little thing wants to walk. Pretty soon, baby. Her naming ceremony is soon. I hope my name is chosen as does everyone. Once again thank you all for the wonderful information you get to us on the blogs. Have a nice weekend.


  21. Jean Watson says:

    I have been watching the progress of the San Diego panda as well as the National Zoo panda. Love seeing them both but just wondered why you only have an overhead camera. I believe it would be an advantage to have the camera on the pandas’ level as the National Zoo does. Thank you for the regular updates.

  22. Mary says:

    The first time I was at the zoo was in 1976. At the end of August this year, I was in California and said I wasn’t going to be happy with my vacation trip if I didn’t get to go to the zoo. The baby panda was only about 3 weeks old at that time. Since my return home to northeast Iowa, I checked out the website more thoroughly and found the Panda Cam and have been hooked ever since. I have learned so much information on the pandas but also on all the other animals at the zoo as well. I do appreciate all the fabulous work you do with these animals. I know it must be heavenly to work in such a fantastic place every day! Thank you for making this site so exciting!

  23. Karen Fletcher says:

    I go in every day to see ‘Su Lin’and have been for a while now. Just so amazing to see how ‘Mum’ copes with her – I am in New Zealand and it gives me a lot of pleasure to see the wee cub grow SO FAST – thank you for the great opportunity that you have given us in other parts of the world. I am ‘hooked’ on Panda Cam – keep up the good work.